Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Go Balls Deep

Had a reasonable weekend at golf, a scrambly 79 chased with a decently played 74. Next weekend is club championships, hoping I play well but my game is up and down -- making the 36 hole cut would be great for me but I won't slit the ole wrists if it doesn't work out. In short, I'll try.

On the other side of golf, it seems that my Basic Golf Shirt Review has drummed up some interest in ole' T here doing some product reviews.

And that's where it goes a little funny. See, the first company to contact me is called Schwetty Balls and they produce, you guessed it, golf balls called Schwetty Balls. They were kind enough to send me a dozen. In short, will Schwetties replace my Pro V1's in the golf bag? No. I'm a 3 handicap and I'm picky (why else play a $5 golf ball), but they're pretty darn playable as normal golf balls by normal golfers. But yeah, it's a pretty good gimmick. I've been giving away the 2-packs of Schwetties to people who might get a laugh out of them. Each pack contains balls marked L and R, guess why?

Would Harry and Matt find them funny or amusing? No. But that's ok because I know a lot of people that would. And yes, this is a very real company that does a lot of tongue in cheek advertising on their product.

Oh, I better think up a witty comment so they give me a link back from their testimonials page because I'm a whore that way.

"Bust out your own personal Schwetty Balls and you'll soon be hitting it deeper and harder."

Yeah, i'm dirty. So what? Only one person reads this website. Hi Jordana.

I'll get back with the other product reviews when i get a chance to run them through testing more thoroughly. Only the best at golf and poker ya know.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Suddenly Remember Why I Quit Poker

Yikes, well, at least we can write this poker foray down as a quick relapse. Fortunately the addiction is only to play when I'm winning, and the past few days I can't do that so away goes poker for another little nappy.

I got out of 25 and into 50, went up 3 buyins, then down 8. Tonight was a bloodbath, losing 3.5 buyins single tabling in 141 hands. Funny, most people who gamble only like to talk about wins, I only write about losses :P

Dont want to read about bad beats and bitching? Stop reading now.

Notables tonight include ($50nl remember)

3-betting pre-flop to $7 (pot) with KK and having my opponent flop a set of 8's. (-$59.40)
Flopping a straight, betting it all the way and having my opponent turn his two pair into a boat on the river (-$32.95)
Making top two on the river against a shortstack calling down with an OESD (-$20.85)
Having the opponent push a 9 high flop with KT, calling with TT and having the K hit the river (-$19.15)
Having a short opponent push a ATT flop with a gutshot straight flush draw against my AK, flush on the turn. (-$10.75)

It goes on... but the last few days were like that. Unfortunately i'm underrolled for the huge swing (only had 13 buyins) so I'm stopping before I get to unprofitable or busto. Perhaps i'll get the bug back soon, heck, I'll probably get the bug back soon but for now I'm going to lick my wounds and go back to work on things that dont involved the ass end of luck :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Golf Game Improving

This weekend I went 79 at St. Catharines, 75 at East Aurora. That's better than the low 80's i've been mucking with for the last few weeks. I hope this proves wrong my pals Harry and Matt who dont think I can play cards and golf at the same time.

Also, Matt's doing the smart thing and getting rid of all his really crappy golf shots now as opposed to saving them for club championships. Smart guy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh God, I'm Playing Cards Again

I don't know what it is. There's something about poker that keeps drawing me back in. It's not gambling per se, I don't go drop a few black chips on roulette or play the devil's game, BlackJack.

Two years ago I took out all of my money from online poker, save $500 which I decided would be "just for fun". Yeah, I ran that up to a couple grand again playing 50nl and 100nl last year and could have moved up, but again chose to cash out. This time I chose to cash out based on my business' growth and I wanted to be less distracted. I cashed out all the way. Not one cent was left online and I chucked my pokering money into the more widely accepted form of gambling, the stock market.

And you know what? It worked. I did a hell of a lot of work outside of my 9-5 job and it's paid off a bit. But something awful happened at some point, one of these poker rooms deposited money into my account to bring me back. YOU BASTARDS! So there I was a week ago with a hundred and fifty bucks in an online poker account, and a lighter load of work for my clients.

You know what happens here don't you piggies? You read the title of this post... you know how much I love pokering. I don't even have to explain myself do I? No I don't. Anyways, so naturally I started to play around my work, while watching tv, nothing serious just one table of $25NL Hold'em or $25 pot limit omaha hi. I really didn't mind if I lost the room's deposit, but that didn't happen and here I am with enough to move up again (over $500). It never ends.

What's kind of sad is that my old pokering friends Harry and Matt have basically given up the game so I can't claim its a social thing anymore. Harry never really cared about poker and played strictly for the fun of it (and still would, probably) and Matt did take it seriously but may have overestimated his edge on opponents. In all probability Matty is a slightly winning player whose edge was beaten by the rake. "In the poker game of life, women are the rake" said Worm. I still have no idea what that means.

So, I'm not sure where this is leading. Do I want to quit poker entirely? No. It's a great game to play but can take up TOO much time if I let it, so I've got to keep it in check. At these petty little limits, it won't make me the kind of money and residual income that growing my business will... so it's gotta be #2 by a long shot. At the same time, I realize I don't want to stop playing. Using my brain and guts to play a skill game for money is not a bad use of whatever intelligence i was given.

So, yeah. I'm a cardplayer again.

Friday, July 13, 2007

High Stakes Players Meet The Boss Then Play On Video

wow, just watched this video linked from 2p2. Hilarious.

Here's how the hand plays out (said slowly for harris to follow along):

200/400 NL, effective stacks are 48k (yes, 48 thousand dollars each)

Guys in our video call with 8 clubs, 6 spades. Opponent raises to $1200, our guys raise to $4000, the opponent calls $4000.
Flop is 3 8 Q two hearts. Both check.
Turn is an 8. Our guys bet $7k, opponent raises to $14k, our guys push and the other guys calls.
River is a blank, and our guys win a pot of almost $96 thousand.

Oh, and they've just had a visit with the Boss.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Motorola Ad - Wirebreakers @ The Driving Range

Lee @ Cake (a marketing company by the look of it) sends over a link to this viral video. Hey, yeah I know i'm advertising for Motorola by posting it, but I got a kick out of it and its my site so BACK OFF. Good work from Cake on the advertising front.

Good, Bad, Ugly.

Describing my golf game in the title here folks.

Saturday was a battle royale with Matt where we both were playing very well. He finished at 72, me at 74. He drained a nice putt on the 18th for bird, which as we counted up the match play scores put him 1Up... wild day. I putted the lights out on Saturday and did not miss a putt within 5-6 feet. It just seemed easy.

Sunday I played with Harry and the wheels came off. I said on the putting green before the round "I don't have it today" and I didnt. I blame this round on trying to force my swing and not letting it come freely and smoothly. Driver was ugly and the rest followed with it.

Monday was the historic Happy Jack's Open version 2.0 at the venerable Cherry Hill Club, host to a former Canadian Open and one hell of a private course. It's so private that without Harry's mad hookups, we would not have been playing there. A bargain at $70 though. Cherry Hill is not particularly long, nor is it particularly difficult. Rough is cut to a reasonable length, the bunkers are numerous but playable, even the fescue is sparse enough to have an opportunity to find the ball, though it does exact it's penalty on the player as it should be. What's truly amazing about Cherry Hill due I'm sure in great part to the very few rounds played on the course by its members, are the greens. They are rock hard, smooth as butter, fast as hell and a flat putt is nowhere to be found. It's awesome. I understand though a story told yesterday (sourced from who knows where) that during the Open, Arnold Palmer 5-putted the 18th green and vowed never to step foot on the course again. After putting on the 18th, I believe it.

To sum up the Happy Jack's Open is easy. Harry and Presto v. Matt and I in best ball match play. Loser pays for dinner at Happy Jack's for the 4 of us pigging out. Not exactly gambling high but we're playing like its serious for sure. We made the concession on the 1st tee to give a tie to the other team, since we won the 1st HJO.

I'll let Matt detail the event since he's long winded, but let's just say a certain rediculous putt by him on the 15th green (literally 10+ feet of break up and then down a hill) crushed the last sparkle of hope from our shit talking opponents. Their hopes and dreams were crushed on the 16th green 3&2 -- due mostly to Matt as I played spotty golf. Made 4 birdies though, that helped.

The food was great at Happy Jack's as usual, a great end to an awesome weekend.