Thursday, December 28, 2006

Exciting News!

Hello reader.

While sitting at home on this bleak December 28th, I noticed something while staring at my Golf Statistics from years 2002 through 2006. My putting figures go from 29.2 to 28.8 putts per round directly after it rains (course conditions are noted beside each round on my scorecards - obviously.).

Therefore, I hope it rains more next season!

Come on back and I shall regale you with stories of how the number of dimples on my golf ball can predict how far my draw moves on a windy day.

Matt Toast.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Negreanu Leads At the WPT 5-Diamond

Poker Prof reports Daniel Negreanu is leading the 5-diamond 15k event at Bellagio going into the final table.

As a Canadian, I'm awed by the pool of great poker players we (as Canadians) have out there like Negreanu, Brad Booth, Gavin Smith, Steve Paul-Ambrose @ University Waterloo, Nenad Medic from Niagara Falls, Jason Sagle out of Sudbury... the list goes on and on. I guess we must have nothing better to do than play cards here in the great white north or something.

Here's to hoping DN pulls through!

Monday, December 18, 2006

I Got 1.5 Hours of Online Poker In This Weekend!

That's big news for me -- I'm just way too busy with work right now.

Since i'm just stupidly excited to have played online poker for a short session, here are a few notable hands which may describe my current style a bit (holy crap i'm insanely aggressive right now).

$50NL 6-max:

I'm button, MP opens for $2, MP+1 calls, I make it $6 to go with T8o.

Wait, wait, wait. I just 3-bet with T8o? What the heck? Toasty you so craaazy.

Hand O' the Week Winnnnarrr...

4-handed 6-max $50NL

I've been raising like its my job, guy on my left is aggressive but not nuts and not happy about my opening every pot 4-handed.

I'm button and open for $2 with 4h 4d, SB (Villain) raises to $7.50, I call

Flop is Jd 6s 5d
Villain leads for $8 (into a $15 pot), I make it $20 and he folds.

No, I don't show my cards online unless I really have super-air and want to tilt someone (*ahem*, Matt)

I'm not sure if the Toastmeister will stick with this crazed play (crazed compared to my previous 20/11 TAG style), but it sure is fun and certainly gets the other players all wound up.

/the donk

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm a Donk!

That's what Matty told me tonight, I'm a donk. When I bluff off a stack at our little No-Limit home-game I hear nothing (quiet respect I like to think), but beat him out of his money with the worst hand and I'm a DONK!

Well, Yeah i'm actually kind of a donk at the home game. You see, we play $0.25/0.50 blinds No-Limit hold'em with a $20 per player cap per hand. That is, you cannot lose more than $20 in a hand, period. It's fun, but it's not serious.

As Matt posted on his site, last week we busted Gary's 3-buyins in 15 minutes at this game -- gary was not impressed and has not returned. Needless to say $20 doesn't hurt most of us at the game so it can get wild. I wish we'd play for more but it suffices for my live action cravings.

Anyways, basically I did put my money in with an open-ended straight draw and an overcard against his checkraise with middle pair and the ass-end of a gutshot straight draw. He was a 2:1 favorite with 69s on a 79Tr board against my K8o but my crap hand pulls through. I wouldn't say I got him on tilt, but it was damn close and fun to laugh about him calling me donk.

He said it himself best, "You're a donk, but you're a profitable donk at this game".

Tonight at the home game we had a few newcomers, Brett and Mike. Mike has played with us previously and is quite aggressive and decent. Brett shows some good knowledge of the game and plays almost exclusively good hands. Unfortunately for him, his good hands were no match for our junk this evening while Mike came out the "big winner". Congrats to him.

I was again lucky enough to come out winners by a small margin. I've yet to lose at the home game however given the way I play there I can't see it being far off where I dump a hundo.

On to the topic of Golf. In particular, Matt has recently posted a whole page detailing his statistics for golf this season. If i'm a poker geek, he's certainly a stats geek. Anyways, on the topic of driving distances, Matty clocked his long one at 331 this year. I think Harry puts it best in saying via email:

for some reason I can't leave a comment on your blog. But i just wanted to say, there is no fucking way you hit a drive 331 yards. You know, Toast knows it, and I know it. Even if you picked the ball up on the tee, walked it 331 yards and placed it in the middle of the fairway, I still wouldn't believe it. How are we to believe the rest of those stats aren't fabricated. 331, that really is laughable.

Matt claims to be using PGA standard techniques for detailing his driving distances but we all know he makes a lot of stuff up to make himself feel better about spending $800 on a driver this year -- crazy bastard. He sells a hell of a lot of shit tickets to pay for a driver like that ya know?

Thanks go to Matt for a fun evening at his place (and his lovely wife Jacky who put up with us taking over the dining room for the evening). Welcome to the game to Brett, welcome back to Mike, I hope we have a lively game full of action until next golf season.

Tonight will be the golf-get-together over the river -- pizza and wings. Should be fun!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Gin & Juice

Well, I played a lot of Gin Rummy this weekend -- little in the way of poker though. This may become the Golf & Gin blog shortly by the amount i'm playing.

I've got my Uncle Joe addicted to the game again, and Matty's giving it a serious try. He's improved quite a bit from the first times we played and I feel pretty stagnant with my game. I'm going to have to start working on it a bit as I find it very satisfying. Sorta like playing Heads Up poker but with more cards.

I'm also not at the point where i'm gambling yet on it... i'm sure thats not far however.

Oh, and by the way, Matt beat my ass at Gin Rummy this weekend 2 games to 1 (I'll be the first to admit it). He's Goooooood.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Back In Town -- NOT in Vegas

You can put away your hankies, I'm back! I heard enough crying about my lack of postings last night that I had to peel myself away from my work long enough to slip you readers a couple inches of toast's text lovin'. Giggidy.

The Toastmeister was in Orlando last week at a tradeshow for one of the comapanies I whore myself out to. We were "roughing it" at the Rosen Shingle Creek hotel and convention facility. Heh. Sick. Sat in the hottub talking biz, did the tradeshow, yadda yadda yadda. More importantly, we had a fun time.

I played Shingle Creek golf course, and I played a course called Falcons Fire. Both were upscale tracks with good, interesting layouts. Both were in half-assed condition. Must be the time of year but the rough was whispy and the fairways/tees were rough. Thankfully I didn't pay for either else I'd have something to complain about. Worth playing IF THEY ARE IN SHAPE people.

Then we come to the entertainment. See, one of the main dudes at my company treats this annual tradeshow as his personal vacation and he likes to have a good time on vacation... so... very little is done half-assed. We went to Universal, we went to Disney's Pleasure Island, we ate like pigs and drank constantly. It's fun but I can't live like that for long stretches. 5 days was enough. I'd never, ever, ever live in Orlando unless paid through the bloody nose. Holy crap that place takes forever to get anywhere. When one guy said Target (pronounced Tar-Jhet of course as is proper) was right around the corner and it took 25 mins of no-traffic to get there... I decided Orlando was out.

One particular bar of interest (meaning I actually enjoyed it) is The Blue Martini. This place rocked out in an upscale elite I can't afford to drink there sort of way. The service is top-notch, bartenders (chicks of course) are beautiful, the place was packed, bands were good, but I don't have the bank account bling to do that shit on a regular basis.

On the poker front, played the home game last night. We busted Gary in the first 15 mins ($60 bucks or 3-buyins at our NL cap game) and he took off in a huff. Hah! SOOO funny. I was up 2.5 buyins, down 1.5 buyins, and finished up $15 bucks which shall pay for my Sahla Thai lunch today. GOD BLESS SAHLA THAI.

And that's it. I hope you're as satisfied as I am.