Monday, September 05, 2011

Change Please

Last time I posted something related to poker was just after my January 2010 entry.  I started a new blog to move this site's content to but soon after went on a nice cold streak in poker and stopped playing.  I know it happens but with work and life I didn't need the stress of constantly thinking about losing at poker -- so I quit the game and cashed out most of my Full Tilt Poker money.  I thought it would be just temporary. I was wrong.

Around May 2010 I received a call from a good friend in Israel who is in the online marketing business.  He said come out for a week, hang out, see the place, consider coming for a year and make some money together.  A week later I was on a plane to Tel Aviv.  We spent a week touring, going to clubs, ziplining, riding 4x4's and eating at fine restaurants on the mediterranean sea.  We also talked about business -- and business was looking up.  At the end of the week I said I would move across the world for a year, and that's what I did.

Since July 2010 I have moved to Tel Aviv, sold both my houses in Canada, taken Israeli citizenship, played 2 rounds of golf, and played not one hand of poker.  Not much material for this fine golf and poker blog, huh?

In the past month I started watching more online streaming poker content at, both High Stakes Poker and the WSOP 2010 and am currently watching WSOP 2011.  Watching poker has rekindled my love of the game.  I started reading 2+2 a bit again, started watching some Deucescracked vids, and most importantly my thought process when I watch professionals play the game is now clearer and deeper.

So, in summary, it's time that I take up the challenge again and see where it takes me.  I reside within a short flight of many EPT destinations if tournaments can again hold my attention ... but will they?

In the meantime I'll keep updating this fine Golf+Poker blog with primarily poker content and see where it gets me.  I miss golf with my buddies in Canada, but my life is now in Israel and I can always go back.

Btw Tel Aviv is awesome.  Don't listen to the bullshit on TV about how Israel is dangerous or a warzone -- it's not -- and I hope it stays this way.  If you're a jewish american considering moving to Canada to play online, consider coming here instead -- it's a truly amazing place to live.


Saturday, September 03, 2011

I'm Coming Out...

Of RETIREMENT you jerks.

After a long (and necessary due to life-stuff) hiatus from the internet pokers, I re-charged my PokerStars account with cash today.

We'll see if I can find time to play the pokers a bit, and post about it here obv. :)