Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Golf Still Up And Down (Pun Intended)

Yep, can't string together two good rounds it seems. Last weekend was a horribly played 83 from the tips chased down with a 78 from the blues where I didn't play great either but kept the ball in play.

Qualifying for the fantabulous Niagara Cup matches is coming up this weekend so I'm hoping to pull something pretty out of my butt somehow.

In other news, somehow we got the reciprocal appointment with St. Thomas Golf Club, a Stanley Thompson design and quite well ranked in Canada. I'll be heading up there with Matt and Harry in mid-June... should be sick.

On another note, thanks for the comments and emails regarding my note about my father a few posts ago.

Reader Matt from Australia (no relation to the local Buffalo Sabres nerd and all around luckbox Matt who is often written about here) writes:

Why am I writing an email to you? Just to pass on my honest sympathy for you in losing your Dad. At least he has left you with two of life's best pastimes. Golf and Poker.

Keep up the good work on the blog, and remember the detail. The joy in reading the blog is living through the shank 8 iron the approach to 17 and the filthy 8c on the river.

How right you are, sir. Thanks for the email Matt from Australia.

Over and out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And Now... On To Golf

I contemplated spending this May two-four weekend inside assuredly away from condolences and sad faces, but decided instead to play golf.

Saturday morning I played the black tees (tips) with Adam R. and Brad B. Had a few ups, few downs, and fired 76. Not too bad.

Sunday morning I played with Bernie, Matty and Jon P.... I was awful shooting an 83 from the blues.

Monday morning I played with Matt and Adam R. from the blues again, went 39-35 for a not too shabby 74.

Monday afternoon I was bored so fired up some 25NL winning $35ish profit. Then, for some reason, I entered a 6.50+0.40 4-man NL heads up tourney winning that and gaining a $26 FTP tournament chip. No idea what i'm going to do with this since I dont play tournaments but who knows.

So, them's the facts.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Dad

Sorry about the delay in posts, folks. I had a tough week.

Monday morning my father had a heart attack and passed on, he was 64. He's the person who gets full credit (or blame I suppose) for my love of golf. When I was 8 or so he cut down my Mom's old set for me -- man was she pissed haha. He was also the person who suggested I try poker a few years ago. He always loved golf, hockey, was sharp with cards and generally was a fun guy for all of the time I knew him.

My Dad was also an avid reader of this blog, and thus, sadly, my circulation went down by one important reader this week.

I'm lucky to have known him, privileged to have been his son.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Golf Apparel Review: Basic Golf's Golf Shirt

I was recently contacted by Ed at Basic Golf who asked if they could send me a promotional golf shirt. I, never one to turn down such an offer accepted. Please note, this review is not paid, nor asked for by Basic Golf. It's just my opinion.

So, last week I received this navy golf shirt. The first thing I noticed about the shirt was that it was light. Really, really light. It's made out of a material called CoolDry which is sort of like the material that the really good basketball shorts are made out of. Very light, very smooth with little holes in it for "breatheability". It's definitely air permeable. It's designed this way to let sweat out and air in to keep you cooler on the course. I've sweated through a few Ashworth's in my day folks. This is welcome technology we're talking about.

Unfortunately this weekend at golf where I wanted to give it a run was sort of a downer. Well, its just damn cold here right now even with the sun out. So, truth be told I did not get to see this shirt work when I sweat like mad. I'll report back if anyone wants to know how it works out.

What I can tell you about the basic golf shirt is that it's one of the most comfortable shirts i've ever had on. The material being so thin and light really shows up your basic golf polo shirt, and is in terms of fabric quality on par with high end Nike apparel costing $100+/shirt.

The shirts from basic golf are $40. Now that's a hell of a bargain my golfing friends.

Now, the downsides. Basic Golf is only offering 3 colours of shirt right now. One yellow/navy trim, one navy/grey trim, and one grey/navy trim. If you're looking to fill a golf wardrobe with these, unfortunately you can't get the variety yet that would be required. I would also like to see Basic cut some more traditionally designed shirts in some trendier colors as their business grows (it SHOULD these shirts are great).

Anyways, check out Basic Golf's website and make one of their shirts part of your gear purchase this season.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Butterfly Effect

My golf game seems to show a trend like the butterfly effect.

What's the butterfly effect you ask?

The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that ultimately cause a tornado to appear (or prevent a tornado from appearing). The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different.

Source: Wikipedia

To illustrate, today I had another very solid round going until number 12. I struck a fine shot from the par-3 dead into the wind, left myself a 15 footer for birdie, and promptly left it 6 feet short then missed the return. That's an awfully bad 3-putt but was caused by a mental lapse. Unfortunately I knew walking to the next tee that little breeze from the butterfly can have tornado-like effects on my game's stability. Much like those poor bastards in Kansas right now, the storm started.

I made two doubles after that in the next three holes. The details were boring, the results infuriating. I walked off 15 in a state of "Monkey-tilt" as my poker friends would refer to it. While we had a few minutes to wait on the 16th tee, I stormed around making hard driver swings through the air attempting to vent my rage to re-focus. I admit I slammed the club once, dragged it across the concrete a bit, but generally slashed the air.

It worked. I finished -1 for the next three holes.

I think that's something I'll have to work on this year... realizing when minor bad events can cause major turbulance in an otherwise smooth round and evading its effects would prove very effective in saving me strokes, which ultimately saves or makes me money.

Speaking of Poker. I haven't played much lately unfortunately. Once in a while you'll see me sitting at low limit Pot-Limit Omaha on Full Tilt Poker, but generally the Toast-man is too busy to play right now. That doesn't mean i'm not reading up on some fantastic poker blogs lately though.

Here's Pokerletter. It's a poker blog. They're good at covering the politics and current events in the poker world. You know, the sort of stuff that I have no time to look up lately haha. I mean cmon, you've got to be dedicated to your art in order to generate posts like this poker news.

I mean, no doubt i'm still a poker fan. Hell, i'm dying to go play at the casino with Ryan the gambling golf pro, but time is money these days, and I never did crawl out of 200NL at a highest level so I guess I've got serious poker on hold.

Watch out for butterflies when you're cruising through life.