Wednesday, April 12, 2006

$NoSkillz = $NoSkillz + 1 and 20 Mins Of Poker

Big news of this week is that Matty "NoSkillz" has become engaged.

As I replied yesterday to his announcement email:

Congrats bud! Does this mean you can play poker again soon?

No really, it's a Good Thing for him. I'm not ready for that, but he definately is. Stop by his blog and leave a comment, he loves comments.

I've been visiting the golf course daily this week for putting/chipping practice. Still doesn't feel quite right but it's not too bad.

On the poker front, I got 20 minutes in last night at midnight at you know where. Since I was short on time, I decided to play 55% of my hands raising 28% of those. If you guys didnt know, playing maniac/LAG poker usually pisses off some people at the table. Last night was no exception.

I raise for the umpteenth time and loose-passive to my left open-pushes for $43 into a $3 pot. Hmm. I fold. Then, he does it again a few hands later. I'd say he doesnt respect my raises much by this point -- cha'ching!. I caught him shortly after and made him pay for entering a pot with me. Then the other big stack at the table turns two pair, donk bets the turn and I catch my open-ended nut straight on the river. He throws a $7 bet into a $9 pot, i bump to $25, he pushes for another 30 and i'm doubled through!

Then I had to go sleep go to work my job(s) today :) Oh well, 20 mins is better than nothing.


Wolverine Fan said...

Congrats on poker and golf game. I am putting up my hitting net tomorrow so hope to see improvement in my game. Had post about which golfer would be the equivalent to which poker player, i.e. Doyle Brunson is Arnold Palmer, Johhny Chan is Jack Nicklaus, etc. Who would be Phil Helmuth? Fun stuff.
Wolverine Fan

dave said...

That was some pretty big news on the nowonthetee blog. I think it is pretty darn special when you can go to the driving range the night you get engaged.