Monday, February 27, 2006

The Good `Ole Days

That's right, the Toastman is reminiscing this morning about the days when he could play small stakes poker all evening every night. No longer is this the case. I feel like I have NoSkillz' life with how crazy it has been.

Let's get the facts out. I don't need to work this much. I make a very comfortable salary for the place I live in, and I keep my life expenses low. Basically, I'm good at saving money. Seems odd that I enjoy gambling at poker given that description but I guess if it wasn't for my enjoying it and believing it would make me $$ I wouldnt do it. Really the only luxury I maintain for myself is my membership at the golf club so I can putz around with NoSkillz and the other guys every weekend. I suppose I enjoy my work or something.

Yes I know I ramble.

Anyhow, I've done something seriously nuts in the past few weeks -- I took what is, in effect, a second job. That is to say I have my M-F 9-5 and I now spend the majority of my former poker time programming and generally being a technical lead for a company out of Toronto. That's most weeknights and weekends. Ugh, no free time. At the end of this rainbow is a pot of gold however, so we'll see where it leads.

So, I've played very little poker. The poker I have played, however, has been positive. I've adapted a loose aggressive style lately as mentioned in previous posts and it's been paying off. In the 1500 hands this month so far, I've been picking up a lot of small pots and trying to steer clear of the huge ones and it has been paying. My ability to outplay opponents post-flop has made all the difference and they're having trouble with me consistantly. When I lose, I lose small, but when I win, I win big. Works for me.

I drained my bankroll and downloaded that money into my bank account which was used to pay off my car leaving $500 in Party near the beginning of this month. I've run that up to a bit over $760 playing 50NL 6-max since that point so thats not too bad! As i said, I dont get to play enough hands lately to make a big diff, but if/when I get to 1k i'll move up to 100NL again.

Feels good not to have a car payment though. NoSkillz just bought a nice freaking truck so he can drive me around to golf this summer -- that was his purpose of buying it you know. I'll drive my Honda Prelude till it (or I) die because I FUCKING HATE car payments.

Did you read all that? You have too much time on your hands if so.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Enemy Of The Tables

I've got a bit more time in on the tables recently. This new style of play (LAG) is continuing to pay off on the 50NL tables. It could be that I'm running good, but Ive taken some beats and continue to accumulate chips so there might be something there.

One funny side effect of playing this way is that the table hates me. I've been called idiot, thief, and worse recently and it's FUN! I have a new bounce in my step as I am becoming the player I hate to play -- Negreanu would be proud. Unfortunately, I think multitabling above 2 tables will be difficult as I've got to pay more attention to players. I won't pull this crap against 'bad' players, and its especially effective against tighties.

Here's an amusing story from my 50NL session yesterday. Keep in mind my table image is loose aggro.

Two limpers to me and I limp in the cutoff with K-8 clubs. Flop comes down K-8-x two spades (bingo, bango, bongo). EP bets pot, a half-stacked idiot raises pot, and I push for $45 into a now $20 pot. The original bettor calls for $42 and the raiser calls -- so we've got a nice pot and I know im facing a flush draw.

The turn is the flushmaker (mentos!) and I don't catch my K or 8 on the river. Original guy had J2 spades (hah) for his flush and the raiser had AK (pot committed his ass with that raise).

The guy who caught his flush says "Hah, I got you Toast, you're TOASTED"... witty huh?

So, how do I respond to this? I say "I like tacos" into chat while topping up to a full buy-in. Hows that for a classy response?

How did the session end? I tripled up over the next 20 minutes and took every cent he had.

I like tacos.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cashouts and Suckouts

Well folks, I did it. I cashed out of my major poker accounts into Neteller and left only $500 in party. This is mainly to prevent me from playing a lot of hours at the tables as I've basically decided to take a second part time job in working with a small company who needs some stability in their technology dept (what I do for a living basically). I'm constantly busy these days with work it seems, but hopefully it will pay off for me.

So, I've got a lump of cash in Neteller and I don't know what to do with it. Maybe pay off my car or something.

Anyways, back to poker. I've recently been playing some $10+1 Sit-N-Go's on party along with 50NL on my now meagre bankroll. Fortunately, I'm winning. The SnG's are so I can get a poker fix with a limited time committment which has been working well so far. I've started to adopt a Loose-Aggressive style at tightish tables. It's amazing how easy it is to put players on hands when they're playing 18/6 2+2 TAG poker and not mixing their play.

Playing 35-40% of hands with 20% Pre-Flop raises sure is fun, even if it raises the variance. Here's a hand from yesterday where I got a bit of luck and my image paid off huge.

I had been running over the table with 40/22/4 stats. We had one 60/40/2 guy and the rest were tighties waiting for cards to bust an idiot like me and this other guy. Actually, me and the other LAG were cheering each other on (I was beating on him too but he mostly laid down to my bets), and it made it tighties v loosies at 50NL... weeee.

Folded to me, I raise to $2 in the CO with J9o. It's folded to the SB who was a solid 18/8 winning player who re-raised me to $5 (I cover). Now, there's no way in hell he doesnt have a hand, but it doesnt have to be a huge hand just better than mine so I'm thinking big pairs, big aces (AK,AQ), or KQ maybe. I call it in position.

Flop is A-J-x rainbow. He bets $6 into an $11 pot and I bump it to $15. He pauses for 5 seconds, then calls.
Turn is a 9 (jackpot!). He checks, I push to make it look like a bluff instead of a value bet and he insta-calls.

He flips over AQ. Well within his re-raise range against me, and he got unfortunate that he didnt put me on a lesser hand when I bumped him on the flop then I drew out. I think it takes a lot of guts to get all your money in the pot with Ace-Queen though, maybe guts is the wrong word. I think he could have picked a better spot but I admit in his position it would have been a close one given my play to that point.

So yeah, i'm king of suckouts. You know I wasnt putting another cent in that pot when he called my flop raise if I didnt draw out.

Afterwards, the conversation went like this:
Table Maniac: You're an ANIMAL!
Me: Rowrrrr
Suckout Victim TAG: JOKE!
Me: I'm not the one who called off his whole stack with a garbage hand like AQ.
Suckout Victim TAG: (silence... i'm sure he's making a note on me at this point)

And the world turns...

Friday, February 03, 2006

First Big Hand Of '06

Hmm perhaps '06 won't be too bad after all.

Got a few hands in over the past few days, but totally didn't expect this one.

And I even got paid!

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $ Hero (6 max, 6 handed) FTR converter on

SB ($279.10)
Hero ($111.20)
UTG ($123.14)
MP ($93.04)
CO ($112.30)
Button ($191.82)

Preflop: Hero is BB with 9s, Ts. SB posts a blind of $0.50.
2 folds, CO calls $1, Button calls $1, SB (poster) completes, Hero checks.

Flop: ($4) Qd, 8s, 7s (4 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $2, CO calls $2, Button folds, SB calls $2.

Turn: ($10) Jd (3 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $7, CO calls $7, SB calls $7.

River: ($31) 6s (3 players)
SB bets $20, Hero calls $101.20 (All-In), CO folds, SB calls $81.20.

Final Pot: $233.40

I would also like to link the funniest 2+2 post i've seen in a long time.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Still On Break...

Don't worry i'll be back with the online stuff soon.

I played the golf club tourney last weekend, didn't get anything in terms of cards and finally pushed when the maniac from last time (who knocked me out) entered and I pushed with KT (a solid favorite over him anyday), he flips K4 catches a 4 (i knew it was coming) and i'm gone.

Twice in a row by the same guy... still... ive gotta start getting better cards eventually at these things.

Too busy with real-life work right now to do much pokerering though... poker sounds like a vacation right about now.