Monday, November 20, 2006

Well, At Least There's A Home Game...

These days i've weighed myself down nicely with work. Poker pays relatively well so far, but not on the scale of what people pay me to do programming work for them -- plus that's guaranteed money -- no downswings unless I get screwed/sued which I do my damndest to avoid. Learnt that lesson early and it hurt, never again. Poker's been pretty breakeven when I do get to play though.

On the flip side, that means very little poker. Almost none actually -- depressing for a poker blog huh? I am however going to florida next monday for business and taking the golf clubs for a bit of business golf. Hell, at the end of november / early december mini-putt sounds good to me. Certainly company sponsored drinking and golf in Orlando-temperatures sounds FANTASTIC.

We did start up the poker homegame again through Matt's efforts. It should go again tomorrow night at Gary's place unless something bad happens. Unfortunately, last week I felt was sort of a waste until the last hour. I suppose it's my competitive side, but playing cards where the opponents aren't giving a shit about the game is a total waste of my time. I don't play with these guys for the money (they don't have much gamble) but I do expect a bit of competition. Sort of like the Saturday/Sunday golf games. We play for $2 nassau usually but that's the hardest fought $2 you've ever seen. I honestly think we need to raise the stakes slightly - not to hurt the players but to make it sting a little bit to lose and therefore give people a reason to try and win. Matt and I compete hard against each other but the rest seem relatively uninterested. Might be beating a dead horse on this one.

I'm off, toast out.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Gavin Smith Is Cool, Mang.

As evidenced by Matt's post over here at Now On The Tee, he meets, greets, and drinks with poker pro Gavin Smith.

It's a pretty great story from the WPT Event at Niagara Fallsview. GO READ IT!.

Please note that this would never have happened had Matt not had his soon-to-be wife nearby... she gets all the cred.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Sunday Harry Neepers...

On Harry's favorite day of the week, here he is in preparation for the games today...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ivey Is Sick, Sick, Sick In This Hand

I mean, the guy did sort of say "Hey I don't have a J" when he raises but still... Phil has a great read on him here.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Poker On The Road

These past two weeks i'm pretty busy travelling on business to some of the more bumfuck nowhere locations in the northeast USA. I won't mention those towns l'est they be caring what a halfwit blogger has to say about them. Needless to say there's never much to do but hang out at the hotel bar and play with my laptop. Thankfully playing with my laptop also means I can play poker on the road -- yes, these nowhere places do have Internet access thank god.

I'm trying to get my coworker Scott hooked on the game, not sure it's working so far but I'm getting to him. Who couldn't love gambling on the turn of a card? Of course poker is a skill game but as evidenced by getting 3-outer rivered last night with AQ on a AQx board by AK, there's a bit of luck still involved.

I haven't been playing anything like the 14k hand month i had two months ago. I'm jealous of all you young guns in university on daddy's dime who have nothing better to do than play cards online between classes (8+ hours a day). I'd love to do this as a sideline job but I can't seem to get away from working long enough to make that happen. If I get 5k hands in this month I guess i'm doing pretty well.

I have been playing a bit of $50 Pot Limit Omaha on Full Tilt lately. God bless full tilt poker it's padding my bankroll.

Actually, go sign up at full tilt poker. Use bonus code TOAST if you like, or not... whatever. Harris that means you, and Matt, and all the other wankers who read this and don't have an account there yet.

And finally, as part of my boring-ass poker only post, I'll post my current online poker bankroll for those who are interested in following my progress. Yes, it's tiny, shadup.

My current game is 6-max 100 No-Limit Hold'Em and I dabble at $50 PLO to learn the game.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

WPT Niagara, Matty's Wedding & Thanks to CNN

I spent a few more hours at the WPT Niagara Falls event at Fallsview last week/weekend. Mainly spent time checking out the play/players in the first North American Poker Championship and seeing how many tv pros I could spot. The answer is, a LOT! This event was chock full of tv-pro goodness.

Here's some facts you might not have known about your favorite tv players:

  1. Humberto Brenes is not really annoying to play against at all times like the WSOP broadcast may have led you to believe. He seems like a nice dude.

  2. Daniel Negreanu is rail-thin and looks in need of a sammich. He makes post paris hilton Nicole Richie look fat. Maybe it was just his FCP gear or something.

  3. John D'Agostino is short and looks like a street thug. He's still wicked though.

  4. Barry Greenstein is the player I would most like to emulate. The consummate professional even when almost falling asleep at the table.

  5. Freddy Deeb is tiny and always looking for a good time. I hear he got one at the local entertainment establishments.

  6. John Juanda has got to be the scariest guy to play against. He has a stare that can look right through you and moves chips wildly.

That's all i can think up for now. Will report back if I remember anything else.

Saturday i went to Matt's wedding. It was very nicely done and I give thanks to he and Jacky for inviting the girlfriend and I. Very upscale and beautifully done -- and some FANTASTIC cakes from Anna Olson of FoodTV Canada -- can't go wrong there.

I'd like to give a special thanks to CNN for this story they recently posted on how to play poker. It should keep the games going strong for a looong time.

How to win at poker - by

Go in big... when you have the highest pair in a game of Texas hold' em. For instance if you're holding 10, Q and the flop produces 10, 5, 2 then grab as much as you can. The chances of somebody holding a pocket pair of Js or greater are unlikely -- or indeed pocket 5s or 2s to make trips. Get rid of your opposition with a big bet, because you don't want to let your rivals get to see the turn card when an ace might show up to scupper you.