Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Let's Talk About October's Results and Full Tilt

In poker season, it's customary to discuss results and what happened. I haven't done this for a few years now, but I think its a good time to bring the realities of online poker back to G+P.

Play Online PokerFirst, a brief discussion on the games. I play currently at Full Tilt.

As a challenge to myself, after I cashed out last time (few months ago -- june was it?) I left myself just $500 in the site to play 25NL. Since then I beat on one really bad player at 25NL for $500+, and made about a grand in rakeback, but otherwise the winnings are all poker. No, Full Tilt isn't the partypoker of old, but it's still very beatable even for an old guy like me who can just play in the evenings here and there.

So last month I moved up to 100NL full time and took a few shots at 200NL. The results were good, as I won a little over $2100 at 100NL and was down $400 at 200NL (ran bad, bankroll couldn't take a prolonged downswing there). I also made just under $300 in rakeback. It nets me out around $2000 for the month which is a fair amount for my little hobby.

A couple of firsts for me in October: lost $500+ in one hour, won $750+ in one evening.

Mostly I play 4 tables at a time, which seems like a lot if you're a newbie but isn't really. Last night I decided to crank that up a bit and played 8 tables -- and played pretty well. I might keep trying that out but I'm going to have to buy a bigger monitor though if I go any higher (8 tables on one 24" monitor tiled look pretty small).