Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sit for 45 minutes... profit!

Had two hours to kill last night, so I stopped by the casino hoping to catch a quick seat in any game they had. Turned out that seat was 2/4... not my preferred game but not bad either.

Loose, loose, loose passive table. I dont think raise was heard often here.

The Recap:

Went to Showdown 4 times, winning three.

Had A-Jo, made two pair on the turn and everyone folded at the river.

Pocket tens, caught my set on the flop (pf raised of course) and kept betting down with callers.

Pocket 4's on the button in a 10 person family style pot. First card out of the flop is my 4 so i'm happy. The whole table checked around on a low coordinated flop and i belted out "No free cards" and threw in my 2 bucks. Whole table called. Turn brought a blank and again checked to me, I fired in 4 bucks and it was called at 6 points. River paired 6's on board filling my boat. EP bets, all fold to me, I raise, she calls. Had a set of ducks and thought we would chop our full houses. Hehehe.

I caught about 5 folding hands and decided I was done. 45 minutes to profit $104. Hmm, that's almost as quick and easy as the ATM!

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dave said...

I guess reading this is helping. I am starting to understand most of you short hand now. I enjoy your posts but at first it was a bit frustrating to try and follow it. I think with time I will learn all the short cut terms.