Monday, September 18, 2006

Fire And Forget

This weekend was rough on the poker-money-making front, but pretty good in terms of having a good time.

Obviously as posted previously I dropped $240 at the casino. All my major hands I played properly after my own and 2+2's review so i'm not pissed off about it.

Dropped $250 online on Saturday afternoon, couple tough beats, couple hands I couldn't get away from (not easy). Meh, happens.

Sunday I made back a whopping $60 in a quick session.

Let's talk food.

My buddy Josh is in town from Cyprus so we went for dinner on Saturday. Ended up at a local Niagara Falls sushi restaurant called Shibuki. I had a spicy tuna roll that was amazing (california style, fyi), two tuna sashimi (good), two shrimp, and two yellowfin (awesome). Highly recommended if you're around town though not particularly cheap -- not like sushi is something to cheap out on though.

Sunday I ended up at my Aunt's place. I'm not a bad cook so we whipped up a beef roast with vegetables (the roast was O.K. but not good/great), spinach salad (awesome), tomato/black olive/parmagiano risotto (really, really amazing) and pepper squash with brown sugar/maple syrup (good to very good). I drank a few pints of stella previously and had a 2004 Pelee Island Pinot Noir with the food.

So yeah, pretty good weekend for eating.

Golf I played 9 on Saturday (was too tired from the poker the night before), and 9 on Sunday with a business contact. 41 and 37. Meh.

Oh, and finally when I was at Niagara on Friday night we ALMOST got a 2/4 limit O8 game going. My god how I'd love to play O8 live now that i've picked it up a bit. Had our list up to 7 or 8 but the room won't spread it till like 10 people (bastards). I think we had our dealers sweating a bit... all they deal is hold'em there though they're supposedly trained at all the games. Reading high-low boards is something that takes a bit of getting used to.

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