Saturday, September 16, 2006

Live Casino Poker - 1/2 NL At Casino Niagara

That's right, I took it to the B&M tonight when I had nothin else goin on for the evening. I've been meaning to go play some live poker lately since playing so much online. It really is a bit different game and I want to bolster my live skills as I'm hoping to play the higher limit games at Fallsview eventually.

Grabbed a seat at 1/2NL for $100 and off we go.

I'll go over my bigger hands quickly.

I get AcKs and raise to $7 PF from the CutOff, SB re-raises to $20 (no history with him) and I call.

Flop comes 3-middle spades and he leads for $20 into a $40 pot, I raise to $50 with my overcards and second nut flush draw, he pushes and it's only $12 back to me, I call it and he flips AA with the ace of spades, oops stepped in it there and i'm drawing VERY thin.

It's interesting to note that if he did not have the As I would have had 35% pot equity having to put $62 into $164 (2.64:1) which is way +EV. And his range was certainly Kings, QQ, JJ so I had some FE there too. Just a bit of bad luck with it being AA with the Ace of Spades.
I get 99 and flop a boat, slowplay the villain into the nut flush and get paid off for the whole stack putting me back to within $50 of even.
I make a 4 high flush and keep the pot small against a Q high flush (3 flush cards on board)
I raise to $10 with QQ, villain calls. Flop is A high, I bet $15 he raises to $30 and I dump it.
I raise to $14 after two limpers with KK ($125 effective stacks), tight passive villain calls on button, BB calls. Flop is J high, I bet $40 - villain calls, BB folds. I get the rest in on the turn and he calls with AA. KK v AA... ouch and I'm busto.

So, lost $240 total tonight. I didn't get mad at all, just sucked it up, tapped the table and took off. Wow, i'm either getting better at this poker thing mentally or i've lost all sense of value in money. Given I'll buy the brand of raisin bran which is $1 cheaper, I think it's the former.

Yeah Harry, i've got the Gamblers Anonymous website address incase you think I need it again. :) Losing is part of the game why make a big deal of it?


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