Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Something Smells Funny -- whoops it's me.

I golf, therefore I am.

Golf's always been a cruel one. She's always there to put you down when you're up and deliver a swift kick to the junk when you're down. Yes, golf's a bitch, but I love her anyways.

My golf swing is right on the cusp of pretty good and really bad right now. One swing good, another bad. I'm hitting quite a few shots too thin and I think it has to do with my setup. Instead of shooting what should be mid-70's scores i'm playing 80-82 golf right now; It's depressing but such is the nature of this game.

/mental note: take video camera to the range next time and figure out whats up

The poker front has been interesting. Somehow Matty NoSkillz pried himself away from his couch for an evening and joined me at the Casino for 3/6 live action. Tragically it was a boring, dead table and those 4 hours would have been better spent searching the dirt in my back yard for lost treasure. Trip total: +$27. Ugh. Didn't even get a ceremonial milkshake at 2:30am from that kid at McD's who is far too excited to be there.

I've also cashed out of Party entirely and have moved all available funds to the digital felt over at Titan Poker. The fishing has been good lately, and I withdrew another $800 in profits into my very real money account at my local bank.

I would also like to announce that I have a new project underway which will be interesting to you Golf folks. I'll let more details out of the bag a bit later.


Harris said...

Matt thinks he's got a "A-game" we need to stop hyping him up all round.

Matt said...

You haven't even seen the 'A' game yet bucko! I'm saving that for the Village!!!

A nice medium-rare steak on Harry sounds wonderful.........

dave said...

and the A game argument is going on here too…. Go for the grilled tuna instead of steak!