Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

While Matt and Harry are coming back today from PGA Village in Florida (Matty's trip report pending), I played this morning with the usual Sunday morning group. The weather was perfect, and the course was... perfect. As good as my club gets that is.

The greens were... perfect. Rolled nicely and quick. They don't get better. It really was an ideal day for golf.

To begin the day, I started off striking the ball well, and putting like a pro. Literally the best putting I've ever had. 12-footers were in... period. There's something to say about being able to roll the ball instead of bounce it to the hole. Unfortunately, I also started 3 over after 5. I then chased that with a 7-foot birdie putt on the par 3 7th, and a 14 foot bird on the par 5 8th when my 5-iron 2nd shot flew the green long and right before chipping on. Went after a tight right pin on 9 getting into some tight rough with a short quick downhill chip which skipped by to 12 feet. It's in for 37 on the front -- not bad but I could have been 3 under without much trouble.

The back nine started tough, as my 3i approach on the par 5 caught a tree branch after a perfect stroke. My 3rd flew the green and my chip was not close enough to make -- 6 on that hole is a shame. I hit very few fairways on the back and had a particularly bad 16th hole but still putted well the whole way around on the way to a 42 (UGH). Total score: 79. Should have been 72 but I couldn't score to save my life today.

This afternoon I watched the Buffalo Sabres game and played a couple hands on Full Tilt since I had $50 in the account. This was my first poker in a week or so (things have been nuts) and I was good and sharp. Maybe 45 mins and broke even.

This evening I got bored of my work and decided to play a few more. This series of hands happened within say... 20 total hands. Check this out.

1. I have KK, have a flop of 9-J-K and get the chips in on the flop vs. Q-T. Oops! I'm not folding that 99% of the time though.
2. I have KK again, get the chips in on a flop of 8-6-2 and win this one (he was half-stacked).
3. I have JT and flop two pair, get it all-in on the flop vs. a set of 5's. Not enough read to get away from this hand unfortunately.
4. The worst one, I have 56s and raise it PF in UTG and flop the good end of a straight vs the big stack. Turn is a K and we get all the chips in. He has K-4 for two pair and is dead to 4 cards. Of course, he hits his 4-outer and I'm heading home early.

*sigh* I think this is just the poker gods reminding me to get back to my regular work :)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Rained Out Weekend

The weather gods were unfair this weekend. Saturday was supposed to be rain all day so I decided to get some painting done around the house and generally not go out. Turns out the sky was overcast all day but very little to no actual rain fell. Should have played.

So what does that mean? Of course it means we got rained out Sunday after 9 holes. At least I got the 9 holes in after all the practice sessions this week. I try and make it to the club for at least an hour a day after work in order to relax and work on my game's soft-spots (there are many). It helps my game immensely and I shot a rather reasonable 37 including a bogey on the last when I couldnt hang onto my 3i for the approach.

Poker has been quiet this week. Too many business related things going on.

As an interesting side-story, I had a good scare this weekend. I'm 5'11" or 6'0 -- probably nearer 5'11 honestly and I'm tipping the scales at 228 right now. That's not rediculously heavy but i've got about 30 lbs of puddin I could certainly shed to get down to a svelte 200. Anyways, I'm not unhealthy and I certainly eat reasonably well lately so wasn't I shocked when a home blood pressure test at the gf's house presented me with stats of 210/135 on Saturday night.

For y'all who don't know, 210/135 means i'm about a c*** hair from having a heart attack, stroke, or having a major internal organ shut down. Hmm, "silent killer" they call it and you'd never know because there are no symptoms (I feel fine)... that sounds bad. So of course I start looking into doctors appointments and all that crap as I dont particularly want to die at 27. Then, I'm over there Sunday as well and take another test, this time after the owner points out that the device has to be worn the other way (opposite the way they told me before). My pressure comes in at 139/80 in reality which is fairly normal.

*whew* That'll kickstart the heart. Sort of like finding out your co-worker just ate a huge plate of baked beans for lunch and all windows and doors must remain closed due to air conditioning.

But then again, i'm usually that co-worker.

Ta-ta for now.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Something Smells Funny -- whoops it's me.

I golf, therefore I am.

Golf's always been a cruel one. She's always there to put you down when you're up and deliver a swift kick to the junk when you're down. Yes, golf's a bitch, but I love her anyways.

My golf swing is right on the cusp of pretty good and really bad right now. One swing good, another bad. I'm hitting quite a few shots too thin and I think it has to do with my setup. Instead of shooting what should be mid-70's scores i'm playing 80-82 golf right now; It's depressing but such is the nature of this game.

/mental note: take video camera to the range next time and figure out whats up

The poker front has been interesting. Somehow Matty NoSkillz pried himself away from his couch for an evening and joined me at the Casino for 3/6 live action. Tragically it was a boring, dead table and those 4 hours would have been better spent searching the dirt in my back yard for lost treasure. Trip total: +$27. Ugh. Didn't even get a ceremonial milkshake at 2:30am from that kid at McD's who is far too excited to be there.

I've also cashed out of Party entirely and have moved all available funds to the digital felt over at Titan Poker. The fishing has been good lately, and I withdrew another $800 in profits into my very real money account at my local bank.

I would also like to announce that I have a new project underway which will be interesting to you Golf folks. I'll let more details out of the bag a bit later.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

$NoSkillz = $NoSkillz + 1 and 20 Mins Of Poker

Big news of this week is that Matty "NoSkillz" has become engaged.

As I replied yesterday to his announcement email:

Congrats bud! Does this mean you can play poker again soon?

No really, it's a Good Thing for him. I'm not ready for that, but he definately is. Stop by his blog and leave a comment, he loves comments.

I've been visiting the golf course daily this week for putting/chipping practice. Still doesn't feel quite right but it's not too bad.

On the poker front, I got 20 minutes in last night at midnight at you know where. Since I was short on time, I decided to play 55% of my hands raising 28% of those. If you guys didnt know, playing maniac/LAG poker usually pisses off some people at the table. Last night was no exception.

I raise for the umpteenth time and loose-passive to my left open-pushes for $43 into a $3 pot. Hmm. I fold. Then, he does it again a few hands later. I'd say he doesnt respect my raises much by this point -- cha'ching!. I caught him shortly after and made him pay for entering a pot with me. Then the other big stack at the table turns two pair, donk bets the turn and I catch my open-ended nut straight on the river. He throws a $7 bet into a $9 pot, i bump to $25, he pushes for another 30 and i'm doubled through!

Then I had to go sleep go to work my job(s) today :) Oh well, 20 mins is better than nothing.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Ass-Masters ... And Losing My Mind On The Golf Course

Well, as crack reporter NoSkillz has mentioned, The Masters was a huge snooze. There was SO MUCH potential in that fine field, and the butchered golf course made it into a regular boring-ass event. Mickelson is a fine golfer no doubt, but him winning a wire to wire round with little movement in the field is so boring to watch it brings tears to my eyes.

Those ass-masters at Augusta have obviously not realized that their course was designed to be played as a test of strategy and fine skill and NOT about hitting 300+ yard tee shots in straight lines. If Tiger can play a par-4 hole with driver 8i, so be it -- doesn't mean you should exclude half the field from contention because you want a couple guys hitting mid irons into greens instead of short irons.

As you can tell, it pisses me off. This is the one tournament I can usually watch wire to wire because it's always a passionate affair but today was a letdown and it's all the fault of the club and it's chairman. It's very sad to see.

On to my own golf game. I opened up Sunday morning with Harry and NoSkillz by going even par thru 11. Then I had a tough lie on 3 (we played the nines backwards) and made a double, then a 4-putt double on 4, and a ball OB on 5. Then I played well again -- par, par, bogey, par.

Needless to say I got on some Tilt after the double at 3 which caused the 4-putt on 4. It's damn hard to 4-putt but I did it... yikes. The OB on 5 brought me a hair from insanity and full out monkey-tilt. Fortunately, I made a smart decision and walked to the green then swung my 6-iron smoothly over and over attempting to de-stress. Fortunately, it worked.

I guess that's going to be one of my major hurdles this year, avoiding tilt situations on the course. I've got a book here dealing with this exact situation so hopefully it will help me clear my mind after bad things happen.

Oh, and I got on a launch monitor for my driver which has been crazy. Turns out my 440SZ Cobra's shaft is waayyy too soft for me which is causing my inconsistancies. I'll have a spanking new Graffaloy Blue stiff shaft put in this week. For those who care, my clubhead speed is 107mph at my regular pace, and my launch angle from my 9-degree driver is ideal -- so i'm expecting big things from the shaft replacement.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

'06 Golf Season Begins

The usual Sunday group has not fully formed yet, but Harry and NoSkillz (aka. Matt) met me for breakfast at the club at 8:30am. We sat around drinking coffee and eating the very fine breakfast they serve.

For your information, for me that includes 2 Eggs over-medium, bacon, rye toast and hash browns. We've got to have the best f'in breakfast in the world at this club -- it's THAT good.

Then we went out for 18. I was never really good and never really bad, which is pretty satisfying for the first round of the year. Hit a few good drives though not very accurately. Putted fairly poorly, chipping was up and down (no pun intended), made a nice sand save on 15 out of a plugged, buried lie and generally just grinded my way to an 81 from the Blue (mens) tee markers.

Greens were still a bit bumpy but they're puttable. I had a bit of trouble with distance.

If anyone has a good golf stats software recommendation, i'm looking. Please comment. For the meantime i'm sticking them in a hacked together excel spreadsheet.

April 2, 2006
Score: 81 (42/39)
Fairways: 5/13
GIR: 6/18
Putts: 32

Could be worse.

No time for pokering today, sorry y'all.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I showed em...

Saturday has been a busy day so far. I woke up, hit some golf balls at the range (not bad), hit some putts, scraped some wallpaper off my wall in a room we're working on, and fell asleep on the couch. That's a heck of a Saturday.

Upon waking, I found an old WPT with Tuan Le v. Temp Hutter on the dish. Of course, Tuan is playing almost every hand on TV cuz he's a LAG baby. This gets me in the mood and I boot over into my favorite new online site, TITAN POKER BABY. And then comes this hand. No, I normally don't bluff at $50 No Limit but this was too perfect to pass up.

I'm dealt 2c 4c on the button. UTG minraises to $1 (30/8/2). I call, SB Calls, BB Calls.

Flop: 7c Qh Qd

UTG bets out $0.50 (wha?), I pop it to $3 because i'm a thief that way, the blinds run for the hills and UTG calls after a few seconds.

Turn: 6d

UTG checks. What goes through my head? Yep, Fire away! I bet a stiff $9 into the pot.

UTG says: KK
UTG folds

Of course I showed my 24s which upset him greatly. but shit man, thats what the buttons' for.

This lesson in pathetically low level no limit hold-em is brought to you by the letter: T.