Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Definition of a Fish

As I mentioned in a post previously, Matt and I for a time spent our poker time taking money from a certain truly awful fish. The fish played like 95% of hands, 2% for a raise and if he bet big post flop he had 2 pair or better but otherwise would call down with air and fold the river unimproved. We knew this guy was awful, and he contributed greatly to our bankroll building -- better than rakeback!

Today I looked up the guy's overall stats. What I saw truly is awe-inspiring.

Here, without giving up the fish's alias since he is oh so profitable (particularly for Matt who refuses to play if the fish isn't -- I moved up thankfully) is the chart of his donations.

Now losing $15k is not in itself a big deal in poker. Lots of players lose that a lot faster than this guy. What makes this particular bad player amazing is his dedication to his bad-poker craft. That's 15k of real dollars over 5 months in 41k hands at micro limit poker.

If you're a crafty little micro player, you'll figure out who this guy is but he's already got a list of regs who chase him (obviously) so get in line.

The funny thing is I don't think he's a compulsive gambler since he never moved up to chase losses or played higher, he's just bad at the game and doesn't seem to mind dumping money into the poker economy. We need more fish like this guy these days. I'm so sick of the reg's.

I'm guessing the fish in question is old, fairly well off, retired (thus bored) and crabby about his bad luck to anyone who will listen. What do you think?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Win, I Win, I Lose

This weekend was fairly typical of my summer G&P ones. I played poker on Friday night, played a golf match Saturday and a tournament on Sunday.

Friday night's poker session was fairly typical, lots of grinding out small wins only to lose a cooler or whatever. It seems like I get coolered a lot lately or something.

Anyway, favorite hand of the night goes like this...

50NL 6-handed, I have $50 the others cover me.

Cutoff posts a blind, I open to $2.25 with pocket 5's under the gun, the next guy in middle position calls, and the big blind calls.

$7.50 in the pot, flop is J 5 J (Yahtzee!) with two cards to a flush

Big blind checks, I bet $4, MP calls, BB check raises to $14 (YAY!), I call, and MP calls

$49.50 in the pot, turn is 8 making the flush come in (YAY!).

BB checks, I check, MP checks (BOO!)

River is the last 5 in the deck (YAY!)

BB leads for $21.50, I push my $33.75 all-in, MP RAISES to $43, BB Pushes, MP calls it off

I win the main pot $150 with my quads
BB wins the side pot with J9 offsuit (top full house)
MP wins the donkey of the year award with the Ace high flush

So, yeah, poker's going OK for me.

Saturday morning I played the semi-final Langley Cup match against Gary. This must be the worst draw in the history of the game, because playing Andy, then Matt, then Gary is BRUTAL as they're all REALLY GOOD match players. Anyway, I lipped a 2 footer to bogey (and lose) the first hole but parred my way around the rest of the course until Gary was toast 5&4. I didn't play exceptionally well just kept the ball in play. Naturally I went double-bogey-double to finish and shoot 78 but I got my win which is what mattered.

Sunday at Lochness Links for the Mens Tour event... ugh, it was unbelievably hot on Sunday afternoon. I sweated my bag off but walked anyway (I don't like playing from a cart) and the wind kept it somewhat reasonable. I continued the decent ball striking from Saturday but didn't do much around the greens. Shot a 78 leaving a few shots on the course, but I felt that was a pretty good score. Little did I know every other hacker in the tour would have a good day as well plus they did some funky thing with the numbers so I actually fell a few spots in the standings somehow which was lame. Last event is in 2 weeks at Whirlpool which is a good course, we'll see if I can pull myself up a bit. It really doesn't matter to me though since I've played like ass on the tour this year.

Harry reports in that he beat the living daylights out of Brian B in the Langley on his side of the draw yesterday, so it should be a fun match.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back In Business, Baby

After running bad and playing bad for about a month I seem to have sorted stuff out mainly in the poker department. That's positive for now but we'll see if it lasts. It seems to be forever since I had an 'easy' session but I'll run good eventually, damnit.

4years over at The Great Chillout whipped up a solid remix of Poker Face for all you card-nerds out there. He's a guy who cashed his 401k for a bankroll and has successfully left the day job to pursue poker as a living in So-Cal. Pretty sick.

Golf this weekend was pretty uninteresting. Shot an "easy" 75 on Saturday at the usual club, but Sunday was a 'corporate' tournament with a client at Peninsula Lakes. Now, I don't mind Pen Lakes as a course, it's pretty good and well manicured but I never ever score well. The round was slow with hackers abounding and I was something like 6 over when the horn blew on the 16th hole due to a monster storm coming in. I got out of there just in time to avoid getting drenched and was happy to be 'done' my shortened round :)

Matt continues to complain via twitter posts about his BC trip. So far it's been too cold, Royal Colwood was mediocre and it's cold and drizzling at Bear Mountain. In other reports, it's very pretty and the food is good. He also looks forward to meeting Dick Zokol and playing his ultra-private course.

I'm thrilled to see what he complains about next.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Club Championship, 2009

I haven't exactly been playing that well this year. I'm about a solid 4 handicap right now so I shoot something between 75-82 on a pretty consistent basis.

At our club, the Championship is a pretty cool event. They naturally have flights of golfers like all clubs do and we the lower handicappers have the 'open' flight in which to do battle. We also have a few really good players in Open Flight so it's nearly always competitive. That said, the same guy has won it the last 3 years (I think) and he's awfully good and consistent. Mike is a level above in terms of his play, truly. So effectively one of us 'low' handicappers has to play his ass off to beat this guy.

We play the Championship as a 3-round event over a long weekend, and we get lots of players out to play typically. It's a great event, very well supported and very fun. It's not often hackers like myself have people watching us play but people do follow the open flight in this tourney and coming in to the 18th on the final day in front of what seemed like 100+ people is certainly an experience.

Round 1 I started off badly getting to +4 thru 5 but held on to finish 40, then had an OK back nine to shoot 38 total 78. This had me in T2 position -- it was a tough day for the field except for Mike of course who shot 72. The pins were sick today, absolutely tough and it proved to be a struggle to get down in 2 putts most of the day.

Round 2 I played with Matty and Mike, again starting off badly on the front shooting a 42 but got it back a bit with a 37 back nine for a 79. This left me in T4th, way behind Mike but within 5 of second and 1 ahead of Matt :) We got poured on for at least half the round, totally soaked.

Round 3 I again played with Matt and Jamie K. in the 2nd to last group of the event. I AGAIN struggled on the front nine with a 43 (UGH!) and could only manage a 39 on the back to shoot 82. The pins were pretty tough and the wind was insanely tough. It seemed like every hole was playing directly into a 2-club wind or 2-club cross wind. Insane!

All in all, I played my usual lackluster (this year) game, made very few birdies, fewer putts and struck the ball OK. It was quite unimpressive but good enough for 5th spot alone for the Championship.

As for our usual crew, Matt finished one back of me and Harry shot a very respectable 77 on his final day -- he JUST squeezed inside the cut to make the last day as well which is pretty cool. It's good to have the three of us all making the cut for once. Harry was 3rd lowest score on the final day which is very solid considering the caliber of other players and conditions.

Well that's about it. Again I just beat the other 2 amigos in the clubs but none of us challenged to win it this year. This really is a special golf tournament. I really hope one year I can pull it all together and win it -- it would mean a lot to put my name up on the board with 100+ years of other champions.