Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sit & Go's and Erik Seidel

Hi folks, your friendly neighborhood Toast here.

Last night I finished up my work early. Early these days is 12:30am. Yes, I work too much. Naturally I could not sleep yet so loaded up Full Tilt. I played a bit of NLHE cash games, but then I did something uncharacteristic... I played a sit & go.

Now, let me clarify what a sit & go is for my non-poker nerd readers. It's a single table tournament (STT) where we all start with tournament chips and play down with the top 3 being paid. Generally I hate tournaments but today was in the mood. I think it had something to do with hearing Norm McDonald talk about 8-tabling $50 STT's on pokerstars and not having played one in a long while.

Anyways, I lose the first one second out. I lose the second one on the bubble (4th, 3 get paid at Full Tilt). Then in my FTP lobby one of the STT's turns red. Hmm, a pro is sitting... which pro? That's right, former WSOP Main Event Champ Seidel is sitting at a $11 Stud Hi-Lo Donk & Go. Naturally, I grab a spot.

Now, full disclosure, I know HOW to play Stud8 but I suck. Fortunately, my table sucked worse. I played tight and bet with good hands, poker is easy m'kay.

Seidel Full Tilt

Seidel plays solid tightish and busto's. In The Money I got it All-In with a 6-low and a flush draw on 6th but the chip leader busto'd me by rivering a wheel (ace through 5) on 7th. Meh, 3rd is fine with me.

Played 2 more NLHE SNG's after, busted the first one first out with top set against an open straight draw and came 2nd in the last when my opponent ran down my KK with K5s pre-flop. Ouch.

Fun night huh?