Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Farts and Deep Holes

Yeah, it's not smart to post about results before the month ends for a reason! I know variance is lurking. I know it's coming to get me. I know my staying tilt-free work will eventually be tested... and I thought it was last night...

So I open 4 tables as usual, 2 of 200NL and 2 of 100NL. I win some, I lose some but generally I'm pretty close to even for the night. The tables seem good, I'm running below expectation sadly but I still keep playing...

Then the girlfriend comes in and starts talking to me. I'm in poker mode and it's damn hard to concentrate on both as I know well so I'm half listening and then notice the topic is about girls farting as they run. Obviously I don't want to hear about this, I especially don't want to talk about it while I'm playing some relatively serious stakes related to my bankroll. I say "I don't want to hear about it, you know better than to talk to me as I'm playing. Go! I'll chat with you when I take a break".

I knew she cursed my session with talking of girl farts... there was nothing I could do at this point but hold on for the stinky smell of variance. I got coolered by the donk on my left... he played QTo for 15BB preflop against my JJ and obviously the board ran out QQ2Qx ... shit. I 4-bet/folded a few times... uh oh... is that tilt? SHIT! Girls farting while they ran... WHY DO I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THAT WHILE PLAYING POKER?

I drop a buy-in in a coinflip preflop, I drop another.... I'm stuck $400. I take a break to avoid tilt. Then I come back feeling good... oh, I lose another flip at 200NL, I'm stuck over $600 now.

I drop my bad 100NL games and open a few more 200NL deep ante tables. These are action tables, and If I'm going to lose $600 it might as well be something easier to say like $1k... c'mon, buckle down and dig out... Let's salvage October's awesome month!

I cooler a guy at 200NL with AK on a KKx board -- he had K8. So now I'm sitting deep too. I win some more small ($50-100ish) pots... I'm only $300 behind now... and then this hand happens.

200NL, I've got $430ish on the Button, BB covers me
EP limps, I open A2 diamonds to $8, SB (fish) calls, BB calls, EP Limper Calls.

Pot is $32
Flop: 5d 2d Qh (I have a gutshot straight flush draw)
SB checks, BB leads for $22, EP folds, I call

Pot is $76
Turn is a Kh
BB leads for $56, I call

Pot is $188
River is a beautiful 3c -- I have the wheel.
BB leads for $140, I push for $200 more, he tanks and calls.

BB had a set... I have luck. Woot.

I win the $870 pot, my biggest one so far. This also serves to get me completely unstuck so I quit the game at 2am and go pour myself a glass of wine to relax.

I'm sure winning or losing $400+ in a single hand will eventually be no big deal to me... but I needed this one.

Girl farts, who the hell talks about girl farts? They don't even exist as far as I'm concerned -- and I'm keeping it that way.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Running Good In October

I'll be the first to admit I'm running well in October. In not a lot of hours I am up over $2k this month playing 100NL in not a lot of hours. I sincerely hope it continues as I'm truly crushing games right now (and running 300'ish over all-in EV) but I'm a realist. I'm having a good streak and that somewhat balances the 50k hands of bad play/variance I had in late summer -- not that the past reflects the future in poker or anything obviously.

Anyway, yesterday I came across a couple of seemingly good deep+ante 200NL games and decided to take a shot. You know, it's a strange feeling for a micro/small stakes player to be playing in a game where there are stacks greater than my monthly mortgage payment. No, I don't think 200NL is a lot of money to be playing for but if I could beat this level consistently (and taking into account that winnings are tax free + rakeback) I would be making nearly the money in my spare time that I do at my full time job/business. No, I'm not planning to play poker for a living ... no freaking way.

So, wish me luck in continuing to run well as I make the jump to 200NL. I'll post an october graph when the month finishes :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Poker Season 09 - It Begins

Well, as you know I'm pretty much hooped in the golf department due to crap weather -- might squeeze in a round though still who knows? So it's officially poker season for me. I haven't really set goals for poker in the last couple years but I might set some financial goals this season... unsure.

My Poker History Revisited

I've gone over this before, but I've never deposited more than my first $100 into online poker. Maybe I ran well at first but after running $50 into $250 and then to $0 I bought Small Stakes Hold'em and beat the game on my next $50 ever since. Yes, I took advantage of various site bonuses and rake back deals where possible -- you'd be stupid not to. I don't have accurate cashout records but my best guess is I've cashed out somewhere near $10,000 at the game. Obviously I play low stakes and obviously I keep cashing out what I win after it builds again.

My last two cashouts were in December 08 and April 09 and those were $3000 total. I left myself a whopping $500 in the account on April 30th to goof around with since I needed to focus on some other things. Since then I've had a major break even stretch (50k+ hands), ran bad, played bad, ran good, played good. It's been a trip. The only benefit to playing break-even poker is rake back still pays out. When your bankroll is starting at $500 again, it makes a HUGE difference.

From May to September (5 months) I've received $750 in rake back. If you want a rakeback deal at your normal site, email me at justtoast -at- gmail -dot- com and I'll hook you up with a reputable source. Don't sign up without it.

Anyway, since that point I've run the roll up through 0.10/0.25NL, 0.25/0.5NL (briefly) and now play at 0.50/1 NL again and am nearly playing $1/$2 (all 6-max). Again, I'm not sure how far I'll go with this before I cash some out again, but I feel a lot more confident that I'm playing well these days.

I don't PLAN on playing tournaments but once in a while it seems like a good deal. I still hate poker tournaments for the most part, but I guess winning a big one would change my mind on that. I think theres still a tonne of bad players there versus the 6-max games which are noticeably tougher except for Friday/Saturdays (which I'm rarely around to play anyway).

Im not really certain if I should post actual bankroll info here, as some people actually know who I am. I guess if I were playing high stakes I might get some envy/bullshit in real life but I doubt most people I know care about a few thousand bucks. So, I suppose I'll show the graphs at some point. If I ever play $200/$400 they'll know I made it anyway since I'll stop driving my 10 year old car before I put that sort of glimmer in play haha (not happening).

Back when I have something interesting to post about :) Perhaps more archery?

Friday, October 16, 2009

2009 Golf Season Recap

Looks like my 2009 summer of golf is in the books. This year was... different. Replacing my driver (which caved) with my new Nike Dymo w/ Fujikura X shaft definitely improved my driving but I felt less efficient with the irons all year. I putted reasonably well and chipping was off and on. I think I'll replace the irons in the next season -- I'll go to something a bit easier to hit than my beautiful blades. We'll see.

My handicap hovered between 3 and 4 all season... not great compared to my past streaks.

I was truly awful on the niagara golf tour this year. I barely made the thing in qualifying, and only really had two OK rounds, one at St. Catharines G&CC and one at Lockness Links -- I believe it was 78 both rounds or something like that. The rest of the time I played like it didn't matter. I guess I didn't really feel the competitive nature of the golf on that tour... seemed like I didn't care all that much? Not sure why that is but I just wasn't into it. I didn't like the slow rounds (actually I ran good in the luck dept there compared to others) and the events taking up entire Sundays to play. I also don't like that speeding up play at all costs (including booting players who are slow) isn't #1 priority. I will not commit to it for next season yet.

At the club I placed 5th (I think) in the Club Championship and that's not too bad. It's not a replication of my fine T2 finish last year but c'est la vie.

I did win my 2nd Langley Cup beating a crew of tough bastards -- not sure how I pulled that one off. Grinding... I made two putts that stood out to represent my Langley tourney this year. One against Matt where I had a bad #5 (played the 9's reversed I believe) and still grinded out a 12 footer for bogey and the one against Harry where I made an uphill 10 footer for par on #18 to send the match into overtime. It's nice to know that when the times get tough I can make it happen.

Overall, I improved my game in some ways and in doing so hurt other parts of the game. I guess that's the nature of golf, perfection being nearly unattainable.

If I do get out (aside from Orlando for a biz trip/golf in November) it will be purely for fun and exercise since the greens are punched and sand covered now.

And so G+P switches gears for another season back to primarily Poker games... I'll start putting up some information on that shortly.

Stay classy, Interwebs.