Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Win, I Win, I Lose

This weekend was fairly typical of my summer G&P ones. I played poker on Friday night, played a golf match Saturday and a tournament on Sunday.

Friday night's poker session was fairly typical, lots of grinding out small wins only to lose a cooler or whatever. It seems like I get coolered a lot lately or something.

Anyway, favorite hand of the night goes like this...

50NL 6-handed, I have $50 the others cover me.

Cutoff posts a blind, I open to $2.25 with pocket 5's under the gun, the next guy in middle position calls, and the big blind calls.

$7.50 in the pot, flop is J 5 J (Yahtzee!) with two cards to a flush

Big blind checks, I bet $4, MP calls, BB check raises to $14 (YAY!), I call, and MP calls

$49.50 in the pot, turn is 8 making the flush come in (YAY!).

BB checks, I check, MP checks (BOO!)

River is the last 5 in the deck (YAY!)

BB leads for $21.50, I push my $33.75 all-in, MP RAISES to $43, BB Pushes, MP calls it off

I win the main pot $150 with my quads
BB wins the side pot with J9 offsuit (top full house)
MP wins the donkey of the year award with the Ace high flush

So, yeah, poker's going OK for me.

Saturday morning I played the semi-final Langley Cup match against Gary. This must be the worst draw in the history of the game, because playing Andy, then Matt, then Gary is BRUTAL as they're all REALLY GOOD match players. Anyway, I lipped a 2 footer to bogey (and lose) the first hole but parred my way around the rest of the course until Gary was toast 5&4. I didn't play exceptionally well just kept the ball in play. Naturally I went double-bogey-double to finish and shoot 78 but I got my win which is what mattered.

Sunday at Lochness Links for the Mens Tour event... ugh, it was unbelievably hot on Sunday afternoon. I sweated my bag off but walked anyway (I don't like playing from a cart) and the wind kept it somewhat reasonable. I continued the decent ball striking from Saturday but didn't do much around the greens. Shot a 78 leaving a few shots on the course, but I felt that was a pretty good score. Little did I know every other hacker in the tour would have a good day as well plus they did some funky thing with the numbers so I actually fell a few spots in the standings somehow which was lame. Last event is in 2 weeks at Whirlpool which is a good course, we'll see if I can pull myself up a bit. It really doesn't matter to me though since I've played like ass on the tour this year.

Harry reports in that he beat the living daylights out of Brian B in the Langley on his side of the draw yesterday, so it should be a fun match.

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Harris said...

It's going to be a good match.

I'm ready to go on the 30th. Stop stalling.