Saturday, September 30, 2006

September Poker Review

Well, it's been an interesting month in poker. I "moved up" to $100NL this month and played every hand of "serious" poker at this limit. I do play a bit of HORSE at stars, but not for stakes that mean anything as I'm still learning the games.

Here are my stats for September 2006.

Hands: 14,103
Amount Won: $569.48
PTBB/100 Hands: 2.02
Total Rake: $1,257.95
Bad Beat Jackpot Drop: $313.50

So, i'd say thats a tough month. You'll notice that Party's Bad Beat Jackpot accounts for about 1 PTBB.

FYI, those who arent poker geeks, PTBB is Poker Tracker Big Blind which is 2x$1 for $100 No Limit.

I played O.K. this month, but had quite a bit of tough suckouts against me. And, I played quite a few stupid hands costing myself considerable amounts of money. Hopefully I can remedy these things in October in order to make more money overall. Hell, if I have a really good october perhaps i'll climb out of $100 (now there's a goal!)

Bad news on the US Legislation front, sounds like those cockmunchers in Washington are going to at least make it HARD for american fish to get money online. That's bad for people like me who were hoping to earn some actual money at poker in the next year ($500/mo is not worth it at all, btw).

Here's my graph of the ups and downs from September (click the image to view the full sized one).


Harris said...

your even more addicted that i thought.

Greg said...

Dude - 14,000 hands of poke in a month?

Addicted? Understatement? Whoa!!

hmmm... in a bit of irony, the word verification for this comment is, "okezmuey" which ie pretty close to, "ok ez money"

Go get it Harris!!


Greg said...

What am I smokin'... I meant Toast :/