Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Stopped at the ATM After Work Tonight...

The ATM being the B&M that is. I had nothing brewing till 9pm tonight and had to go help someone with a computer problem in the Falls so it was a natural way to kill a few hours. Except, I didn't stay for a few hours, just 45 minutes.

Got to the desk, asked for 3/6 but the list was 4 players long (that could take a while)... asked for anything... 1/2 was full and a 2/4 seat just opened. Hey, what the heck... im just killing time not here for any serious session.

Bad night you ask? Hell no. In my first rotation a client of mine who is also a poker degenerate like yours truly stops by to say hello. I glance at my hand (AJo) and raise from EP into the most loose passive table i've ever seen - didnt even break my conversation just tossed in the chips.. damn i'm cool. Flop comes down jack high, uncoordinated and rainbow. I lead into the pot, crapload of callers as usual. Turn is the ace, i bet, same thing. River comes blank. I bet, all fold. Too bad they didnt get to see my hand...

Soon after I get pocket 10's in EP and raise her up - amazingly I catch my set (a rare thing for me). I bet into 4 callers, and all of them call down to the river - uneventful and undifficult - i wish all cards were this easy to play.

In the very next hand, we get a community pot... yes, a 10 person freaking pot. I limp from the button with 44 hoping to catch. First card I see flipped over from the dealer is my 4. Another SET! The whole table checks to me and I say "No free cards"... haha what a dickhead... they ALL call. Turn is a blank, I bet, all call. River pairs 6's on board filling my boat. SB bets out, all fold to me, I raise (naturally) and SB calls. She turns over 22 for a flopped set of deuces which she NEVER bet till her boat filled. Haahahaha. Anyways, she goes "chop chop"... i actually laughed at that since she didnt realize that my boat was bigger... I guess she didnt think a set was worth a bet... yep, these are the people I play against.

Ended the session in 45 minutes after a 10 minute dead period up $104. Hmm, that was far too easy and somehow unsatisfying but I really was disinterested in hanging around trying to catch more cards. I did lose one hand where a guy checkraised me when he turned a straight against my A-9 tptk from the BB but hey, we can't win them all.

Damn I love poker.

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