Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Farts and Deep Holes

Yeah, it's not smart to post about results before the month ends for a reason! I know variance is lurking. I know it's coming to get me. I know my staying tilt-free work will eventually be tested... and I thought it was last night...

So I open 4 tables as usual, 2 of 200NL and 2 of 100NL. I win some, I lose some but generally I'm pretty close to even for the night. The tables seem good, I'm running below expectation sadly but I still keep playing...

Then the girlfriend comes in and starts talking to me. I'm in poker mode and it's damn hard to concentrate on both as I know well so I'm half listening and then notice the topic is about girls farting as they run. Obviously I don't want to hear about this, I especially don't want to talk about it while I'm playing some relatively serious stakes related to my bankroll. I say "I don't want to hear about it, you know better than to talk to me as I'm playing. Go! I'll chat with you when I take a break".

I knew she cursed my session with talking of girl farts... there was nothing I could do at this point but hold on for the stinky smell of variance. I got coolered by the donk on my left... he played QTo for 15BB preflop against my JJ and obviously the board ran out QQ2Qx ... shit. I 4-bet/folded a few times... uh oh... is that tilt? SHIT! Girls farting while they ran... WHY DO I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THAT WHILE PLAYING POKER?

I drop a buy-in in a coinflip preflop, I drop another.... I'm stuck $400. I take a break to avoid tilt. Then I come back feeling good... oh, I lose another flip at 200NL, I'm stuck over $600 now.

I drop my bad 100NL games and open a few more 200NL deep ante tables. These are action tables, and If I'm going to lose $600 it might as well be something easier to say like $1k... c'mon, buckle down and dig out... Let's salvage October's awesome month!

I cooler a guy at 200NL with AK on a KKx board -- he had K8. So now I'm sitting deep too. I win some more small ($50-100ish) pots... I'm only $300 behind now... and then this hand happens.

200NL, I've got $430ish on the Button, BB covers me
EP limps, I open A2 diamonds to $8, SB (fish) calls, BB calls, EP Limper Calls.

Pot is $32
Flop: 5d 2d Qh (I have a gutshot straight flush draw)
SB checks, BB leads for $22, EP folds, I call

Pot is $76
Turn is a Kh
BB leads for $56, I call

Pot is $188
River is a beautiful 3c -- I have the wheel.
BB leads for $140, I push for $200 more, he tanks and calls.

BB had a set... I have luck. Woot.

I win the $870 pot, my biggest one so far. This also serves to get me completely unstuck so I quit the game at 2am and go pour myself a glass of wine to relax.

I'm sure winning or losing $400+ in a single hand will eventually be no big deal to me... but I needed this one.

Girl farts, who the hell talks about girl farts? They don't even exist as far as I'm concerned -- and I'm keeping it that way.


Harris said...

This is one of the first poker posts I've actually read. Very funny. I like how you tell her she should know better then to talk to you while you play poker. At first I thought how mean that was, then I realized I basically do the same thing when football is on.

theboylaz said...

Ok, I know I'm a relative beginner but it took me ages to see why you'd won that hand!

I think there's a slight typo there... you mentioned the 2 of diamonds twice. One should be a 4.

Good post though

Anonymous said...

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