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Aging Gracefully

This blog hasn't been active in a while.  That's probably because I now live in a country without decent golf or poker... doh.  Maybe I'll move back to Canada one day, and revive these old illnesses, but for now... not so much. As part of my journey to lead any wayward travelers toward decent sites, a fine company has approached me and asked for a mention here, so we are to oblige. I would like to introduce LottoFarm, a website dedicated to lottery news and blogs about crazy things that lottery winners do with their unearned riches.  I'm just bitter because I'm no lottery winner myself, probably.  They've also got a pretty cool free daily contest where they draw postal and zip codes for things like Amazon gift cards -- it's totally free too. Is it sad that I still laugh at my old writings on this fine golf and poker blog?  I spent SO many hours playing both games that I should have spent working to afford my baller lifestyle, but every man needs a vic

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