Monday, September 25, 2006

Permissions Revoked

To recap the state of Golf & Poker for this weekend:

Poker: +288 Friday, -- no play Saturday, -388 Sunday. Net: -$100 (ugh)

Golf: only golfed on Saturday as previously written of.

Now, on to a more serious matter...

It has come to my attention that honorary-jew Matt has turned to the dark side. Now, I don't really care what people's religions are, but that silly bastard thought he could double-dip by referring to himself with "stein" or "berg" in his last name in order to gain the benefits of being part of the jew-crew.

In hearing of his recent Saturday spent not on the golf course but instead discussing his marital affairs (see: schtupping) with other similarly old people in a Catholic setting, I am obligated to speak up. He missed GOLF!

You can't have it both ways, Matt. You're a stein or you're not.

NO JEW FOR YOU! Permissions Revoked. Turn in your yamaka.

Note to Jacky, please let Matty out of the house next weekend, we dont have many left.

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Harris said...

No jew for you Matt.