Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Looking For Poker Chips

I've always been a fan of poker chips. I'm not so into them that I collect them, but I do love playing with a nice set of real chips.

A few years back i bought a set of those generic chips which everyone seems to have. You know, the 500 chip ones that are flat red, blue, white, green, black with dice on the corners and a white coloured ring on their face and checks on the sides? It seems everyone has that same set around here, though they aren't bad (actually they're quite good)... they're just SO common and I'm always trying to be difficult... here they are.

So it came to be time for me to look around at poker chips online. A good resource for chip info is Home Poker Forum at TwoPlusTwo of course. Man, people spend some ridiculous amount of money on chips!

Anyways, in my searching a pretty cool store came up that has a tonne of nice poker chips. It's over at Nevada Jacks. Check it out. I particularly like the clays but I think the composites might be a better choice for my purposes. Will report back when I buy a set.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sandy Golf Courses & Heads Up Poker

I convinced my tired ass body to emerge from slumber on Saturday morning to play with Bernie alone as everyone else was popping out kids (matt), lazy (harris) or otherwise not willing. It was, in a word, cold. On top of this, our golf course has had 15 truckloads full of sand punched into it, so the greens are a bit sketchy.

On to the golf. Since the greens were hardly playable, Bernie and I applied the 2-putt max per green rule for bullshit golf games where nothing is on the line. Using this rule, I shot a very fine 73 and was for the most part stable except for that one dribbler off the first tee with a 3 iron.

Lately I haven't had time to reboot my machine (it's a mac btw) into Windows for 4-tabling sessions of 6-max NLHE, my preferred game. So, I'm stuck in Mac mode without the fabulously good stats software Hold'em Manager. I get too bored playing one table of 6-max for reads, so of course, I do what all idiots do, I play heads-up for action.

For a brief past history of Toast playing Heads Up NLHE cash games, imagine Regan from the exorcist (original) blowing green chunks. I spewed like she spewed. Chips for everyone! Seriously, I can be a little bit too aggro at 6-max so putting me on Heads Up tables was like opening a flood of chips from my stack. I think by statistics I lost 8 buyins at HU before figuring out my current strategy wasn't working. Anyway this was a few months back and so I swore off HU tables till now.

So I join some HU games, and realize that about 80% the players I'm playing against are total retards and the other 20% are decent. Figuring out whether you have a considerable edge or found a tighty is important when the site is raking like they do at the low limits... otherwise the poker site wins and we both lose (outside of rakeback, obv). Normally at 6-max shortstacks are the biggest pain in the ass, but at HU I actually enjoy them. Once in a while you find a guy who pushes every hand, and that's fun but a bit high in variance. Biggest revelation: river value bets are the nuts at this game. Everyone is trying to make heroic calls for some reason.

So, HU poker is crack... crack I say! I can play 1-table for 30 minutes with no HUD and feel totally satisfied (or totally tilted if the cards dont go my way, obviously).

Special note for our readers... Mazal Tov! Matty had his first kiddo on the 20th. Evan even looks like the old man, poor little guy.

Later yo. T.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Failing The Challenge

So, I was supposed to play in RakeBrain's LeTune Challenge on FTP last night. It was a sweet $1k freeroll tourney for some poker bloggers playing two of my favorite games, Pot Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha.

Unfortunately, working till 2am nightly has thrown off my sleep schedule a bit, and I was asleep on my couch at the time the cards started through the air (7pm). Doh!

So, I failed the LeTune challenge. Further disturbing is the fact that my stack made its way through almost half the field without me. HMmm.. maybe there's something to this after all, since the stack floating on its own seems to do better on average than if I steer it.

Yes I'm a donk.

OH, and I'm reading Gus Hansen's "Every Hand Revealed" right now. It's actually pretty good believe it or not (I like playing junk hands too - right matty?). Only reason I bought it was a surprisingly good review from Rolf Slotboom though -- he's read it all.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Diet Toast - New and Improved...

Yeah that's right ... back on my diet. Let's get this body thing in order!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thankgiving Weekend 2008

This weekend has been pretty awesome so far.

Friday night I ventured to Buffalo with Matty for the Sabres game where they beat Montreal in a shootout.

Saturday morning I went to play "Pic's Revenge" where the superintendent sets up our golf course as hard as it can get and double cuts / rolls the greens. Shot a 46 in 9 holes with 23 putts :) Awesome fun. Did I mention I got some new Nike wedges? 52/56/60 degrees standard loft/lie (fitted that way) in black finish. They're pretty sweet.

Though I rarely venture forth from my cave, my best friend Josh was in town with his girlfriend so I ended up going out Saturday night and drinking far too much -- it was fun though and the facebook pics were worth it. I unfortunately drank a wee bit too much and missed my Sunday tee time.... Oh well. I recovered in time to eat thanksgiving dinner and avoided alcohol at all costs on Sunday.

Today I woke up early and played the club... the last round before they aerate and sand the whole place in maintenance so MIGHT be my last round of the year depending on the weather. Front nine I had 8 pars and a birdie on the last. Opened the back nine with a birdie then 3-whacked two in a row (went on tilt and slammed my driver at this point) but then played OK and birdied 16 to go one under, then bogey'd 17 and 18 to shoot 73 (Grrrrr).

My handicap is now a 2.0 index / 2. That's about as good as I've been all year. Won a whopping $5 net today in the skins on my two birdies. Woo.

I'd like to give thanks on this Canadian turkey day for having really good friends and a healthy family.

Did I mention Matty should be a father this week? Go visit the old man who's about to be someone's old man at Now On The Tee and see if he says anything about it.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wanakah Golf & Way Behind EV

Played golf with Matt and Harry at Wanakah CC on Saturday, made a few doubles hitting balls out of bounds where I didn't know it was, and also lost one ball through baffling circumstances. I think I had 4 on the card and shot a reasonable 80 on a very fun track. The back nine was particularly awesome with some great greens and hole layouts. Matt has a good review of our wanakah cc trip here.

Sunday I hacked it around the usual club and shot a 79 from the blue tees. Very mediocre golf by me though my driver was still going strong.

Played a bit of poker online this weekend as well. I'm getting a bit frustrated by how i'm running at 100NL. I'm crushing the game in EV but getting the bad side of variance. Getting my money in good though and running over a lot of people, I can't complain. Plus I'm still not losing money (winning when running bad means you're REALLLY winning), I'm just 6-7 buyins behind my expected value which is quite a bit of cash given my meager bankroll.