Monday, August 25, 2008

TWGP Aug 23-24, 2008

Going to make this post short because this weekend was uninteresting.

I played 18 on saturday, shot 84 and lost my skins money.

I played 9 on sunday with Harry because we had a crappy late tee time so played the back nine hoping to get a spot on the front when we came around. Needless to say, we did not have a suitable time to wait so we went for breakfast instead. I was 39 for the back and had a birdie on #12 (again the short version) for what it's worth.

Last week I played a decent amount of Interweb pokers. Still running moderately badly (how many times can they flop a set vs. my AA or have AA v. my KK?) but made some money regardless. My favorite hand happened when in my BB I had 82o in a limped pot. Flop was Q82. I check, all check. Turn is an Q, I bet pot and MP calls. River is another 8 and I push for $40 into a $3.50 pot. He calls with the Q for 888QQ vs my 8888Q. I guess he really wanted his $1.75 split!

Things you should read shortly (but not yet):

Harry played Magna and will post about it soon I'm hoping.
Matt played Oviinbird today and I'm absolutely 100% positive will write about it

No pressure guys. :P

Monday, August 18, 2008

TWGP Aug 16-17, 2008

Last week I took a week of vacation from my 'regular' office job to try and polish off a side job that I have been spending every waking hour on for the past 10 months or so. Nothing says dedication like vacationing from work to spend more time working... and work I did. However, it comes with the sad realization that I work better and more happily from home... might have to make some hard decisions on that front shortly...

Anyway, enough of the serious work/life related crap... on to This Weekend In Golf + Poker for this week.

Saturday i played golf with Matt & Harry. Matt is a newly crowned champ on the Niagara Mens Golf Tour so we gave him the nickname "Champ" for the day. We'll have to see how long it stays with him. I started off poorly, 3 over after 5 but got it back with a few choice birdies at 9 and 10, then made one bogey and a birdie coming in scrambling to shoot 73 -- year's best. Harry put in a good score finally as well.

Sunday Matt had to serve his wife's wishes -- i hear pregnant wives can be hard to reason with for future reference -- and so he dropped out for once. Let's not make this a habit, young skywalker. Anyway, I played with Terry M, Andy A, and Steve G and was garbage off the tee (weird lately) but again scrambled around the greens and held it to a modest 78.

Harry surprised everyone with a 73, putting him firmly in 4-handicap land and threatening to get "in the money" in the 2,3,4 bet if he shoots another good score and drops to a 3. He's got a few more crap scores coming out of his handicap-factor coming up so definitely has a good shot at it.

Sunday afternoon / evening I played a long 4-tabling session on Full Tilt where I got behind as much as 5 buy-ins before climbing back to even after 1900+ hands. Whew, insanity. Felt good that I didn't tilt at all, just played hard and made mostly correct decisions. Im looking forward to poker in the off-golf season and am lobbying for a regular home game amongst the more degenerate folks I know ;)

Wagers Update:

Even Breakfast/Lunches
+$70 skins (+23 Saturday, -10 sunday)
+$2 side-bets

Not exactly killing it but I might earn enough to pay Harris off if he keeps playing like Matt :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just One... TWGP Aug 9-10, 2008

Only got one round in this weekend, a relatively boring one with Harry though he kept me entertained mostly. Bogeyed the last 3 holes to shoot a lackluster 77 (note, only since I improved recently do I think 77 is blah-worthy).

I did hear one interesting tidbit of news for you guys who follow our group of golfers.

Matty actually won something... no shit! That crazy scratch handicap golfer who blew up at the club championships supposedly just took down the Lockness Links event on the Niagara Mens Golf Tour.

Good for you buddy! Must have learned something watching the Krayfish annihilate us all at the clubs :)

In wagering news, I completely forgot to update after the clubs. Here's the updated stats:

Even Breakfast/Lunches ( +1 this weekend )
+$57 skins (+25 at clubs round 1)
+$2 side-bets

Also, I had to explain the terms of my bet with Harry TO Harry. That's never good. Basically at this point he's at no risk of becoming a 2 handicap and taking my $300, but he's sitting on the fence of 4 and 5 I think. If he ends at a 4, I win $100, if he ends at a 5, I win $300. Pressure! Especially given his fantasy football season is kicking into gear. Let me know if you want to talk about a buyout and we'll come to terms.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Golf Club Championships - August 2-4, 2008

It's been a long time since I have played really well on the golf course. In fact, all year I've felt like my game is garbage and I've honestly held some disdain for getting up at 6:45am weekend after weekend to go hack it around. So, forgive my attitude if I didn't expect too much of myself when it came around to the club championships, an event where I have in the past NEVER made a cut in the Open Flight.

Last Saturday however I figured something out with my golf swing when a great player at our club, Bernie, mentioned that I was swaying my upper body too much with my shots. This seemed to make sense to me and I made a little adjustment to my setup. What a difference! I played a round at Grand Niagara this week and hit the ball quite well with that little tweak.

So off we go for the club championship round 1:

I start off in the bunker left (as usual), then left again hitting the cart path and bouncing left of the green, and make a nice pitch and two putt to take my medicine. I then start playing well, birdie #2, par #3, birdie #4, all par's, then birdie #8 and par #9 for a very nice 34 going out. At this point i'm astonished at my luck but am focused and don't feel nerves. I make a nice pitch and putt on par 5 #10 to birdie and go 3-deep. I hit a ball in the bunker on 11's tee shot and make a bogey, par #12 from off the front of the green, and hit a ball into the hazard right on #13. I take my double and I'm back to even. I bogey #15 and #16, two par 5's (stroke of bad luck on #16) and I'm starting to feel let down about blowing a good score. #17 I chunk my tee shot and it rolls off the front of the deck. I make a nice 8i shot and sink the putt for a very good par. I play a straightforward #18 to shoot 74. Not bad, not bad for a hacker like me.

Round 2 I start in a 4-way tie for 3rd and one ahead of the final 4-some. My goal is to shoot a solid score and keep my head in the game. I play very solid golf all the way around, making one birdie on #14 and a few bogeys and was +3 until I hit #16. There, I hit a uncharacteristic rescue shank into the fescue right and lose it. My re-tee'd ball is a good shot and I make a double. How unfortunate and I drop to +5 for the day. I play #17 and #18 as well as I can expect to and make pars to shoot 77. Sort of deflating way to end a relatively solid day but again, no complaints.

As I sat around drinking stella pints with Matt and Jay happy that I made a cut for once, Gary approached and said I was in the final group. Umm, what? I said no way they definitely are playing 3-somes as they often do, but I was wrong -- I made the final group on the final day alone in 4th spot. There's something important about the final pairing -- all the spectators come out to watch them from their carts and it's generally a very exciting vibe. I know this from being a spectator in the past myself. You couldn't wipe the grin off my face after hearing this and it got even better when Matty offered to caddy for me.

Round 3 I teed it up last of our group. I had played with each of Mike, Bernie and Jamie before a few times, and I knew being so far back of the solidly playing lead (8 strokes) I was unlikely to catch up that much. So, it was a no-nerves day really. I parred every hole until 8 where I made a nice wedge shot and putt to go -1 for the day. I scrambled around a tiny bit but hit a lot of greens until #14 where I took an aggressive swing and pulled it. I hit a nice pitch but could not make the putt (weak effort) and dropped to even. #15, #16, #17 were all normal pars... and then came 18.

At this point I was far, far behind the leader. Mike had a great day and was -2 so crushing us all. Good for him. So when I say i stepped onto the tee to hit first on #18 without nerves, I mean it. No pressure, no nerves. Unfortunately, my golf swing decided to give me a hiccup for the first time and I hit a nice cut out of bounds right. Wow, what a bad hole/situation to have that happen in! My next drive was right as well, but stayed well inside bounds ending behind some trees. My 4th I tried to keep under prior-mentioned trees but caught a few branches and fell short of the green. My 5th, a pitch flew a little bit too far and rolled through the green into a very tough lie. Oh, did I fail to mention there were 100+ people watching this? HAHA!
My 6th shot was from a downhill grassy lie right near a sprinkler head from which we chose not to seek relief. The green sloped away from me and I had not much to work with. Well, my 60 degree wedge somehow came through and my ball landed perfectly and rolled straight into the hole. I received a nice applause from the crowd and ended the day at a 74.

So, to summarize, 74-77-74. I finished 12 shots behind the winner and placed tied for second place myself. I would have bet a large amount prior to the clubs that I would not place 3rd or better, would not play in the final group. I did these things, I was mentally in the game the whole way, and I could have been better.

Thanks a bunch to Matty the Caddy, who gave solid advice the whole way around and looked more deflated than I did when my tee ball on the 18th soared over the fence. He's goooooood.