Monday, December 18, 2006

I Got 1.5 Hours of Online Poker In This Weekend!

That's big news for me -- I'm just way too busy with work right now.

Since i'm just stupidly excited to have played online poker for a short session, here are a few notable hands which may describe my current style a bit (holy crap i'm insanely aggressive right now).

$50NL 6-max:

I'm button, MP opens for $2, MP+1 calls, I make it $6 to go with T8o.

Wait, wait, wait. I just 3-bet with T8o? What the heck? Toasty you so craaazy.

Hand O' the Week Winnnnarrr...

4-handed 6-max $50NL

I've been raising like its my job, guy on my left is aggressive but not nuts and not happy about my opening every pot 4-handed.

I'm button and open for $2 with 4h 4d, SB (Villain) raises to $7.50, I call

Flop is Jd 6s 5d
Villain leads for $8 (into a $15 pot), I make it $20 and he folds.

No, I don't show my cards online unless I really have super-air and want to tilt someone (*ahem*, Matt)

I'm not sure if the Toastmeister will stick with this crazed play (crazed compared to my previous 20/11 TAG style), but it sure is fun and certainly gets the other players all wound up.

/the donk

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