Monday, February 26, 2007

LOL Donkaments!

LOL Donkaments

A little history on "lol donkaments": Long ago on a message board over at 2+2, a poster created this phrase to mock the stupid tournament players. It was an instant sensation.

In the midst of the fun, BBV forum at 2+2 offered the famous Barry Greenstein 10k to say "LOL Donkaments" on a live broadcast. It seems that as of High Stakes Poker this evening (and the Toastman has not seen it yet so cannot confirm), BarryG has earned his money. Hah!

I assume he will probably ask the money to be dedicated to a charity should BBV follow up with the 10k as they should, but that's pretty cool.



True to a gambler's word, 2+2's BBV Forum comes through with nearly 20k in donations to Children's Inc. as of this posting and it's bound to grow quite a bit.

ANOTHER UPDATE (March 1, 2007):

BBV has crossed 30k in donations for LOL Donkaments / Greenstein. It's amazing how these poker players have followed through not only with paying off their deal with Barry G but go above and beyond to donate to a good cause. Kudos to Barry G for setting a good example and touching off this campaign.

Children Inc is where all the money is going, FYI.
Barry Greenstein is the trigger-man on this whole deal.

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