Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Watch Live Hockey For The Commentary

Matt asked if I had time to attend a Buffalo Sabres game last night, I naturally said yes. Who am I to say no to a hockey game?

Naturally, I forgot my passport at home which is totally uncharacteristic of me, so had to drive all the way there and all the way to Buffalo which made us miss the warmups.

So, the game starts and the Capitals score in the first 2 mins. Then they score again like 5 minutes later. The crowd is quiet, Matt starts bitching about players being stupid or doing stupid things... but he sounds like an old man so I start razzing him about it. Matt's becoming one of the old codgers who send soup back to the kitchen because it's not "piping hot" :)

I've encourged Matt to start doing video commentary on the Sabres for a blog, it was truly hilarious to sit there and listen to him BOO his own team and tell random players how pathetic they're playing or how great they are. It's entertaining, truly entertaining to listen to and laugh at.

You can sense he wants them to do so well but last nights game was truly a stinker. What made it fun was listening to the commentary. :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowy snow snowing out...

It's been a while since I, your Toastness, has actually done anything that's not strictly work related. We did have a super duper golf-guys get together last weekend where a bit of crapshoot poker was played (-$30 woo) but overall it wasn't anything crazy other than a few suckouts which are typical.

I'm really missing the golf right now, as a major snowstorm dumps a huge amount of snow for the first time this year. Didn't even head into work this morning which is a positive!

My buddy J wants me to throw a shout out to his site about online casinos taking american express. I guess it's a pretty rare deal that they actually do that or something? Amex I guess is a total problem to get running with online gambling sites because well, it's way way against their terms of service. Those online casino operators sure are a tricky bunch. Remember, gambling is -EV in terms of your cash folks! No really, do gamble online its fun and pays for my buddy J's new porsche -- lol.

In other news, I got my cheque from Full Tilt -- haven't spent it on a TV yet tho... might have a change in finances shortly so i'm being a little conservative until that works itself out :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Karma Is A Dirty Slut Pig

That's what I get!

That's what I get for saying I'm running hot! Full Tilt, you dirty, slutty pig you. How can I run so bad now? I never have 'average' luck, I either have great luck or crappy luck at your site.

Unfortunately, I'm now on my 'bad luck' phase as you can see.

Recent highlights include: 500BB (big bet) Pot getting pushed the other way at Heads-Up No Limit Hold Them when I get it all-in on a board reading Ace Queen Five Six with Ace Five in my hand versus King Queen and he spikes a 2-outer Queen with one card to come. That couldn't happen in the typical pot, had to be a deep one right?

So, Full Tilt, you dirty bugger... I run so bad I withdrew 2/3 of my 'roll' there. HA! That's what you get! I take my poker winning's like a scared girl! It no longer sits in your bank account collecting you interest which funds Phil Ivey's insane craps habit. In fact, I'm trying to figure out what to spend it on. Suggestions welcome. Hookers & Blow are not going to happen, Matt you saucy boy.

Last night I dropped down to 6-max to kill an hour and hopefully 'wind down' from the day. Luck changed after withdrawal? Hell no. 4-buyins to the wind, baby.

My AA goes down to 2 5 suited when he raised a 9 5 3 (no flush) flop, I 3-bet him nearly pot and he spiked a deuce on the turn. Feh.

I get it all-in preflop with 88 v TT (ok this one was my bad :P)

I call a squeeze 3-bet on the button with Ten 8 suited getting 2:1 about 160 big bets deep. Flop is 7 9 9. I call a small bet. Turn is a J (yoink!) so I have a straight. He bets and I raise his hopeful overpair. He waits a few seconds and jams it all-in and I snap-call. Yep, I'm drawing dead, he had JJ. DOH.

Anyway, is that bad play? I spose it is a little questionable on that last one but that's a pretty nasty cooler of a card. Oh well. So my account is down another 4 buy ins and I'm going to attempt to not play much but we'll see how that works out. :)

PS. I still love you Full Tilt Poker. xoxoxo. Please turn on my boomswitch again just a little so I won't tilt off all my money through pure hatred of your dirty rigged luck system, thanks m'kay.

PPS. This post was written so Harry could understand some of it, I hope. Might need a Matty translation again though.