Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year, Golf & Poker Fans

Hi Folks,

Wanted to wish all of you a happy new year.

In 2008, may all your drives be straight and long, all your first putts drop, win the big pots and lose the small ones -- just not against me for any of it.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Party Poker Comes A Callin

I guess I used to be a good customer of Party Poker. In fact, I know they made more off my early poker exploits than I do. A few months back they deposited $40 in my account to donk around with with a cashout restriction. I ran that up to $200 at blackjack, $400 at poker, then went on a brutal streak and the account went busto. Meh who cares.

Two days ago I get a $200 deposit from Dikshit and friends. That's more like it. I load up a new Party client, and sit on two tables of 50NL while watching the Jason Bourne series front to back (not bad at all to watch them in order and I hadn't seen Bourne Supremacy yet). Ran my $200 into $275. Wow, whopping big money.

Anyways, I drank constantly from 12 noon through 10:30pm yesterday for a holiday thingy so naturally when I get home I load up two tables of $50NL again. Now, for some reason I don't think drinking and Party Poker mix. My $275 became $220 with my last hand being my checkraising with nothing (AJs) on a late position pre-flop raiser on an 8 high flop and him pushing. GRrrr.

Well that put me on tilt for some reason. Drinking and PartyPoker do not mix.

So I say ok $200 is bs and there's no chance i'm clearing their 2400 partypoints cashout requirement in the next week (over xmas, yeah im jewish but that's unpossible) for this $200 so might as well turn it into some real money. I do what all stupid people do when they're looking to move up or get out... I took that money to blackjack.

Party Blackjack has been mostly good to me. I say mostly because I'm actually ahead on the damn thing but have had some natural crazy blackjack swings. So I start off with $20 playing $1 a hand... this did not keep my interest long. Soon it became $5 a hand and my $20 was gone. Hmm, Naturally I load the rest of it and keep playing $5 a hand. Party's rigged-ness was evident as the dealer soon went on a sick run to turn his wicked 3,4,5,6 upcards into 20's and 21's on a routine basis. Damn You Dikshit. So I have $150 now -- party's money and I need to get even so I bet $50 of it.

Dealer shows: K
I show: 15


Yeah, lost that one. FSCK. So I decide I'm bored of Party Blackjack and I do what all intelligent people would do. Put the rest down on the table. And yeah, I lost. Another Party Credit busto.

The moral of the story is, don't drink and Party.

As a side note, for those of us who are smarter than I am, you might want to head on over and read a couple casino articles to figure out optimal strategy. Hopefully Party throws me a couple hundo more so I can use what I learned.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I Follow The Leader - 2007 Golf Season In Review

And the leader in this case is Matt in his 2007 Golf Season In Review post.

Normally at this post in the year, I take this time out to make fun of the bullshit numbers he comes up with for driving distance and such. Fact is, Matt is now legitimately one club longer than I am on all iron shots. He's also better at grinding than I am. In fact, he's a better rounded player than I am. I say this with no sarcasm (like I usually do). The guy is pretty decent at the game.

I don't keep accurate stats, so i'll go off the cuff and give the rundown on how my game changed this season.

Handicap: 2 -- down from a 6 end of last season -- I improved

Driving: about the same

Putting: far better this season -- taylormade rossa blade replaced my old zebra -- what a difference for $40 bucks :) I had days out there where I made literally everything.

Wedges: worse this year -- need new ones still. I was crap with the short irons for the most part.

Chipping: worse this year -- made nothing and wasn't as good as in the past -- needs practice and new wedges for spin control

Irons: solid with my blades. I might move toward a game improvement / players iron cross now that I'm confident I can strike the ball with a player's club, we'll see. I am a fairly solid ball striker now.

Playing under stress/pressure: much better. Won the Langley Cup low-handicap match play tournament & shot 69 this year. Both of which used to be hard for me to pull through on mentally. General attitude of "If I screw up so be it life goes on so let's try my best" actually seems to work for me. Totally different than Matt's grinding and self-hatred during bad periods. This might be helped by my having taken lots of beats at poker tables.

Accomplishments: Won Langley Cup, Shot 69 from the Tips, played a lot of emotionless golf

Shore up my weak spots (chipping, wedges) and improve consistency with the good ones (driver,irons,putter).
Keep playing emotionless golf -- seems to work.
Consider playing Men's Tour (undecided)
DO NOT play Niagara Cup matches unless major changes occur in format -- unlikely. No tryout, no substitutions, nothing. Done with it as it stands. Total BS.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hannukah Is Coming...

Who's bringing the kosher ham? It's on sale as seen below.


Yes i'm Jewish.