Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Golf Still Up And Down (Pun Intended)

Yep, can't string together two good rounds it seems. Last weekend was a horribly played 83 from the tips chased down with a 78 from the blues where I didn't play great either but kept the ball in play.

Qualifying for the fantabulous Niagara Cup matches is coming up this weekend so I'm hoping to pull something pretty out of my butt somehow.

In other news, somehow we got the reciprocal appointment with St. Thomas Golf Club, a Stanley Thompson design and quite well ranked in Canada. I'll be heading up there with Matt and Harry in mid-June... should be sick.

On another note, thanks for the comments and emails regarding my note about my father a few posts ago.

Reader Matt from Australia (no relation to the local Buffalo Sabres nerd and all around luckbox Matt who is often written about here) writes:

Why am I writing an email to you? Just to pass on my honest sympathy for you in losing your Dad. At least he has left you with two of life's best pastimes. Golf and Poker.

Keep up the good work on the blog, and remember the detail. The joy in reading the blog is living through the shank 8 iron the approach to 17 and the filthy 8c on the river.

How right you are, sir. Thanks for the email Matt from Australia.

Over and out.

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