Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Good, Bad, Ugly.

Describing my golf game in the title here folks.

Saturday was a battle royale with Matt where we both were playing very well. He finished at 72, me at 74. He drained a nice putt on the 18th for bird, which as we counted up the match play scores put him 1Up... wild day. I putted the lights out on Saturday and did not miss a putt within 5-6 feet. It just seemed easy.

Sunday I played with Harry and the wheels came off. I said on the putting green before the round "I don't have it today" and I didnt. I blame this round on trying to force my swing and not letting it come freely and smoothly. Driver was ugly and the rest followed with it.

Monday was the historic Happy Jack's Open version 2.0 at the venerable Cherry Hill Club, host to a former Canadian Open and one hell of a private course. It's so private that without Harry's mad hookups, we would not have been playing there. A bargain at $70 though. Cherry Hill is not particularly long, nor is it particularly difficult. Rough is cut to a reasonable length, the bunkers are numerous but playable, even the fescue is sparse enough to have an opportunity to find the ball, though it does exact it's penalty on the player as it should be. What's truly amazing about Cherry Hill due I'm sure in great part to the very few rounds played on the course by its members, are the greens. They are rock hard, smooth as butter, fast as hell and a flat putt is nowhere to be found. It's awesome. I understand though a story told yesterday (sourced from who knows where) that during the Open, Arnold Palmer 5-putted the 18th green and vowed never to step foot on the course again. After putting on the 18th, I believe it.

To sum up the Happy Jack's Open is easy. Harry and Presto v. Matt and I in best ball match play. Loser pays for dinner at Happy Jack's for the 4 of us pigging out. Not exactly gambling high but we're playing like its serious for sure. We made the concession on the 1st tee to give a tie to the other team, since we won the 1st HJO.

I'll let Matt detail the event since he's long winded, but let's just say a certain rediculous putt by him on the 15th green (literally 10+ feet of break up and then down a hill) crushed the last sparkle of hope from our shit talking opponents. Their hopes and dreams were crushed on the 16th green 3&2 -- due mostly to Matt as I played spotty golf. Made 4 birdies though, that helped.

The food was great at Happy Jack's as usual, a great end to an awesome weekend.

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