Thursday, May 05, 2005

I went to texas to find some hold-em, but no hold-em was to be found.

Stupid me, i thought when they named the game Texas hold-em, it meant that the game was played in Texas. Unfortunately, in my 3 day trip down to the land of big-stuff, no hold-em was to be found.

Perhaps it's because I do not wear a big belt buckle or a cowboy hat that I was not invited to these grand private games. Wait a sec, is it still illegal to play cards there? Hmm. Anyways, my trip was fairly uneventful, but I had some good fun. Read the limit and no-limit sections of Super System II again, a card player magazine I found on a plane, and so on -- but did not turn a card.

One thing to note about the people of texas - they are some of the most welcoming, nicest people i've met in the USA. I found that texans seem to over-do everything. They dont do it FAST, but they do it right. The food was fantastic -- I love mexican food anyways -- and the town was awesome. San Antonio's river walk is amazing if you've never had the pleasure (in a pretty big city that's a wild departure from the norm). The food portions were HUGE and i barely fit it into my trim and svelte 230 lb frame. I think i'm a svelte 235 after the 3 days actually. :) I also went to a legitimate cowboy bar to drink cheap coors light ($1.75 ice cold) and drank a crapload of Corona.

On to business. No golf clubs on this trip -- no time -- but I hear that the Quarry is the place to play in San Antonio. I'll keep that in mind for next trip. Prior to my trip down, I hit up yee olde B&M for some action with NoSkillz and another buddy. I was fortunate enough to win another $200+ at 3/6 so i'm a solid +$611 at the casino. Hmm, either i'm actually beating the game or getting REALLY lucky. I'll stick with 3/6 for now.

Highly recommended eats in Niagara Falls: Yanks Pizza at the top of clifton hill. The BEST pizza i've had in Niagara, period. Damn good wings too. Think we'll have to go explore across the border to find some comparable eats.

Wow, I think that's the most offtopic post i've made in a long time. :)


dave said...

I have always wanted to go to San Antonio. The travel channel did a 30 minute spot on that city a few years ago and it won me over.

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