Saturday, September 23, 2006

Anybody Gonna Show?

Well, I knew Matt wasn't showing up this morning. It looked overcast and generally ugly but I still got out of bed, threw together a probably laughable outfit (all my golf clothes dont really fit anymore) and headed to the club at 7:30am. Harry? Where's Harry? He's on the tee sheet... nope didnt show, pussy. That 107 probably put him off his game hahaha.

Anyways, I see Bernie and not another soul. We head off down #1 under grey skies but it didn't seem like it was going to rain so all is well.

I get up and down on #1 from the fringe.
I chip in for birdie on #2.
I get up and down from #3's fringe.
I hit #4 (par 3) green and immediately know i'm 3-putting it for changing it up... yep. I hit the ball against the fence on #5, bang it away, then hit a rediculous hybrid under some branches, over some trees with a monster hook right over the pin and ALMOST drain the putt coming back.
I get up and down from the fringe on #6
My ball does a horseshoe and lips out on my birdie putt on #7
I get up and down from the fringe on #8
I DON't get up and down from the fringe on #9.

Front Nine Total: 38

I almost pitch it in on #10, make birdie.
I almost lob it in from over the right bunker on #11, make par
I double #12
I double #13 (DOH)
I leave my tee shot 20 yards short on par 3 #14 and say "Ah, this looks like another chip-in Bernie" and as I struck the ball there was never a doubt. Very Bernie-esque as it drops in.
Bogey #15 when i don't get up and down from the fringe
Hit a 7i 140 yards on Par-5 #16 into a huge headwind behind the flag 10 feet and it sucks back to 6 inches. Birdie.
Make up and down from the top left bunker on #17
Almost pitch it in from 80 yards on #18 (mark was about 4 inches off) and make my par.

Back Nine Total: 38

Yeah, pretty standard 76 folks. I had a stupid good wedge game today which makes me seriously fear the prospect of replacing it next year.

Oh, and Bernie chipped in on #17 for birdie and made a few bombs.

AND, we did it all in 3 hours. That's a hell of a game of golf and a fun Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness marriage classes are over...I'll get to join you boys next weekend.

Harris said...

I figure ending my year with a 107 was a good way to show just how well i played this year. I'll be out again on saturday, aslong as it's not to cold.