Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Doyle Rules

Hahaha, Im literally laughing out loud over here at Doyle Brunson's recent blog post.

Annie Duke is kicking butt on the Celebrity Apprentice. She is definitely manipulating everyone but that’s the game, right? Annie should be the winner which I think speaks well for the poker community. I think Joan Rivers is really out of line with her comments, not only about Annie, but the entire poker world. Joan looks like she is losing it and probably will be able to hide her own Easter eggs next year. And by the way Miss Rivers, my last name is Brunson.

Check his site out: http://www.doylesroom.com/blog/?p=184

HAHAHA tell me those old Texans don't have the best sayings ever.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Sun Came Out

This past weekend was supposed to be amazing, sunny and mid to high 20's (Celsius natch) and Saturday was that indeed. Unfortunately it was also windy as hell.

We've noticed a weird new trend on our golf course, the prevailing wind is running fairly randomly. Normally the wind blows in a certain direction here for most of the time, but we're seeing opposites and seemingly random direction to the gusts on different holes. For example, this year on #17, a 222 yard par 3 I've hit 5i and I've hit driver. I was 20 yards short when I hit the driver, and that's crazy.

So, Saturday was beautiful and windy. I actually played OK but could only manage a rather mediocre 82, which was good enough to win me the money (meager as it might be) but not good enough to qualify as something to get out of bed early for.

Sunday was different. I walked outside and there was a chill in the air. Just before the weekend the forecast showed Sunday would be cool and rainy, which is garbage. It turns out the rain came during the evening and night before, but it was still cool and wet out. This was the first week the group of Sunday regulars were playing. Harry was arriving a few minutes late so we took the last tee time, the 3rd of 3.

As the first group went to tee up from the Blue tees (second from the back) I mentioned to Andy that our group, the final one, would be playing the Blacks. Last year in order to cater to all parties we played Blues for much of the year, but that was a compromise made after deciding to play the Blacks -- not my preference but I'm not normally one to rock the boat and someone else caved. That said, this year our regular group of Matt and Harry decided unanimously "we're playing the Blacks" so I spoke up and said so to ensure there would be no surprises with us not playing the group's gambling game of the day. Of course, this was not well taken by all parties, particularly those who think its crazy to play the tips without lots of roll and 80+ degree weather. A couple of people in those groups said, well, nothing to us after the round and I'm sure had a few choice words about it privately -- I guess they're upset that we've splintered the group, but that's life. I don't apologize for wanting to play the harder golf course.

I shot a very respectable 74 on Sunday, only hitting 8 greens and being pretty mediocre with lots of my clubs. Well, at least I can chip and putt ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Shirt From His Back

This weekend was one of much golf, and only a bit of poker. Our story begins with a bit of friday night poker where Matt and I tore money from the donkeys' grasp. I realize that donkey hunting isn't very sporting as the really bad ones are just dead, dead money, it feels sort of like cheating somehow that they're so bad and you can read everything they do perfectly and nearly always play them perfectly. I mean, there's one guy that we both beat on relentlessly that is just... wow... like... this guy is down over 100 buyins, many times buying in half-stacks in under 5k hands. ONE HUNDRED... He must think he's got the worst luck in the world, but he's just the worst player.

Our golf round Saturday was nice -- good weather for this area for once. I hacked around a 79 to win the front and the overall on a $5 nassau with Matt (+$5), and Harry quit after 9 due to other obligations. Matt wasn't great but pulled out a sick birdie on the 17th to beat me on the back. The most notable exchange was on the 8th tee, where I looked at his shirtsleeve and noticed the TW logo. "OOoooh a Tiger Woods shirt, snazzy"... he replied with "yep, actually this is the exact shirt that Trevor Immelman won the Masters in last year". I deadpanned "how'd you get it off his back?".

Sunday we played earlier with Scott as an addition to the group. Scott's a pretty good player, and hopefully will join our regular Sunday morning team. I started out on the bogey wagon and never really got off it. Made one easy birdie on 10 when it was playing downwind but otherwise was a little off all day. I have to say the putter has been solid for me so far, even on still-shaggy greens I'm rolling them where I want them. It saved a few strokes for me this weekend for sure. Anyway I shot a very blah 82 but won the nassau entirely.

+$22 on the weekend in golf, woot.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cold Golf, Cold Beer, Warm Cards

Well, it's sunny out but still f*cking freezing here in Niagara mostly, but that did not stop Harry and I from attempting to play golf on this long weekend. Matt was out sick for the first time in history so we played without him.

Friday was a universal day off here in Canada so off we went around 9:45am. The wind blew pretty hard, it was fairly cold, and I hacked around a mediocre 81 to beat Harry in our match. +$5 woot. I then settled onto the couch for a few hours of Masters coverage which was solid. Afterward I had a craving for the best pizza this side of NYC (at least, I assume NYC has better pizza -- maybe not!) and went to La Hacienda in Niagara Falls NY around 8:30. What a great day... seriously this is living!

Saturday Harry and I ventured out at 9:30, realizing as we walked to the tee how truly bloody cold it was. I mean, it was COLD and we're Canadians. The wind made it unbearable and Harry was the first to say 'mercy' after the 3rd hole. We played 16,17,18 coming in and got the hell out. Again, the Masters ruled the afternoon. Later that evening when i was out I got a SMS from Matt "Major donkey alert... fyi". I replied that I'll be there shortly. Upon arriving home I logged into full tilt and finally got a seat with a major donkey. It's funny how even small stakes players like us donkey hunt, but it's profitable. Matt beat me in both major hands we played (sucked out both times, and both times I paid off like a donkey -- blah), but fortunately I stacked just about everyone else in the nearby vicinity for a somewhat reasonable profit on the evening playing pretty loose aggro with a few good runs of cards.

Sunday was brunch with the family with the required couple of drinks, then I retired to watch my pick after Saturday's round Cabrera hack his way around the last few holes and still win. Too bad for Kenny Perry to play so badly on the last two to fall into a playoff where he really didn't seem comfortable. After 16 it looked.... ugh... I can't imagine how it feels to have the Masters virtually locked up then butcher the last two like that. It reminds me of Greg Norman a bit.

Good for Cabrera though! Anyone who can win the US Open at Oakmont is a hell of a golfer even if he did whack a tree in the playoff and still win against two guys choking.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Its snowing in april, FML

Well, it's snowing here, or at least it was snowing and now there's snow on the ground. F MY LIFE. It's April for F sakes. Bloody hell.

This weekend we thought golf wasn't going to be possible, and Saturday was a complete washout but Sunday morning the sun was out and the usual 3 came together for golf. It was late'ish and I had things to do so said I was in for 9 only, so we decided on a $5 a side for 9 holes and if we were quick I said I might squeeze in 18. We weren't quick, but it was a weird 9 holes.

First of all Harry just 'lost' a 5 iron on the 2nd hole. He knew that he played it there only when on the 4th tee he realized it was gone. I know a lot of club chuckers, and Harry isn't one of them. It was weird. Then after playing 6 holes of modestly bad golf, Matt says he has to walk in as he's feeling poorly. That's really weird... really. Anyway, I win both matches with a grinded out 39 and expect to be transferred $10 on Full Tilt any day now.

+$35 in bets
+1 beer

On the poker front I played a few long sessions recently with swingy but eventually breakeven results. I'm actually running really bad with getting sucked out on but i've made a few bad plays too when I knew I was beat and couldn't give it up. I played a session where I was up almost 4 buyins in 2 hours, then dropped 6 in 30 minutes, and this is not tilt just a weird run. I had to quit the game even though there were donkeys about as I knew I was on the border of tilt.

Tilt's a funny thing, sometimes you're tilting and don't know it, sometimes you're tilting and DO know it and just can't stop. I've now figured out that my tilt starts in my neck and shoulders when the stress level goes up. I'm getting pretty good at steam control and quitting or sitting out a good game at least for a while is right for me.

Oh, and I'd like to mention a hand I watched on High Stakes Poker yesterday. How i love that show....

Tom Dwan and Barry Greenstein are both sitting deep ($460k effective stacks) playing 500/1k blinds. Peter Eastgate opens in late position with AKo to $3,500, Barry Greenstein makes it $15k with AA on the button. Tom Dwan calls in SB with KQs and Eastgate calls.

And... oh... just watch the hand. It starts about 55 seconds into it. Notice in particular what Barry says to Tom Dwan about taking money back and his response.

I love that show!!