Monday, February 27, 2006

The Good `Ole Days

That's right, the Toastman is reminiscing this morning about the days when he could play small stakes poker all evening every night. No longer is this the case. I feel like I have NoSkillz' life with how crazy it has been.

Let's get the facts out. I don't need to work this much. I make a very comfortable salary for the place I live in, and I keep my life expenses low. Basically, I'm good at saving money. Seems odd that I enjoy gambling at poker given that description but I guess if it wasn't for my enjoying it and believing it would make me $$ I wouldnt do it. Really the only luxury I maintain for myself is my membership at the golf club so I can putz around with NoSkillz and the other guys every weekend. I suppose I enjoy my work or something.

Yes I know I ramble.

Anyhow, I've done something seriously nuts in the past few weeks -- I took what is, in effect, a second job. That is to say I have my M-F 9-5 and I now spend the majority of my former poker time programming and generally being a technical lead for a company out of Toronto. That's most weeknights and weekends. Ugh, no free time. At the end of this rainbow is a pot of gold however, so we'll see where it leads.

So, I've played very little poker. The poker I have played, however, has been positive. I've adapted a loose aggressive style lately as mentioned in previous posts and it's been paying off. In the 1500 hands this month so far, I've been picking up a lot of small pots and trying to steer clear of the huge ones and it has been paying. My ability to outplay opponents post-flop has made all the difference and they're having trouble with me consistantly. When I lose, I lose small, but when I win, I win big. Works for me.

I drained my bankroll and downloaded that money into my bank account which was used to pay off my car leaving $500 in Party near the beginning of this month. I've run that up to a bit over $760 playing 50NL 6-max since that point so thats not too bad! As i said, I dont get to play enough hands lately to make a big diff, but if/when I get to 1k i'll move up to 100NL again.

Feels good not to have a car payment though. NoSkillz just bought a nice freaking truck so he can drive me around to golf this summer -- that was his purpose of buying it you know. I'll drive my Honda Prelude till it (or I) die because I FUCKING HATE car payments.

Did you read all that? You have too much time on your hands if so.

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Matt said...

I must really have time on my hands if I read the whole thing AND posted this comment!!!