Monday, September 11, 2006

Tweaked Nipples, Golf & Poker

Friday night was Matty's stag. Not as big a crowd as we had hoped, but it was a good time anyways. I dealt a little $1/$1 blind $50NL game where the cards were generating a tonne of action. QQQ loses to a flopped 97 straight and a flush draw pays off too, AA v KK, Top Two loses to AA when the board comes running 5's, K7s wins against KQ when the board comes 3-flush right away... LOTS of action. One guy who made $120 profit had huge tells that nobody else was paying attention to for the most part... fish!

Nobody was playing craps although I had gone through the effort of hunting down a craps table, so I played a few rolls against Jon P. to get the action going. Very few people who have any gamble in them can turn down a game of dice once the action gets going so once they picked up the game, bada bing we had action. My voice actually went hoarse the next day from yelling out numbers... fun stuff. I ended up the night +$40 after expenses at the door just from my dice playing prowess so its all good. Gambling at its purest that's for sure.

While standing at the dice game, Bernie came by and gave my right nipple a reach around (no idea why)... I think my nipple gave him good luck as he turned out to be one hell of a dice shooter as he ran $20 into $240 pressing all the way. I think he lost most of it when he pressed his $240 but i can't be sure.

All in all, Matt made a few bucks I think (hope) and we definitely had a good time.

Saturday morning i crawled forth to the club where the rain had just stopped. I met Harry and we hooked up with Gary and his visitor from Scotland, Ross for a round. I shot a very straightforward 77 to come out +1 game in the Hollywoods for $2 (I never collected, meh).

Sunday morning I woke up 10 mins before my tee time, actually made it there and shot a dismal 85 -- overtired I think as I stayed up to watch Inside Man the night before. It was either rent a movie at midnight or go to the casino. I was bored what can I say.

On the poker front, I didn't play a lot this weekend but when I did it was mostly positive. My bankroll has grown by about 50% this month meaning i'm now very properly rolled for 100NL. Hopefully I don't catch the negative side of the game and came come out with a nice winning month.

Oh, and I went through Matty's new house. Very sweet. He told me the place next door is for sale but its out of my price range plus I have no want to maintain a house that big (I can't handle the small house I have now because i'm too busy).

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