Monday, November 20, 2006

Well, At Least There's A Home Game...

These days i've weighed myself down nicely with work. Poker pays relatively well so far, but not on the scale of what people pay me to do programming work for them -- plus that's guaranteed money -- no downswings unless I get screwed/sued which I do my damndest to avoid. Learnt that lesson early and it hurt, never again. Poker's been pretty breakeven when I do get to play though.

On the flip side, that means very little poker. Almost none actually -- depressing for a poker blog huh? I am however going to florida next monday for business and taking the golf clubs for a bit of business golf. Hell, at the end of november / early december mini-putt sounds good to me. Certainly company sponsored drinking and golf in Orlando-temperatures sounds FANTASTIC.

We did start up the poker homegame again through Matt's efforts. It should go again tomorrow night at Gary's place unless something bad happens. Unfortunately, last week I felt was sort of a waste until the last hour. I suppose it's my competitive side, but playing cards where the opponents aren't giving a shit about the game is a total waste of my time. I don't play with these guys for the money (they don't have much gamble) but I do expect a bit of competition. Sort of like the Saturday/Sunday golf games. We play for $2 nassau usually but that's the hardest fought $2 you've ever seen. I honestly think we need to raise the stakes slightly - not to hurt the players but to make it sting a little bit to lose and therefore give people a reason to try and win. Matt and I compete hard against each other but the rest seem relatively uninterested. Might be beating a dead horse on this one.

I'm off, toast out.


Harris said...

I might take this post as a bit of an insult calvin. are you saying you and matt are the only ones who compete in poker or in golf. Cause if your talking about Golf, I have to say, GO FUCK YOURSELF. I put every effort possible to try and get better. Lessons, practice, new clubs, clothing, shoes, glove/no glove, mimick Matt, everything in an attmept to beat you and your bed bddy Matt. Poker, i could give a shit about, even thought I did win the other night. Just making sure your not questioning my desire to kick yours and matts ass everytime i step on the course with you .

Toast said...

You might have misunderstood. What I said was that i'd like the poker competition to be more like golf. In golf we play for virtually nothing but we all play like its serious, and I'd like the cardgame (or whatever game we play) to be that way too.

I fucking hate games where people don't try/care... they arent worth playing be it golf, poker, or drinking contests.

And yes, I try and copy Matt too.

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