Saturday, September 30, 2006

September Poker Review

Well, it's been an interesting month in poker. I "moved up" to $100NL this month and played every hand of "serious" poker at this limit. I do play a bit of HORSE at stars, but not for stakes that mean anything as I'm still learning the games.

Here are my stats for September 2006.

Hands: 14,103
Amount Won: $569.48
PTBB/100 Hands: 2.02
Total Rake: $1,257.95
Bad Beat Jackpot Drop: $313.50

So, i'd say thats a tough month. You'll notice that Party's Bad Beat Jackpot accounts for about 1 PTBB.

FYI, those who arent poker geeks, PTBB is Poker Tracker Big Blind which is 2x$1 for $100 No Limit.

I played O.K. this month, but had quite a bit of tough suckouts against me. And, I played quite a few stupid hands costing myself considerable amounts of money. Hopefully I can remedy these things in October in order to make more money overall. Hell, if I have a really good october perhaps i'll climb out of $100 (now there's a goal!)

Bad news on the US Legislation front, sounds like those cockmunchers in Washington are going to at least make it HARD for american fish to get money online. That's bad for people like me who were hoping to earn some actual money at poker in the next year ($500/mo is not worth it at all, btw).

Here's my graph of the ups and downs from September (click the image to view the full sized one).

Monday, September 25, 2006

Permissions Revoked

To recap the state of Golf & Poker for this weekend:

Poker: +288 Friday, -- no play Saturday, -388 Sunday. Net: -$100 (ugh)

Golf: only golfed on Saturday as previously written of.

Now, on to a more serious matter...

It has come to my attention that honorary-jew Matt has turned to the dark side. Now, I don't really care what people's religions are, but that silly bastard thought he could double-dip by referring to himself with "stein" or "berg" in his last name in order to gain the benefits of being part of the jew-crew.

In hearing of his recent Saturday spent not on the golf course but instead discussing his marital affairs (see: schtupping) with other similarly old people in a Catholic setting, I am obligated to speak up. He missed GOLF!

You can't have it both ways, Matt. You're a stein or you're not.

NO JEW FOR YOU! Permissions Revoked. Turn in your yamaka.

Note to Jacky, please let Matty out of the house next weekend, we dont have many left.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Anybody Gonna Show?

Well, I knew Matt wasn't showing up this morning. It looked overcast and generally ugly but I still got out of bed, threw together a probably laughable outfit (all my golf clothes dont really fit anymore) and headed to the club at 7:30am. Harry? Where's Harry? He's on the tee sheet... nope didnt show, pussy. That 107 probably put him off his game hahaha.

Anyways, I see Bernie and not another soul. We head off down #1 under grey skies but it didn't seem like it was going to rain so all is well.

I get up and down on #1 from the fringe.
I chip in for birdie on #2.
I get up and down from #3's fringe.
I hit #4 (par 3) green and immediately know i'm 3-putting it for changing it up... yep. I hit the ball against the fence on #5, bang it away, then hit a rediculous hybrid under some branches, over some trees with a monster hook right over the pin and ALMOST drain the putt coming back.
I get up and down from the fringe on #6
My ball does a horseshoe and lips out on my birdie putt on #7
I get up and down from the fringe on #8
I DON't get up and down from the fringe on #9.

Front Nine Total: 38

I almost pitch it in on #10, make birdie.
I almost lob it in from over the right bunker on #11, make par
I double #12
I double #13 (DOH)
I leave my tee shot 20 yards short on par 3 #14 and say "Ah, this looks like another chip-in Bernie" and as I struck the ball there was never a doubt. Very Bernie-esque as it drops in.
Bogey #15 when i don't get up and down from the fringe
Hit a 7i 140 yards on Par-5 #16 into a huge headwind behind the flag 10 feet and it sucks back to 6 inches. Birdie.
Make up and down from the top left bunker on #17
Almost pitch it in from 80 yards on #18 (mark was about 4 inches off) and make my par.

Back Nine Total: 38

Yeah, pretty standard 76 folks. I had a stupid good wedge game today which makes me seriously fear the prospect of replacing it next year.

Oh, and Bernie chipped in on #17 for birdie and made a few bombs.

AND, we did it all in 3 hours. That's a hell of a game of golf and a fun Saturday.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Arrgghhhh.... I'm an IDIOT

So, i've found the goldmine of all goldmines in poker tables last night. Bunch of crazy pre-flop passive post-flop players and you drop me in the middle of it. I'm already up $200 on the night and feeling fine about the world and then I do THIS.

We're playing $155 effective stacks at 100NL

Toast raises to $4 with AQ, Guy on button (who was mostly folding to my raises but had done this before) re-raises me to $15, Toast calls it.

Flop is A62 rainbow
Toast checks, guy bets $25, Toast checkraises to $65 (wow, i'm really stupid), guy calls

Turn is a Tx
Toast pushes for the rest

Guy called me with AK and there goes my profit. Wow did I ever go on a self-hate rampage after this one folks. What a f'in donkey to get it all-in with AQ. MY GOD where did my brain go for 30 seconds.

I think i know what the problem was, I was only playing 1 table at the time and I tend to be too tricky when I'm just playing one. Normally I might lay that down pre-flop but certainly when he bets nearly pot on the flop I should be done with it.

Wow, what an idiot I am. No wonder i'm not slaughtering 100NL this month, I play solid for most of the night and then just give it all back with something stupid like this. Needless to say I shut down party and went to chill out for 30 mins. THen i came back and played great and still lost a few more bucks (snapped off a guy's bluff with QQ v AK on a J high board on the turn and he rivered his 6-outer - meh)

So yeah, was definately pissed at myself last night. Whew.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Fire And Forget

This weekend was rough on the poker-money-making front, but pretty good in terms of having a good time.

Obviously as posted previously I dropped $240 at the casino. All my major hands I played properly after my own and 2+2's review so i'm not pissed off about it.

Dropped $250 online on Saturday afternoon, couple tough beats, couple hands I couldn't get away from (not easy). Meh, happens.

Sunday I made back a whopping $60 in a quick session.

Let's talk food.

My buddy Josh is in town from Cyprus so we went for dinner on Saturday. Ended up at a local Niagara Falls sushi restaurant called Shibuki. I had a spicy tuna roll that was amazing (california style, fyi), two tuna sashimi (good), two shrimp, and two yellowfin (awesome). Highly recommended if you're around town though not particularly cheap -- not like sushi is something to cheap out on though.

Sunday I ended up at my Aunt's place. I'm not a bad cook so we whipped up a beef roast with vegetables (the roast was O.K. but not good/great), spinach salad (awesome), tomato/black olive/parmagiano risotto (really, really amazing) and pepper squash with brown sugar/maple syrup (good to very good). I drank a few pints of stella previously and had a 2004 Pelee Island Pinot Noir with the food.

So yeah, pretty good weekend for eating.

Golf I played 9 on Saturday (was too tired from the poker the night before), and 9 on Sunday with a business contact. 41 and 37. Meh.

Oh, and finally when I was at Niagara on Friday night we ALMOST got a 2/4 limit O8 game going. My god how I'd love to play O8 live now that i've picked it up a bit. Had our list up to 7 or 8 but the room won't spread it till like 10 people (bastards). I think we had our dealers sweating a bit... all they deal is hold'em there though they're supposedly trained at all the games. Reading high-low boards is something that takes a bit of getting used to.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Live Casino Poker - 1/2 NL At Casino Niagara

That's right, I took it to the B&M tonight when I had nothin else goin on for the evening. I've been meaning to go play some live poker lately since playing so much online. It really is a bit different game and I want to bolster my live skills as I'm hoping to play the higher limit games at Fallsview eventually.

Grabbed a seat at 1/2NL for $100 and off we go.

I'll go over my bigger hands quickly.

I get AcKs and raise to $7 PF from the CutOff, SB re-raises to $20 (no history with him) and I call.

Flop comes 3-middle spades and he leads for $20 into a $40 pot, I raise to $50 with my overcards and second nut flush draw, he pushes and it's only $12 back to me, I call it and he flips AA with the ace of spades, oops stepped in it there and i'm drawing VERY thin.

It's interesting to note that if he did not have the As I would have had 35% pot equity having to put $62 into $164 (2.64:1) which is way +EV. And his range was certainly Kings, QQ, JJ so I had some FE there too. Just a bit of bad luck with it being AA with the Ace of Spades.
I get 99 and flop a boat, slowplay the villain into the nut flush and get paid off for the whole stack putting me back to within $50 of even.
I make a 4 high flush and keep the pot small against a Q high flush (3 flush cards on board)
I raise to $10 with QQ, villain calls. Flop is A high, I bet $15 he raises to $30 and I dump it.
I raise to $14 after two limpers with KK ($125 effective stacks), tight passive villain calls on button, BB calls. Flop is J high, I bet $40 - villain calls, BB folds. I get the rest in on the turn and he calls with AA. KK v AA... ouch and I'm busto.

So, lost $240 total tonight. I didn't get mad at all, just sucked it up, tapped the table and took off. Wow, i'm either getting better at this poker thing mentally or i've lost all sense of value in money. Given I'll buy the brand of raisin bran which is $1 cheaper, I think it's the former.

Yeah Harry, i've got the Gamblers Anonymous website address incase you think I need it again. :) Losing is part of the game why make a big deal of it?


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Mental Side Of Poker - Losing Money

Well, I've matched my worst day of poker losses tonight. Through 1k hands (the majority lost in the first 380 or so) I dropped $350 which is 3.5 buyins at 100NL for the math challenged readers.

The last time this happened to me, I was being watched by someone in the same room, and I was pretty pissed to say the least. Losing a lot of money quickly seems to be much harder to overcome mentally than losing a buyin here and there.

So here's where the mental part comes in...

There was definately a feeling of stress and tightness rising in me as it lurched over the -$300 mark. It's pretty ugly to lose that much in like an hour of play. Fortunately, i've been here before and I remember how it felt. Dropping a buyin by stupidity the other night pissed me off far far more than losing $350 this fast so I'm really getting better. I shut down Party, stood up, went and watched TV and surfed sites for a bit after 400 hands (down $320 of it at that point). After relaxing for a few minutes I found I was ready to get back into it, and played very well for the rest of the evening ending down $30 more through a run of bad luck. KK losing to AJ pre-flop and flopping trips with 89s and having to lay it down to serious heat... just wasnt going my way.

So, I'm pretty happy that the number doesn't bother me too much anymore. I think that means I'll be able to progress up the limits as/if my bankroll grows and I'm sure it means i'm maturing as a poker player to be able to lose, avoid tilt, and re-join the game playing strong poker.

That's it for now. I wish you better luck at the tables than I had this evening. Toast OUT.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Tweaked Nipples, Golf & Poker

Friday night was Matty's stag. Not as big a crowd as we had hoped, but it was a good time anyways. I dealt a little $1/$1 blind $50NL game where the cards were generating a tonne of action. QQQ loses to a flopped 97 straight and a flush draw pays off too, AA v KK, Top Two loses to AA when the board comes running 5's, K7s wins against KQ when the board comes 3-flush right away... LOTS of action. One guy who made $120 profit had huge tells that nobody else was paying attention to for the most part... fish!

Nobody was playing craps although I had gone through the effort of hunting down a craps table, so I played a few rolls against Jon P. to get the action going. Very few people who have any gamble in them can turn down a game of dice once the action gets going so once they picked up the game, bada bing we had action. My voice actually went hoarse the next day from yelling out numbers... fun stuff. I ended up the night +$40 after expenses at the door just from my dice playing prowess so its all good. Gambling at its purest that's for sure.

While standing at the dice game, Bernie came by and gave my right nipple a reach around (no idea why)... I think my nipple gave him good luck as he turned out to be one hell of a dice shooter as he ran $20 into $240 pressing all the way. I think he lost most of it when he pressed his $240 but i can't be sure.

All in all, Matt made a few bucks I think (hope) and we definitely had a good time.

Saturday morning i crawled forth to the club where the rain had just stopped. I met Harry and we hooked up with Gary and his visitor from Scotland, Ross for a round. I shot a very straightforward 77 to come out +1 game in the Hollywoods for $2 (I never collected, meh).

Sunday morning I woke up 10 mins before my tee time, actually made it there and shot a dismal 85 -- overtired I think as I stayed up to watch Inside Man the night before. It was either rent a movie at midnight or go to the casino. I was bored what can I say.

On the poker front, I didn't play a lot this weekend but when I did it was mostly positive. My bankroll has grown by about 50% this month meaning i'm now very properly rolled for 100NL. Hopefully I don't catch the negative side of the game and came come out with a nice winning month.

Oh, and I went through Matty's new house. Very sweet. He told me the place next door is for sale but its out of my price range plus I have no want to maintain a house that big (I can't handle the small house I have now because i'm too busy).

Monday, September 04, 2006

Wet & Nasty Long Weekend

Yep, it's been ugly this weekend for the most part. Saturday I played a 9 hole morning round with Gary and Matt, shooting a "meh" 38. Nothing special here, just pars.

Fortunately, Saturday afternoon was pretty good in terms of poker, as I was up $465 at one point before taking a beat and losing $180 on a hand. 4-outer... don't need to post it, blah blah blah. I played it well and he sucked out what more is there to say.

I'm playing pretty well so far this month, spending all of my hours to this point at 100NL and showing a small profit. Having moved up for the moment, i'm paying a bit more attention to things like the quality of games i'm in -- moving quickly when a game goes from good to bad.

Sunday golf was a rainout so I spent the day working on the bathroom and playing a bit more poker.

Monday is Labour Day (thats today)... played 18 this morning and was a very smooth 44/37 :). That's stability folks.

Again on the poker issue, i'm starting to play a few of the low limit HORSE games at Stars because they're fun and i'm just learning the games. I'm still mostly a novice at the games, particularly hi-lo games, but i'm learning. I have really taken a liking to Omaha/8 and played with Matt for a bit today. Stud and Stud/8 i'm going to have trouble picking up the methods of counting the discards and generally keeping track of live outs -- short term memory on details like that are not my strong point.

And now, a fun photo.