Saturday, May 07, 2005


I've never been one to be turned on by pieces of furniture though im sure there's some fetish out there where people are. Last night, a poker table made me drool.

After going to the golf course and figuring out how to swing a club again (77 from the tips of course - 37 out and 40 in -- bad back nine) I headed with NoSkillz and Spliffy to the casino for a little bit of tourist hunting.

Wow, seriously, 6 months ago I would never have thought of myself as predatory at poker. Hell, I was just happy to call down trying to catch my flushes, but that has all changed. Sitting at the poker table which I was assigned to were some of the nicest trout i've ever seen. For most of the evening, the table looked like this:

1. Bald White Haired Mute Guy - Loose and passive
2. Spliffy
3. NoSkillz (poor bastard with me on his left)
4. Me
5. 50 year old 'luck' player -- he warned me that my seat was cursed when i sat down
6. I forget
7. Loose aggressive who SORT of knows how to play -- this guy 3-bet me another time pre-flop and bet/raised me down to catch his straight with 5-3 off. Basically, he will go to flop and turn cap with any straight or flush draw as we will see later.
8. Old loose passive guy
9. Old loose passive guy
10. Tourist Loose Passive (see: every flop) with luck of gold.

Now, if that's not a dream table, I dont know what is. You've got the maniac to raise your bets and get you more value, you've got loose/passives to call you down, and you've got NO even DECENT players except NoSkillz (and sometimes Spliff though he's usually way too loose and he knows it).

I feel like i've been lucky lately with cards. I'm playing good poker, not having to 'change gears' and basically focusing on tight play. When you're forced to show down every time you play, you better have a good hand against 9 opponents damnit.

In my big hand o' the night, I have red pocket deuces in EP and limp (not folding those at this table -- no way). Flop comes down 10-2-5 two spades. I bet right out, maniac raises, tourist calls, I re-raise, maniac does the same, and tourist calls it. Turn comes a blank, I bet out, maniac raises, ... you get the picture - capped. Funny note: the guy beside me who just sat down said "Guess he doesnt care that you have a set huh?" I just shrugged. River a blank, I bet out, maniac FOLDS, and tourist calls. I show my set of ducks and tourist goes to fold. Maniac said "I want to see his hand". Tourist said "No, he bet, I didnt raise". Maniac said "That's the rule"... .basically floor was called over and noted to the table that anyone can ask that someone who loses at showdown has to show their hand -- unless the cards hit the muck of course. Now, I know that rule already but a couple of people NoSkillz included was pissed about it. I noted that only an asshole would make the opponent turn over his cards when he loses and it's generally frowned upon. Well, I already knew there were lots of jackasses playing poker, but it put a damper on the table for sure.

NoSkillz had a horrible night... as a 2+2er once put it.. a perfect storm sort of session. One in which your cards look great until the river - he got drowned a few times. Thats a story for him to tell though.

+$200 for the night... again... at 3/6. I think i'm running good right now - waiting for my variance downswing to kick in. That puts me +$816 since April 15 - my first session at this casino in 41.75 hours of play. Yep, I keep a spreadsheet. Currently crushing the game for 3.65 BB/hr, yay.

No plans to turn pro, even though Spliffy asked when that was happening. They think i'm hooked on the game -- not true... I just like the money and can't wait to move up.

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