Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

While Matt and Harry are coming back today from PGA Village in Florida (Matty's trip report pending), I played this morning with the usual Sunday morning group. The weather was perfect, and the course was... perfect. As good as my club gets that is.

The greens were... perfect. Rolled nicely and quick. They don't get better. It really was an ideal day for golf.

To begin the day, I started off striking the ball well, and putting like a pro. Literally the best putting I've ever had. 12-footers were in... period. There's something to say about being able to roll the ball instead of bounce it to the hole. Unfortunately, I also started 3 over after 5. I then chased that with a 7-foot birdie putt on the par 3 7th, and a 14 foot bird on the par 5 8th when my 5-iron 2nd shot flew the green long and right before chipping on. Went after a tight right pin on 9 getting into some tight rough with a short quick downhill chip which skipped by to 12 feet. It's in for 37 on the front -- not bad but I could have been 3 under without much trouble.

The back nine started tough, as my 3i approach on the par 5 caught a tree branch after a perfect stroke. My 3rd flew the green and my chip was not close enough to make -- 6 on that hole is a shame. I hit very few fairways on the back and had a particularly bad 16th hole but still putted well the whole way around on the way to a 42 (UGH). Total score: 79. Should have been 72 but I couldn't score to save my life today.

This afternoon I watched the Buffalo Sabres game and played a couple hands on Full Tilt since I had $50 in the account. This was my first poker in a week or so (things have been nuts) and I was good and sharp. Maybe 45 mins and broke even.

This evening I got bored of my work and decided to play a few more. This series of hands happened within say... 20 total hands. Check this out.

1. I have KK, have a flop of 9-J-K and get the chips in on the flop vs. Q-T. Oops! I'm not folding that 99% of the time though.
2. I have KK again, get the chips in on a flop of 8-6-2 and win this one (he was half-stacked).
3. I have JT and flop two pair, get it all-in on the flop vs. a set of 5's. Not enough read to get away from this hand unfortunately.
4. The worst one, I have 56s and raise it PF in UTG and flop the good end of a straight vs the big stack. Turn is a K and we get all the chips in. He has K-4 for two pair and is dead to 4 cards. Of course, he hits his 4-outer and I'm heading home early.

*sigh* I think this is just the poker gods reminding me to get back to my regular work :)

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