Friday, February 17, 2006

Enemy Of The Tables

I've got a bit more time in on the tables recently. This new style of play (LAG) is continuing to pay off on the 50NL tables. It could be that I'm running good, but Ive taken some beats and continue to accumulate chips so there might be something there.

One funny side effect of playing this way is that the table hates me. I've been called idiot, thief, and worse recently and it's FUN! I have a new bounce in my step as I am becoming the player I hate to play -- Negreanu would be proud. Unfortunately, I think multitabling above 2 tables will be difficult as I've got to pay more attention to players. I won't pull this crap against 'bad' players, and its especially effective against tighties.

Here's an amusing story from my 50NL session yesterday. Keep in mind my table image is loose aggro.

Two limpers to me and I limp in the cutoff with K-8 clubs. Flop comes down K-8-x two spades (bingo, bango, bongo). EP bets pot, a half-stacked idiot raises pot, and I push for $45 into a now $20 pot. The original bettor calls for $42 and the raiser calls -- so we've got a nice pot and I know im facing a flush draw.

The turn is the flushmaker (mentos!) and I don't catch my K or 8 on the river. Original guy had J2 spades (hah) for his flush and the raiser had AK (pot committed his ass with that raise).

The guy who caught his flush says "Hah, I got you Toast, you're TOASTED"... witty huh?

So, how do I respond to this? I say "I like tacos" into chat while topping up to a full buy-in. Hows that for a classy response?

How did the session end? I tripled up over the next 20 minutes and took every cent he had.

I like tacos.


Matt said...

Mmmmm...taco's ARE good!

dave said...

Revenge of the toco's, can't be all bad.