Monday, September 04, 2006

Wet & Nasty Long Weekend

Yep, it's been ugly this weekend for the most part. Saturday I played a 9 hole morning round with Gary and Matt, shooting a "meh" 38. Nothing special here, just pars.

Fortunately, Saturday afternoon was pretty good in terms of poker, as I was up $465 at one point before taking a beat and losing $180 on a hand. 4-outer... don't need to post it, blah blah blah. I played it well and he sucked out what more is there to say.

I'm playing pretty well so far this month, spending all of my hours to this point at 100NL and showing a small profit. Having moved up for the moment, i'm paying a bit more attention to things like the quality of games i'm in -- moving quickly when a game goes from good to bad.

Sunday golf was a rainout so I spent the day working on the bathroom and playing a bit more poker.

Monday is Labour Day (thats today)... played 18 this morning and was a very smooth 44/37 :). That's stability folks.

Again on the poker issue, i'm starting to play a few of the low limit HORSE games at Stars because they're fun and i'm just learning the games. I'm still mostly a novice at the games, particularly hi-lo games, but i'm learning. I have really taken a liking to Omaha/8 and played with Matt for a bit today. Stud and Stud/8 i'm going to have trouble picking up the methods of counting the discards and generally keeping track of live outs -- short term memory on details like that are not my strong point.

And now, a fun photo.

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