Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cashouts and Suckouts

Well folks, I did it. I cashed out of my major poker accounts into Neteller and left only $500 in party. This is mainly to prevent me from playing a lot of hours at the tables as I've basically decided to take a second part time job in working with a small company who needs some stability in their technology dept (what I do for a living basically). I'm constantly busy these days with work it seems, but hopefully it will pay off for me.

So, I've got a lump of cash in Neteller and I don't know what to do with it. Maybe pay off my car or something.

Anyways, back to poker. I've recently been playing some $10+1 Sit-N-Go's on party along with 50NL on my now meagre bankroll. Fortunately, I'm winning. The SnG's are so I can get a poker fix with a limited time committment which has been working well so far. I've started to adopt a Loose-Aggressive style at tightish tables. It's amazing how easy it is to put players on hands when they're playing 18/6 2+2 TAG poker and not mixing their play.

Playing 35-40% of hands with 20% Pre-Flop raises sure is fun, even if it raises the variance. Here's a hand from yesterday where I got a bit of luck and my image paid off huge.

I had been running over the table with 40/22/4 stats. We had one 60/40/2 guy and the rest were tighties waiting for cards to bust an idiot like me and this other guy. Actually, me and the other LAG were cheering each other on (I was beating on him too but he mostly laid down to my bets), and it made it tighties v loosies at 50NL... weeee.

Folded to me, I raise to $2 in the CO with J9o. It's folded to the SB who was a solid 18/8 winning player who re-raised me to $5 (I cover). Now, there's no way in hell he doesnt have a hand, but it doesnt have to be a huge hand just better than mine so I'm thinking big pairs, big aces (AK,AQ), or KQ maybe. I call it in position.

Flop is A-J-x rainbow. He bets $6 into an $11 pot and I bump it to $15. He pauses for 5 seconds, then calls.
Turn is a 9 (jackpot!). He checks, I push to make it look like a bluff instead of a value bet and he insta-calls.

He flips over AQ. Well within his re-raise range against me, and he got unfortunate that he didnt put me on a lesser hand when I bumped him on the flop then I drew out. I think it takes a lot of guts to get all your money in the pot with Ace-Queen though, maybe guts is the wrong word. I think he could have picked a better spot but I admit in his position it would have been a close one given my play to that point.

So yeah, i'm king of suckouts. You know I wasnt putting another cent in that pot when he called my flop raise if I didnt draw out.

Afterwards, the conversation went like this:
Table Maniac: You're an ANIMAL!
Me: Rowrrrr
Suckout Victim TAG: JOKE!
Me: I'm not the one who called off his whole stack with a garbage hand like AQ.
Suckout Victim TAG: (silence... i'm sure he's making a note on me at this point)

And the world turns...


dave said...

I am so happy now that I can follow all of what you write and even understand it. I came in second in the local home tournament which made me come home even. Slow but sure for me.

Toast said...

Yeah i spose this stuff gets fairly cryptic to a non-poker person.

Congrats on your progress.