Monday, May 30, 2005

My Short Hand Skillz

Dave writes:
I guess reading this is helping. I am starting to understand most of you short hand now. I enjoy your posts but at first it was a bit frustrating to try and follow it. I think with time I will learn all the short cut terms.

So, I think we're going to have to give everyone a refresher course on what I'm saying.

6-max - poker played with a maximum of 6 players at the table.
Full Ring - poker played with usually 9 or 10 players at the table
CO - The CutOff - the player who is immediately right of the dealer
Button - the player who is the 'dealer'. Gets to act last on all streets, yadda yadda. Canadians call this the PUCK also.
EP - early position - those who are just left of the blinds
Blinds - those who must put up money blindly into a pot before they get their hands
Offsuit - not the same suit
Showdown - when the players have bet and called or checked the river card, they "show down" their hands.
Chop the pot - to cut a pot into sections as people have the same hand and they "tied".
Hand examples:
- AJo - Ace Jack Offsuit
- KJs - King Jack Suited
- 72o - the hammer
Hand Names:
- Ducks - 22
- Sailboats - 44
- Dinner For Two - 69

It goes on and on... post a comment if you want to see anything else defined... :)

Adapting to 6-max and having no golf swing...

/* Golf */

It's funny how a golf swing is so fickle as to show up one day and disappear the next. For the past month i've been struggling to keep control over the quality of my golf shots. It was not until this weekend that I began to course manage a bit better in order to... work around my problems with the swing. Actually my game this weekend still wasn't good, but it's definately getting better.

Saturday was not so good, as I had a few doubles lumped into a crappy score of 84. Played better on the back 9 though. Sunday was different. I resigned myself to shooting for the middle of greens unless I was 120 and in, so I did hit a lot more greens and actually hit the driver well around 80% of the time -- better. Made a lot of pars, one particularly bad double bogey, one nice birdie, and that's that. Shot 79.

/* Poker */

Surprisingly, no poker this weekend except online. I played a bunch of 6-max $0.50/$1 and was up a bit. Actually that's wrong, I was up over 50BB, then down a bit, then up a bit. I'm not having a difficult time with the aggression of 6-max at all. In fact, my problem is moreso to do with being able to accept that other people made their hands and are not bluffing. Turn check-raises in full ring normally put me on defensive or make me dump if I don't like my hand enough or dont have odds to draw, but in 6-max where a turn bluff is not the least but unheard of, I'm really struggling to "believe" the players. Going to have to work on the turn and river play.

I'm a bloody thief when I play trying to pick off blinds from the CO and button, and that's a good thing I think. A new area of "study" is doing this when the guys two and three left (those who are to be stolen from) call or re-raise and play back. Often a call or re-raise is met by a flop bet, and if that flop doesnt hit me, what to do? I've read a few good threads over at 2+2 on this sort of thing, and I guess it comes down to tightening up the stealing hands against the type of players who will play back no matter what.

Fortunately, learning all this junk has enabled me to start doing the same thing to others from the blinds point of view. Often i'll call a PFR (with a somewhat reasonable hand of course) and play back immediately regardless of the flop just to see how they react. I beat on one guy all night doing this -- so i guess that steal thing goes both ways.

Anyways, I have a qualifier for our club golf team next weekend which I should practice up for, but i'm sure i'll hit the casino sometime this week after work, and will definately be playing online as usual.

Farked up thought of the day:

I wonder if anyone has "roshambo'd" for a bet. Go look up the south park definition of that if you're not aware of what roshambo is. Hmm...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sit for 45 minutes... profit!

Had two hours to kill last night, so I stopped by the casino hoping to catch a quick seat in any game they had. Turned out that seat was 2/4... not my preferred game but not bad either.

Loose, loose, loose passive table. I dont think raise was heard often here.

The Recap:

Went to Showdown 4 times, winning three.

Had A-Jo, made two pair on the turn and everyone folded at the river.

Pocket tens, caught my set on the flop (pf raised of course) and kept betting down with callers.

Pocket 4's on the button in a 10 person family style pot. First card out of the flop is my 4 so i'm happy. The whole table checked around on a low coordinated flop and i belted out "No free cards" and threw in my 2 bucks. Whole table called. Turn brought a blank and again checked to me, I fired in 4 bucks and it was called at 6 points. River paired 6's on board filling my boat. EP bets, all fold to me, I raise, she calls. Had a set of ducks and thought we would chop our full houses. Hehehe.

I caught about 5 folding hands and decided I was done. 45 minutes to profit $104. Hmm, that's almost as quick and easy as the ATM!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Stopped at the ATM After Work Tonight...

The ATM being the B&M that is. I had nothing brewing till 9pm tonight and had to go help someone with a computer problem in the Falls so it was a natural way to kill a few hours. Except, I didn't stay for a few hours, just 45 minutes.

Got to the desk, asked for 3/6 but the list was 4 players long (that could take a while)... asked for anything... 1/2 was full and a 2/4 seat just opened. Hey, what the heck... im just killing time not here for any serious session.

Bad night you ask? Hell no. In my first rotation a client of mine who is also a poker degenerate like yours truly stops by to say hello. I glance at my hand (AJo) and raise from EP into the most loose passive table i've ever seen - didnt even break my conversation just tossed in the chips.. damn i'm cool. Flop comes down jack high, uncoordinated and rainbow. I lead into the pot, crapload of callers as usual. Turn is the ace, i bet, same thing. River comes blank. I bet, all fold. Too bad they didnt get to see my hand...

Soon after I get pocket 10's in EP and raise her up - amazingly I catch my set (a rare thing for me). I bet into 4 callers, and all of them call down to the river - uneventful and undifficult - i wish all cards were this easy to play.

In the very next hand, we get a community pot... yes, a 10 person freaking pot. I limp from the button with 44 hoping to catch. First card I see flipped over from the dealer is my 4. Another SET! The whole table checks to me and I say "No free cards"... haha what a dickhead... they ALL call. Turn is a blank, I bet, all call. River pairs 6's on board filling my boat. SB bets out, all fold to me, I raise (naturally) and SB calls. She turns over 22 for a flopped set of deuces which she NEVER bet till her boat filled. Haahahaha. Anyways, she goes "chop chop"... i actually laughed at that since she didnt realize that my boat was bigger... I guess she didnt think a set was worth a bet... yep, these are the people I play against.

Ended the session in 45 minutes after a 10 minute dead period up $104. Hmm, that was far too easy and somehow unsatisfying but I really was disinterested in hanging around trying to catch more cards. I did lose one hand where a guy checkraised me when he turned a straight against my A-9 tptk from the BB but hey, we can't win them all.

Damn I love poker.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Golf Game Is Bad - The Poker Is Good

Eeeny meeny mynee moe... catch a cheater at my 3/6 table!

Bastards. Couple guys were running game at my 3/6 casino game on Thursday. I had a polite word with the floor and left the game when I figured this out. Damn colluding cheating bastards. Up $17 for the night -- then I paid for 2 milkshakes afterwards as goes tradition thus up $10. That's profit! Made a 2+2 post on it just to see what others thought -- i guess this is a regular thing but i'm guessing this was the first time our new poker room at Casino Niagara had dealt with it.

Have been playing online more. $0.50/$1 6-max high speed infact. I was getting quite bored with $0.25/0.50 honestly... seemed like too much of a grind so I moved up. So far so good as my 'bankroll' is over $240 online at the moment from my starting $50 and i'm crushing the 6-max so far. Funny, it used to be I was over-aggressive at 6-max.. playing too many hands. I'd jump up, take a shot for $20 and lose it right-quick. Now, i play my typical tight pre-flop game.. but hands which I used to limp with I raise, and suited connectors are almost useless unless i'm stealing from the button. What a great thing aggression is.

My 6-max numbers are currently:

Voluntarily Put $ In Pot: 25.97%
Went to Showdown: 32.69%
Won $ At SD: 55.88%
Raised PF: 15.35%
Aggression Factor:
Flop: 4.05
Turn: 3.96
River: 2.39
Overall AF: 3.55

Wow that's aggressive. Working SO FAR but i've hit some flops... i admit it. 11.28 BB/100 right now... a little too high to be maintainable i'd say.

Golf has been bad though. After two decent 9-holes this week after work (38 each from the back tees), I went to Heron Point golf club yesterday with NoSkillz and Spliffy. For $80 what a steal - fabulous course. Anyways, played like dog poop and shot 87. Yep, 87. Chased that with 2 Stella's on tap and dinner at the Keg. Great day, and never tilted ONCE even though I had every reason to.

Today at the home course I played no better. I'm hitting a few great shots and a whole crapload of bad ones. Putting stroke is good though. Shot 86. Man, if the computer didnt say I'm a 4 handicap I would NEVER believe it. Hopefully I can turn that around tomorrow (Holiday weekend up here for us canucks). Something is just a little itty bitty bit off and that's killing me. Wish I knew what it was exactly. Something to do with my weight shift on the backswing and through I'm thinking.

Playing online has way more tough competition. Considering i'm trying to harden up my game to play higher limits for fun and profit, I think i'm going to stick with online games and leave the casino games to my social outings.

I've always been a very... stable person. Horrible things have happened in my life and I've glided through them like my knife through my steak last night (prime rib == good). Once in a while at poker or on the golf course i'll get really upset with myself normally... but now... i'm getting even more.. stable. I'm not saying I dont get pissed off by bad things happening, but i'm starting to brush them off better. In poker, every hand is a new beginning and in golf, every hole is a new challenge. Putting behind me both good and bad results will produce a more consistant result in both which is ideal. Tilt almost always makes me play worse at both. Avoiding it would be great.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Weeknight Cards and The Magician

Last night was another trip to the 3/6 tables where I paid blinds for 3 hours and not much else. Played 3 times to showdown on a decent table, won 2, lost one when I got rivered by a gutshot wheel draw. Meh, par for the course when cards are dry. Really truly enjoyed going after work though, very relaxing and enjoyable.

I'm a regular reader over at Paul Phillips site and am blown away by him pointing out notorious poker personality Antonio "the magician" Esfandiari's GIGANTIC ego. I must admit i've disliked him since I saw the 'wave' on WPT - I'm a big fan of being humble in beating the shit out of people - but holy shit! Now, I know this is just a 'persona' but to write an article like this at all-in where antonio speaks of his life of luxurious spending at clubs and then to make a website talking about whats "hot" and "not hot"... cmon. This guy wrote an article in a freaking POKER magazine about spending stupid amounts of money at a club with his "posse". If you can afford to, do it - hell I would probably too - but don't TELL PEOPLE IN A POKER MAGAZINE YOU JACKASS.

People who swing a big dick don't need to go out of their way to tell people they have a big dick - they'll see the bulge and just know.

Monday, May 16, 2005

This weekend was nuts!

Friday afternoon NoSkillz called and said golf... of course I said yes. When i arrived, the rain was starting to spit down on us and Spiffy and I agreed that we'd be stupid to go play. So inside for a drink. Of course, since we got screwed out of Friday night golf, poker ensued.

Spiffy bowed out for whatever reason, but I had a rough night at the tables. Spent around 5 hours playing 3/6 with NoSkillz and lost $99. A gretzky if you will. Great table, shitty cards. Meh. Highlight was NoSkillz hitting his straight flush and not even realizing it. I sort of had to point it out... "Uhh... thats a straight flush you realize". His eyes popped out. By 2:30am, it seemed that i was getting too tired as my AQ went runner runner to catch a straight and I didnt realize it until I checked the river, then check-raised the guy trying to pick up the pot. Hah. When i'm that tired, it's just not good to be playing for money.

Saturday morning at golf was a fiasco -- plus I was late. I shot a shitty 87 and played like garbage all around. I really need to sleep more than 3 hours before golf I think. Went to the casino with Gary and played for 3 hours winning $147 at 3/6 again. Not shabby. Afterwards, I headed home and did subway for dinner. Mmmm subway sammiches. Fell asleep at 10pm. Sad.

Sunday morning was up at 7am for my 8am tee time -- a bit better. Played garbage again but hey who am I to deny that poker has eaten a lot of my golf-time these days. Shot 84. Off to poker, of course, and in the first 40 minutes got stuck over 130. Took a few brutal beats and called with my 'pot odds' to a few huge draws that didn't pan out. One notable hand which i'm not too proud of but hey I can admit my mistakes:

I have KTs in EP and limp, 5 callers.

Flop is K-A-4 two spades (my shade). I checked and called not wanting to give away my hand and lose callers yet. I dont hate this play.

Turn is a K. NoSkillz bets, I call (Hmm why did he just bet?), MP guy raises, NoSkillz re-raises, I call, other guy caps, I call. I'm now thinking i'm behind to a boat, but I have outs to pair my 10's and a nut flush draw which is only partially good since the boat was possible.

River is a spade. NoSkillz bets, I raise. MP guy calls, NoSkillz doesnt re-raise but flips over his 44 for the turned boat. MP guy had K-x and MHING. NoSkillz piped up with "I was being kind to not re-raise" but I dont think he understood that I knew what was likely out there and wanted to maximize either my or his expectation since the MP guy looked like a dear caught in the headlights at the river.

I also played another hand where I had a double-belly-buster but was actually drawing dead. That one I was none too proud of -- stupid. Not my sharpest day on sunday.

I find myself limping pretty often at 3/6 in loose tables, perhaps playing a few too many hands lately and not being as aggressive post-flop. I feel like i'm drawing more and it must be because i'm playing with a lot of idiots who play the 'any two will do' game. Need to go back and re-read my books and play a bit online to see what my stats are like.

Tonight looks like golf will be doable... but if not, we'll see what happens.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Have a McTastic Day!

Damn right McTastic. An overexcited obviously new employee at McD's greeted NoSkillz and I with something like "Welcome to McDonalds, where we can't do it without you". I don't know the quote, NoSkillz wanted to turn back to do it again, but by that point we had our after-poker shakes and were on the road. That same employee wished us a McTastic Day as we left. I dont think we hid the laughter too well.

On to business, after dinner at ye olde country club (yes, we're a bunch of elitist bastards) it was off to ye olde B&M for a bit of 3/6. This has got to be the worst run poker room in history. It took 45 minutes to get a table with a lineup of at least 15 people and they HAD DEALERS to open new tables. Jackasses. Doesnt the $5 drop every decent pot make it a smart move to open the tables?


Hand O' The Week:

Hero has black Aces UTG and raises it up (thought of limping but I just got finished criticizing NoSkillz for trying to be tricky at the river when he made his hands and getting checked behind). 3 callers.

Flop is Q-Q-A. Huzzah. Now, how do I not kill my action?

Hero bets out, other guy raises (guess we know where a queen is huh?), calling station does his thing and I make my best attempt at academy awards-level work and look honestly pissed/pained that I have to call.

Turn is a blank. Hero checks, it's checked around. I was hoping for ye olde checkraise here but he gave me no satisfaction.

River is an ACE. Hmm... how to handle this. Hero bets out figuring they'd call unhappily but NO, flop raiser raises me, calling station does what calling stations do, and I re-raise for f'in value. That puts raiser-guy all-in and the CS calls.

There's some talk of a side-pot before I table my hand, I chirp up with "No need, I have all the cards worth having" and table my Quad Aces. I have to admit this hand made me smile big. Normally I just take down the pot and setup for the next one, but I think i dropped about 16 bucks to NoSkillz in the next pot because I wasnt paying enough attention to the action. Oh well.

Ended the night up $106. That puts me over the $1000 profit mark for under a month of low-limit play. That is of course assuming I dont piss a bunch of it away in the next 4 days.

NoSkillz had a typical banner session winning $120+ and getting back to his winning ways.

I hate to think it, but I'm starting to believe I am actually beating this game rather than getting lucky time and time again. I know of course that being up over 170BB in ~50 hours is not sustainable long term but wow, it sure is fun to crush a table like that. Thanks Ed Miller!

Have a McTastic Evening!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Crabby Old Bastards And The Donkey

As it threatened to rain last night -- never did though -- I walked into the casino from near-ideal weather to play poker. I still feel that same sense of 'am I doing a bad thing by being here?' every time I walk in. Fortunately, that anxiety subsides quickly once I sit down for a session.

In normal everyday life, i'm no damn good at paying attention to small details. Girlfriend got her hair cut? News to me. Cat is on fire? I thought I might have smelled something. But sitting at the B&M things are different. I can't say I can read someone for a twitch or a stare, but I'm definately paying attention to hands they raise, call, and showdown with, which leads me to this hand of which I think i could have played better IF i trusted myself more, but none-the-less I still played it well enough to take a pot.

Toast has pocket 9's in the BB. MP3 raises and we've got 4 to the flop.

Flop is 10-7-2 rainbow. Toast checks, MP3 bets, all call.
Turn is 3x. Toast checks, Mp3 bets, button calls, Toast calls.
River is 5x. Toast checks, Mp3 betes, button folds, Toast calls.

Now, If i trusted my read (overcards) more I would have popped him on the turn after the button put in his bet -- But i'm not "there" yet with my reads. Playing "calling station" in this hand allowed me to see whether my read was right and get a showdown. As it turns out, he was 'overplaying' a pair of 6's and didn't know how to give up a beaten hand when his set didnt hit. I figured at worst he was A-T and I would have 2.5BB for calling down as button wasn't apt to raises without the nuts.

Another hand which I'm still sketchy on:

Toast has A-9o in the CO and raises. 5 to the flop.
Flop is J-9-3 rainbow. Checked to me, I bet out, two folds, rest call.
Turn is J. Checked to me, I bet out, 1 call, then raised by a new-ish player at the end of the table. I fold, caller calls.
River is blank, raiser bets, other guy folds.

I'm not sure if he made a play on me or had it -- I can't tell. Fortunately, he did the same thing 3 hands later at the river (raise out of the blue) when I had KJ on a J-high board. Of course I called one more bet and he had Q-J so I out kicked him.

Finished the 3.5 hour session up $79 bringing my total since Apr 15 to +$950. Not shabby at these limits.

Back to the title. Never have i been on a table full of old crabby bastards and a total idiot like this one. The crabby fuckers were mean to the dealers, gave them shit about everything even though they werent too bad. Also, they were questioning pot splits and where the extra buck goes. Cmon people. And the donkey.. wow... asian guy maybe 40 or so. He didnt understand what a kicker was, and would call down with ANY piece of the board playing 90% of his hands. He reloaded a hundred in reds 3 times while i was there for 3.5 hours. Said he was down over $2k since Monday... guess I should have gone monday.

Had an annoying way of slamming his hand down on the table no matter what he had. One time he had yet to call a bet, did that, and the dealer swept his cards (he was in seat 10). He yells "I wasnt folding!" and the dealer explained that his action and position dictated a muck. Meh, fishy guy. I was debating using the "Tell you what, give me $100 in chips, I'll kick you in the balls, and we'll call it a day" but I think his mood wasnt too good for some reason.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lapdances For The Dead

I am a degenerate poker player, I live and breathe the game and it has almost nothing to do with the money at these levels since it's relatively pathetic. Truly, my hope is to build a bankroll the old fashioned way and play higher and higher on the money of my vanquished enemies. I'd one day like to be considered a good player and make some extra dough doing this outside of the 9-5. Would be nice if I ever got laid off and was between jobs too. No tax in Canada on this stuff, eh?

Saturday the usual crew of NoSkillz and Spliffy were definately not into the poker, though NoSkillz did shoot a reasonable score at his tournament event. The home course was full due to a tournament so I said f' it. I went out, bought four pots of flowers, and delivered each and every one to their destination for mothers day -- I very rarely make drop-in visits so people are usually surprised.

After figuring out that I had absolutely bubkas to do for the rest of the afternoon, I decided to go to work at "the office". That's the B&M poker room for those of you who havent read my braindumps before. Anyways, at the office the secretary (the front desk) said 3/6 has a list of 6 or so, but I can have 2/4 or 6/12. Now, since i'm playing with a now decent wad of formerlly other peoples money, I COULD play 6/12 and not really care but I took the damn 2/4 because I dont need to sit at a table of degenerate grinders. Same 7 guys every time I see that 6/12 table and I really don't think it's a good bet to play without the tourist money.

2/4 it is. Long story short, I played 2.5 hours, made $55 bucks and heard a good story by a guy on vacation at the end of the table.

This guy had been talking for a while about how he went out last night to party with his buddies and got rediculously drunk on canadian beer. Later on, he pipes up with "hey, guess what, i've got a dead guy in my car".

Now, that's a bit unusual -- the drunk part isn't -- but he's got this shiteating grin on his face. He says "yeah my best buddy died a few months ago, and i've got his ashes in an urn in my car. Last night, we went to the Sundowner (a local strip club -- we have the best strip clubs PERIOD here) and took the urn in. We spent the evening buying the urn lapdances. You should see the look the strippers gave to us when we asked them to do it."

Hahaha, lapdances for the dead guy in the urn, priceless.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


I've never been one to be turned on by pieces of furniture though im sure there's some fetish out there where people are. Last night, a poker table made me drool.

After going to the golf course and figuring out how to swing a club again (77 from the tips of course - 37 out and 40 in -- bad back nine) I headed with NoSkillz and Spliffy to the casino for a little bit of tourist hunting.

Wow, seriously, 6 months ago I would never have thought of myself as predatory at poker. Hell, I was just happy to call down trying to catch my flushes, but that has all changed. Sitting at the poker table which I was assigned to were some of the nicest trout i've ever seen. For most of the evening, the table looked like this:

1. Bald White Haired Mute Guy - Loose and passive
2. Spliffy
3. NoSkillz (poor bastard with me on his left)
4. Me
5. 50 year old 'luck' player -- he warned me that my seat was cursed when i sat down
6. I forget
7. Loose aggressive who SORT of knows how to play -- this guy 3-bet me another time pre-flop and bet/raised me down to catch his straight with 5-3 off. Basically, he will go to flop and turn cap with any straight or flush draw as we will see later.
8. Old loose passive guy
9. Old loose passive guy
10. Tourist Loose Passive (see: every flop) with luck of gold.

Now, if that's not a dream table, I dont know what is. You've got the maniac to raise your bets and get you more value, you've got loose/passives to call you down, and you've got NO even DECENT players except NoSkillz (and sometimes Spliff though he's usually way too loose and he knows it).

I feel like i've been lucky lately with cards. I'm playing good poker, not having to 'change gears' and basically focusing on tight play. When you're forced to show down every time you play, you better have a good hand against 9 opponents damnit.

In my big hand o' the night, I have red pocket deuces in EP and limp (not folding those at this table -- no way). Flop comes down 10-2-5 two spades. I bet right out, maniac raises, tourist calls, I re-raise, maniac does the same, and tourist calls it. Turn comes a blank, I bet out, maniac raises, ... you get the picture - capped. Funny note: the guy beside me who just sat down said "Guess he doesnt care that you have a set huh?" I just shrugged. River a blank, I bet out, maniac FOLDS, and tourist calls. I show my set of ducks and tourist goes to fold. Maniac said "I want to see his hand". Tourist said "No, he bet, I didnt raise". Maniac said "That's the rule"... .basically floor was called over and noted to the table that anyone can ask that someone who loses at showdown has to show their hand -- unless the cards hit the muck of course. Now, I know that rule already but a couple of people NoSkillz included was pissed about it. I noted that only an asshole would make the opponent turn over his cards when he loses and it's generally frowned upon. Well, I already knew there were lots of jackasses playing poker, but it put a damper on the table for sure.

NoSkillz had a horrible night... as a 2+2er once put it.. a perfect storm sort of session. One in which your cards look great until the river - he got drowned a few times. Thats a story for him to tell though.

+$200 for the night... again... at 3/6. I think i'm running good right now - waiting for my variance downswing to kick in. That puts me +$816 since April 15 - my first session at this casino in 41.75 hours of play. Yep, I keep a spreadsheet. Currently crushing the game for 3.65 BB/hr, yay.

No plans to turn pro, even though Spliffy asked when that was happening. They think i'm hooked on the game -- not true... I just like the money and can't wait to move up.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Back Injuries Suck

After that incoherent rant yesterday -- even I dont know where that came from -- I'd like to address a serious topic, back injuries.

Now, it seems that every golf season, right around this time, I screw my back up. I've had a nagging lower back injury since my hockey days and visited a chiropractor once a week for over a year back then to get things back in shape. Back to point at hand. It seems that after a long hibernation (winter) of playing cards, i've again pissed off my back. Sitting on a long plane trip down to texas this week did not help the situation either.

Fortunately, i've picked up a few tricks that help me get through my back pain for the most part. The only thing I can't stand is where the pain goes deep enough that it makes it hard to breathe and fortunately that's not happening now.

I hope that nobody who reads this post needs this advice, but just incase here it is.


1. Sit against the edge of a bed or chair with a hard floor surface under you. Put your legs up on the bed or chair so that your lower back is 'pressed' into the floor. I usually experience a few minutes of pain followed by everything 'evening out'. Normally I do this for a few minutes (3 or so).

2. Lie on your back on a hard surface with your knees up in the air. Simply keep your shoulders pegged to the ground and move your knees to one side. This really stretches the crap out of my back and usually gives me the chiro-crack we're so familiar with.

3. Standing position,feet shoulder width apart, turn the torso as far right as possible, then as far left as possible. Obviously, pause at your maximum either way to get that good deep stretch.

Normally this allows me to go play golf almost like normal. Unfortunately, lately my golf game is struggling as I think i'm way too upright on the backswing, and my 'correction' is overcorrecting the problem and i'm hitting the ball too flat. As my good pal at the club J. yesterday said - stop overthinking it. So i guess i'll give that a try. Right now i feel like i'm hesitant to really turn hard through the ball - and this is likely my back saying 'hey wait a second you idiot i dont want you doing that' so i'm really losing distance and accuracy as I never know what my swing will do.

Good way to shoot 88 like last weekend... hah... that's depressing. Really need to get this back happy so I can start beating the crap out of NoSkillz like usual.

At least the poker's running pretty well. Moved up to $0.50/$1 on stars for the moment, we'll see how that works out. I'm really driven to play poker lately... hmm.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I went to texas to find some hold-em, but no hold-em was to be found.

Stupid me, i thought when they named the game Texas hold-em, it meant that the game was played in Texas. Unfortunately, in my 3 day trip down to the land of big-stuff, no hold-em was to be found.

Perhaps it's because I do not wear a big belt buckle or a cowboy hat that I was not invited to these grand private games. Wait a sec, is it still illegal to play cards there? Hmm. Anyways, my trip was fairly uneventful, but I had some good fun. Read the limit and no-limit sections of Super System II again, a card player magazine I found on a plane, and so on -- but did not turn a card.

One thing to note about the people of texas - they are some of the most welcoming, nicest people i've met in the USA. I found that texans seem to over-do everything. They dont do it FAST, but they do it right. The food was fantastic -- I love mexican food anyways -- and the town was awesome. San Antonio's river walk is amazing if you've never had the pleasure (in a pretty big city that's a wild departure from the norm). The food portions were HUGE and i barely fit it into my trim and svelte 230 lb frame. I think i'm a svelte 235 after the 3 days actually. :) I also went to a legitimate cowboy bar to drink cheap coors light ($1.75 ice cold) and drank a crapload of Corona.

On to business. No golf clubs on this trip -- no time -- but I hear that the Quarry is the place to play in San Antonio. I'll keep that in mind for next trip. Prior to my trip down, I hit up yee olde B&M for some action with NoSkillz and another buddy. I was fortunate enough to win another $200+ at 3/6 so i'm a solid +$611 at the casino. Hmm, either i'm actually beating the game or getting REALLY lucky. I'll stick with 3/6 for now.

Highly recommended eats in Niagara Falls: Yanks Pizza at the top of clifton hill. The BEST pizza i've had in Niagara, period. Damn good wings too. Think we'll have to go explore across the border to find some comparable eats.

Wow, I think that's the most offtopic post i've made in a long time. :)