Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Arrgghhhh.... I'm an IDIOT

So, i've found the goldmine of all goldmines in poker tables last night. Bunch of crazy pre-flop passive post-flop players and you drop me in the middle of it. I'm already up $200 on the night and feeling fine about the world and then I do THIS.

We're playing $155 effective stacks at 100NL

Toast raises to $4 with AQ, Guy on button (who was mostly folding to my raises but had done this before) re-raises me to $15, Toast calls it.

Flop is A62 rainbow
Toast checks, guy bets $25, Toast checkraises to $65 (wow, i'm really stupid), guy calls

Turn is a Tx
Toast pushes for the rest

Guy called me with AK and there goes my profit. Wow did I ever go on a self-hate rampage after this one folks. What a f'in donkey to get it all-in with AQ. MY GOD where did my brain go for 30 seconds.

I think i know what the problem was, I was only playing 1 table at the time and I tend to be too tricky when I'm just playing one. Normally I might lay that down pre-flop but certainly when he bets nearly pot on the flop I should be done with it.

Wow, what an idiot I am. No wonder i'm not slaughtering 100NL this month, I play solid for most of the night and then just give it all back with something stupid like this. Needless to say I shut down party and went to chill out for 30 mins. THen i came back and played great and still lost a few more bucks (snapped off a guy's bluff with QQ v AK on a J high board on the turn and he rivered his 6-outer - meh)

So yeah, was definately pissed at myself last night. Whew.

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