Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year, Golf & Poker Fans

Hi Folks,

Wanted to wish all of you a happy new year.

In 2008, may all your drives be straight and long, all your first putts drop, win the big pots and lose the small ones -- just not against me for any of it.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Party Poker Comes A Callin

I guess I used to be a good customer of Party Poker. In fact, I know they made more off my early poker exploits than I do. A few months back they deposited $40 in my account to donk around with with a cashout restriction. I ran that up to $200 at blackjack, $400 at poker, then went on a brutal streak and the account went busto. Meh who cares.

Two days ago I get a $200 deposit from Dikshit and friends. That's more like it. I load up a new Party client, and sit on two tables of 50NL while watching the Jason Bourne series front to back (not bad at all to watch them in order and I hadn't seen Bourne Supremacy yet). Ran my $200 into $275. Wow, whopping big money.

Anyways, I drank constantly from 12 noon through 10:30pm yesterday for a holiday thingy so naturally when I get home I load up two tables of $50NL again. Now, for some reason I don't think drinking and Party Poker mix. My $275 became $220 with my last hand being my checkraising with nothing (AJs) on a late position pre-flop raiser on an 8 high flop and him pushing. GRrrr.

Well that put me on tilt for some reason. Drinking and PartyPoker do not mix.

So I say ok $200 is bs and there's no chance i'm clearing their 2400 partypoints cashout requirement in the next week (over xmas, yeah im jewish but that's unpossible) for this $200 so might as well turn it into some real money. I do what all stupid people do when they're looking to move up or get out... I took that money to blackjack.

Party Blackjack has been mostly good to me. I say mostly because I'm actually ahead on the damn thing but have had some natural crazy blackjack swings. So I start off with $20 playing $1 a hand... this did not keep my interest long. Soon it became $5 a hand and my $20 was gone. Hmm, Naturally I load the rest of it and keep playing $5 a hand. Party's rigged-ness was evident as the dealer soon went on a sick run to turn his wicked 3,4,5,6 upcards into 20's and 21's on a routine basis. Damn You Dikshit. So I have $150 now -- party's money and I need to get even so I bet $50 of it.

Dealer shows: K
I show: 15


Yeah, lost that one. FSCK. So I decide I'm bored of Party Blackjack and I do what all intelligent people would do. Put the rest down on the table. And yeah, I lost. Another Party Credit busto.

The moral of the story is, don't drink and Party.

As a side note, for those of us who are smarter than I am, you might want to head on over and read a couple casino articles to figure out optimal strategy. Hopefully Party throws me a couple hundo more so I can use what I learned.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I Follow The Leader - 2007 Golf Season In Review

And the leader in this case is Matt in his 2007 Golf Season In Review post.

Normally at this post in the year, I take this time out to make fun of the bullshit numbers he comes up with for driving distance and such. Fact is, Matt is now legitimately one club longer than I am on all iron shots. He's also better at grinding than I am. In fact, he's a better rounded player than I am. I say this with no sarcasm (like I usually do). The guy is pretty decent at the game.

I don't keep accurate stats, so i'll go off the cuff and give the rundown on how my game changed this season.

Handicap: 2 -- down from a 6 end of last season -- I improved

Driving: about the same

Putting: far better this season -- taylormade rossa blade replaced my old zebra -- what a difference for $40 bucks :) I had days out there where I made literally everything.

Wedges: worse this year -- need new ones still. I was crap with the short irons for the most part.

Chipping: worse this year -- made nothing and wasn't as good as in the past -- needs practice and new wedges for spin control

Irons: solid with my blades. I might move toward a game improvement / players iron cross now that I'm confident I can strike the ball with a player's club, we'll see. I am a fairly solid ball striker now.

Playing under stress/pressure: much better. Won the Langley Cup low-handicap match play tournament & shot 69 this year. Both of which used to be hard for me to pull through on mentally. General attitude of "If I screw up so be it life goes on so let's try my best" actually seems to work for me. Totally different than Matt's grinding and self-hatred during bad periods. This might be helped by my having taken lots of beats at poker tables.

Accomplishments: Won Langley Cup, Shot 69 from the Tips, played a lot of emotionless golf

Shore up my weak spots (chipping, wedges) and improve consistency with the good ones (driver,irons,putter).
Keep playing emotionless golf -- seems to work.
Consider playing Men's Tour (undecided)
DO NOT play Niagara Cup matches unless major changes occur in format -- unlikely. No tryout, no substitutions, nothing. Done with it as it stands. Total BS.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hannukah Is Coming...

Who's bringing the kosher ham? It's on sale as seen below.


Yes i'm Jewish.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poker is Rough Baby So I Bought A PS3

These days poker is rough on me. I'm not playing too badly actually but I'm getting some ass-end of variance a bit through a short sample. The biggest problem i'm having is that when I do play I'm getting stuck early and often and trying to play my way out of the hole. The only things stopping me are my 3 buy-in loss cap, being falling-asleep tired where my game is clearly off or climbing out of the hole. Sadly climbing out is not happening often enough.

So, in place of my hold'em craziness i've picked up PLO at a lower limit. Fun game that PLO is... action action action. I'm breaking about even at it so far but learning the equity calculations quickly -- running all the hands I think are close through

Instead of going through the poker ups and downs quite so much, I purchased a new PS3 at the advice of my friend Josh. Assassins Creed is awesome, Call of Duty 4 is awesome... and the system looks bloody sick on my 24" widescreen LCD in 1080p. I'm happy with my time-wasting right now let's just say that.

Will report back on funky new happenings. I might be a bit short on golf & poker these days but I'll be sure to post some entertaining stuff for y'all to check out.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Restaurant Review: Heart Attack Grill

My last update mentioned i was in Cininnatti and Phoenix the last few weeks... I didn't get into much detail... I was watching Godfather Part 2 while I typed it out. While in Phoenix, after my round at Karsten, a client of ours recommended we all go for dinner at Heart Attack Grill.

For those who haven't heard of it, Heart Attack Grill is a place in Phoenix serving Burgers, Fries, Beer & Smokes. LOL. It has received a lot of press from multiple countries and even national attention in the states. Yeah, it's counter to the whole healthy eating movement going on right now -- and that's the point.

Advertised as "Taste Worth Dying For", the Heart Attack grill serves burgers in the Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple Bypass variety. It's fries are cooked in... you guessed it... LARD. Yeah, i was on a diet before going on this business trip... it had to be put "on hold" shall we say.

Arriving at the restaurant, i was greeted to a building which appears to be an old dairy queen or something similar. Usually our corporate customers are fairly "up there" in terms of income so I knew we weren't here for the food. We were greeted by our waitress who was dressed in a Naughty Nurses outfit. You can check out some pics over at the restaurant's Blog. The guys in the kitchen wear orderly's (sp?) outfits and generally it has a clean, but somehow dirty feel to it. This is the sort of place a bunch of dirty poker bloggers would LOVE. Shouts out to the likes of Dr. Pauly and AlCantHang for this restaurant is truly one made for them.

Our associates were already there drinking bottles of coke (note, bottles, not fountain drinks), beer and such on the patio and indicated that my only menu choice was a double bypass with fries. The burger arrived shortly after and... well... it's huge. I was the only one to finish it, and they all looked at me with a mix of awe and disgust as their puny digestive systems only allowed them to eat half in most cases. I skipped the fries though, just picked at a few.

I am told that orders of a triple bypass or more will garner you a ride in their famous wheelchair pushed to your car by their naughty nurses. I'll keep the two arteries I have left, thanks.

The heart attack grill's food was pretty tasty -- good not great, sort of a once every 6 month crash off the ole' diet wagon if I lived anywhere near it. I recommend White Spot in western canada for better tasting burgers, but definitely the wait staff isn't anywhere near as attractive nor skimpily clothed.

Hit it up folks. It'll probably be a one-time visit for most of you, but it's worth trying for sure. Kudos to the entrepreneur behind the restaurant for knowing how to get cheap (free) press too through tonnes of bad publicity.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Travel, Beer, and Golf

Well, i've been on the road the last couple weeks trying to pickle my liver -- here's the details.

Little cardplaying was done as I travelled to Cincinatti for 4 days. We ate, we drank, we did some business. Typical tradeshow stuff. This past week I spent in Phoenix, AZ and was able to get out for a round at the ASU Karsten golf course. Unfortunately we played in a scramble format as is typical of corporate golf tournaments but I was pretty stellar and singlehandedly put our team in 2nd place -- in the money.

This is one of the more benign Pete Dye courses i've played with only two or three truly diabolical holes. The 9th and 18th stand out for me as two of the better ones. It's a fair course and was unfortuntately in its overseeding season so the greens were a bit bumpy when I visited.

If you haven't yet, go read Matt's review of Oakmont Country Club, which I unfortunately missed as per my past post. I'm going to regret that one for bit but it had to be done. Steps are being taken to ensure I never have to miss this sort of thing again but you'll have to stick with me.

Oh, and finally I did get to see the Phoenix Coyotes kick the crap out of the Dallas Stars in Phoenix (5-2). Somehow we snuck into Club Level and enjoyed copious amounts of shitty american beer. I would like to give a recommendation for those of y'all visiting the Cincinnatti area to head across to Kentucky and visit Hofbrauhaus -- great german beer and atmosphere.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Green With Envy

Well, here's the thing. This weekend is likely the last weekend of decent weather here in the great white north, so I had to go play golf even though the weather wasn't perfect. Saturday played 9 holes and quit for breakfast with Harry, today I couldn't get out of bed, looked too cold out. Though when I did wake up at 11, it looked beautiful. DAMNIT. So I guess I missed out on some golf.

Now, on to the real meat of this post. Because of a prior booked business happening, I am missing out on playing Oakmont. THE Oakmont. Now, if this were Augusta I swore to Harry i'd have quit my job to play it but this is Oakmont, which isn't tooooo far behind.

Now, a bit of irony which I did neglect to mention to anyone. Originally my trip was scheduled Monday to Thursday this upcoming week. That means i'd be flying on Oakmont day so couldn't swing it. The Oakmont trip came up, my tickets were booked... I'm screwed. Well what did they do last week? They moved my flight to TUESDAY to Friday. Yep, could have played Oak-bloody-mont. Fortunately I met a member at my club yesterday who might have some connections so I might not have missed out on a life experience permanently here. Still, sucks. I briefly thought of poisoning Jon who got my spot for Oakmont last night at the party but decided against.

Gotta get a camera to take a pic of my new Langley Cup award for winning the club's low-handicap match play tourney. Will post that when I get my first opportunity.

Peace out.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Live Cards & Golf This Weekend

Friday afternoon I had the unusual urge to go play cards live @ the casino. Normally I'm happy to sit in the luxury of my office and play a couple tables online but when the urge the play live comes up, well, I've gotta do it.

So I make my way to the bank machine, withdraw $300 and figure I'll go play whatever the highest game they had running at Casino Niagara. Turns out they had 1/2NL, 2/5NL and 2/5 limit. Naturally I picked the no-limit and spent the next HOUR waiting for a seat. BAH, I hate waiting to play poker. At this point I was seriously hating myself for taking my action away from online but then they call me for 1/2. I think they screwed up my 2/5 seat (surprise) as I never got a call even later for it.

I get a seat in the game I was watching from the rail. Fantastic table! Lots of loose pre-flop calling and lots of calling down. My first hand I fold, then proceed to watch seat 2 and seat 7 go to war. They build a $200 pot and 7 calls the $70 on the river with... yep... Ace King high. And naturally he wins. Good table.

My first big hand I get QQ in BB, 4 limpers to me and I raise to $12. 3 callers. Pot is $50.

Flop is 678 all spades ( I don't have the Q spades ). I reach for my chips (all $85 left) and notice the guy on my left is grabbing his already. Tell? haha. Anyways, I work through it in my head what my odds are versus the Ace of Spades, and I figure we're coin flipping 50/50 (he's actually slightly ahead). I bet $45 and he calls. Turn is ace offsuit, I put the rest of my ($40) chips in on that ugly card hoping the silly bastard had K high, nope. River is the Queen of spades. I don't think I can get away from this hand given the short stacks and big pot on the flop. Push the flop, he's still got odds. Check the flop and he bets, I've got odds. There's no way I can see to make them make a mistake except if I check and they check behind, but then I let the spades out there draw free. Ugly hand. Maybe i'm a donk and am missing something.

I double up with AA v KQ on a K high flop later, then lose $10 when I called the donk on my right's raise PF with 33 (we were deep enough) only to have the button push. AA > QQ > 33.

In another hand, I limp TT UTG (nobody folds at this table). Guy on my left raises to $5 (first time he's done that), folded to button who raises to $25. I think for a few and fold, guy on my left calls. Flop is T22, Turn T, River blank. Button shows AK, guy on left shows A7. Sigh, if it werent for the confusing raise of the dude behind me I might have peeled but as played at full ring I think my line is OK.

I finish the game down $70 after 4 hours. I'd like to note that auto-shufflers make live poker far far better. It was worth playing, and I'll probably go again when bored one evening.

In golf news, I played like poo on saturday shooting 84 and losing no less than SIX hollywood games (-$12). I didn't win or tie ONE. On Sunday I played a bit better, shooting 77 but making no skins (-$10) and losing FIVE hollywood games (-$10). Yeah, bad weekend for wagering.

That's it. Hopefully we'll get another nice weekend of weather, this one was beautiful. Scary nice for late October. Golf's definitely winding down with the season but i'll be playing until it snows as usual.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Absolute Poker Scandal

So it seems that the folks at Absolute Poker have a "god account" to see everyone's cards and someone used its benefits to win a recent major tournament. Unfortunately for Absolute, it seems the geeks have figured this out through some snooping around. This is not 100% verified, since few things on the 'Net are, but the evidence is pretty damning.

Dean covers it at his blog. Check out the absolute poker cheater story here. It seems some Internet Poker might be rigged after all. But that's not to say that all sites are bad.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Golf, Hockey & Poker -- All This Weekend!

Saturday morning I joined Matt for some golf at the club. We both played horribly and quit after 9 for breakfast. 2 eggs over easy, rye toast, hash browns & coffee for the win.

In the afternoon, I played a bit of online poker (losing a bit) and then Matt & I took off to Buffalo for the Sabres/Capitals game. We grabbed some sick wings before the game and it was a fun evening overall. Sabres won 7-3. Check out Matt's buffalo sabres blog.

Now, today, Sunday, is where it gets weird. I go out for a round with the usual guys this morning and I play relatively not bad firing a 75 off the blue tees (that sicko Matt was 2 under). Won a skin for a $10 profit. Yay. Then the plan was to come home to play the PokerStars Blogger Freeroll (40k in prizes, siiick). Well, that didn't last long which is both a blessing and a curse.

2 major hands to discuss:

Table is aggressive with 3-bet seemingly normal. The blinds at $50/$100 and I have $9500, Villain covers.
I open AKo in MP for $300, folded to BB who re-pops to $750. I call. Flop is a nice dry J-6-2 rainbow. Villain bets $1k into a $1500 pot, I pop it to $3k. He pauses a few seconds before pushing and I fold.

I'm not sure i'd play this hand any differently if I did it again, I like the line and I think if he doesn't have a huge pair I'm taking this down most of the time, comments welcome.


Table is still the same, blinds are $100/$200. I have KK in SB with $6500 chips. MP opens for $600, two callers in the middle. I raise to $2200. MP says "Not getting away with that." so obviously my play looks exactly like a squeeze/steal. He calls, button calls.

Flop is 8-8-6 two spades. Perfect. I push for my remaining $4.5k into a $6.5k pot. He runs his time down, runs his extra time down 30 seconds and calls. Button folds and I flip my KK. He flips 55.

Naturally he catches his two outer and i'm busto within the first hundred or so players gone of 1337 runners. I typed in gg, chuckled to myself and didn't sweat it. He said "sorry" into the window and I closed PokerStars. Meh, hurts more when it's real money.


OK, so I'm itching to play cards and the tourney gave me no satisfaction, so I open a PLHE $50 table at FTP. Naturally I get stuck almost 2 buyins vs. the greatest maniac in the history of the world. 60/30/2 stats and he keeps catching on me. Going to be a looong afternoon. I get back to +$10 and then go down to -$75. Grr. Meanwhile the table is crazy.

I double through the maniac to be at $100, maniac covers, guy on my left covers (he's pretty good and tough, I'll call him GOTL). Then this one happens....

Let me set this up by mentioning that the hand previous I open AKs on Button, guy on my left calls, and then SB who is tight tight tight 3-bets. I fold guy on the left folds.

I get QQ in the next hand. I open again, GOTL calls, the BB calls.
Flop is Q 4 2 all clubs.
I fire pot ($5), GOTL raises to $16, BB folds and I try and decide whether to push or call. GOTL can do this with a bare ace of clubs and that's what I stick him on. I call fully willing to fold to a turn club but planning to check raise all in.
Turn is a beautiful Ace of Spades. I check to GOTL and after a short deliberation he bets $22 into a $35ish pot. I follow through my check raise and put my chips in. It's $72 or so back to him, basically a pot sized bet.
He lets his time run down and takes his extra time. He finally calls and flips over his.... 68 clubs! SHIT*(@#$*@(#$*@#

I don't know whether he legitimately put me on Ax of clubs or was just a slowrolling bastard but my yelling at my computer made the girlfriend walk out of the kitchen to see what's going on. The dealer then peels off an Ace on the river giving me the boat and bad-beating my associate. Sure, I had some outs but got my money in super-bad here. He deserves it if he's slowrolling though.

$224 pot at 50PL, ship it.

I took a few more bucks off the maniac and quit +$100 or so.

Then i remember that Party gave me $40 in credits. There's no way I can play 320 raked hands for PartyPoints with $40 at Party to clear it so I naturally turn to blackjack. House's money, I don't care.

I run that $40 into $200 at blackjack. So yeah, now I have money on Party. Wee.

How's that for a weekend?

Friday, October 12, 2007

I Still Hate Tournaments

.... but I'm actually not bad at them...

Case in point. I'm working on some stuff for my business tonight and decide I can multitask so fire up a little Full Tilt. For some reason the PLO and NL games aren't calling my name so I go and check out the tournaments which I NEVER do. I notice in my cashier that I have a $26 tournament token that I won playing a $6+.50 Double Heads Up SnG when I mistakenly took it for a cash HU game. A $24+2 NLHE tourney is starting in 18 minutes... so... I decide to burn my token and off we go.

I won't give you the play by play because I'm boring enough to read, but the overall tournament had 1185 players for a prize pool of $28.5k. Well, that's worth winning and the first hour is straightforward 2+2 poker anyways so i can focus on my work and hardly pay attention.

I survived the first and second hours with an above average chipstack before getting knocked down to average when i raised and continuation bet the flop in position to have the SB push on me (I had zippo natch). I became a short stack (M=3-5) but survived into the money (top 180) in the 3rd hour.

I get down to the last 35 players in the early fourth hour and look down upon JJ in early position. With my stack at 68k and the 3000/6000 750 ante blinds growing, I'm looking to double up to make a final table and I'm NOT folding JJ with M=4. I raise to 22k, Button pushes, and I call. He flips aces and I'm sent packing with a whole $103. *$@!


Anyhoo, so that's as close as I came to making an easy $5k the donkament way. Will be sticking to the cash tables me thinks.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Barry Greenstein Is A Super Guy

Again, I would like to state how awesome a guy Barry Greenstein is.

Following up my now famous (google loves me for the search term) LOL Donkaments post which covered Barry's mention of the Internet lingo on High Stakes Poker and the ensuing charity drive for Childrens Inc. in 2+2 BBV Forum, he gives a shout out to BBV on Poker After Dark in last night's episode.

You can check it out at NBC's site. Click Wednesday Segment 4. Will post it when it gets youtube'd by someone with more time on their hands than I.

Seriously, the guy is a consummate professional. He isn't a media whore, he isn't a jerk, he just goes about his business of playing cards for a living and being a winner in life. Good for you, sir.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Annoying WSOP & Lucky You Movie Review

I admit it, I watch a bit of poker on PokerTube. There's squat you can learn about poker from the televised crap, but it's sort of entertaining and so I watch when bored.

The amount of God references in this show, combined with Khan's antics... wow... tilt inducing. Was it Watkinson's wife throwing out prayers against Yang's church group table side? It's like battle of the Jesus freaks with a monkey boy thrown in.

I'm sure Khan and Yang are actually very nice people when they're not on TV, but they're bloody annoying on ESPN. I'd rather listen to Phil Hellmuth discuss his poker accomplishments from beginning to end while having my fingernails pulled out like that scene in Syriana than this shit.


I would also like to touch on the movie Lucky You which I guess was supposed to be released back when the poker boom was really in full stride. Well, it's awful and should have been burned. It has a lot of cameo's from today's top TV pros, even has quite a few real gambling stories built into it, but the acting... oh sweet god the acting... (see there's god popping up again, goddamnit). Eric Bana who was actually decent in Munich and Drew Barrymore who I don't mind in most stuff... so... fucking... awful. Seriously I think Keanu might have been brought in to give this guy acting lessons because his lines are absolutely forced and the story sucks too.

Barrymore plays a dumbshit who can't act to a tee and is not given too much screen time thankfully because this character is awful -- she isnt really this bad normally by any means. Nobody cares about their relationship because both are so poorly developed we don't like or care about either. Robert Duvall is actually decent in this movie, but can't carry it. The poker is shite as usual and the story swings from Huck (Bana) selling his mother's ring for $150 to him playing the highest game at Bellagio with $30k+ in a single evening. Yeah, heater I guess.

If by chance the movie comes on your home theatre for free -- as it did mine, then go ahead and kill 2 hours of your existance, but DO NOT pay money to watch this gigantic lump of shit that they smeared into a DVD. If you miss out on Lucky You entirely, count your blessings... you're the one that should feel lucky.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Well, I Was Supposed To Golf This Weekend

In truth, I was supposed to golf 3 days this long weekend in Canada. It didn't happen that way though.

When I named golf + poker (this fine, fine site you're reading), I recognized the balance of passions I feel for the games. In the spring summer, I obsess over golf and turn off the poker, and vice versa in the fall/winter. It keeps me sane to always have a game I love to play and they seem complimentary in seasons though we know poker runs all year long in truth. My time away from work is never without a game to play, and that's pretty cool.

So, this weekend I was supposed to play with Harry & Matt at Legends Usshers Creek saturday morning, then the club on sunday and monday morning.

Saturday I headed out with Harry to play Usshers. Matt dropped out at the last minute due to a doctors appointment. So there we are a two-some at 7:45 and we start playing a little match, of course. Harry has me 3 down after 6 and I'm hoping like hell to turn it around. I gain some traction and get it back to E after 13, then i'm one down, then even again. I win 16 with a good par vs. Harry's double. On 17, a long par 4, I get my ball in two down to ~70 yards through a goofy tee shot into the fescue area and a punch out of that. Harry's on in two. I hit my pitch 30 feet past the pin leaving a downhill right to left breaker and Harry just misses out for birdie and I give him the par putt. Well, wouldn't you know it, I drain this HUGE putt to go into 18 1 UP with 1 to go. Harry hits a drive left and hits an amazing shot out of some trouble onto the green.. awesome shot. My drive right leaves me a tough lie from fescue again, and I know I have to hit it up and over some trees, right to left draw, and land it soft on the green with a 3 iron. HA! Well, I think I would have had it if the fescue didn't compromise my club's contact. I put it in the water, Harry made his par and we tie. Neither of us played very well, I was 83 my first time out there but it was fun and we had almost no holdups and perfect weather.

Sunday I arrived at the club with the rain falling and having had done so for a few hours at least. I see Bernie, I see Dave G, and that's about it. Turns out Bernie has a 4-some, Dave G has Jon P and Terry M show up as well. Matt doesn't show, and I consider why I did either. I decide i'd rather sleep than play golf in this (Not exactly golf starved this season) and I head home.

And right now it's Monday morning. I'm not on the golf course, but I should be. Turns out that my alarm clock wailing at me could not break through the cloud of beer and wine and the triptophan from the turkey on Sunday night. Damn, looking out the window the weather couldn't be better and I missed my tee time by a long shot. Oh well maybe i'll go play 9 later.

No big news on the poker front. Still planning to play a lot more in the fall/winter and haven't yet flipped the switch. I did have to explain LOL DONKAMENTS to the girlfriend yesterday though which isn't as easy as one might expect.


Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm Playing PokerStars 40k Blogger Freeroll

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 9143080

Sunday, September 30, 2007

8 Birdies & The Langley Cup Result

Last year I began golf season as a 4-5 handicap and was at one point an 8. Getting worse in golf means either I'm not serious about the game, or I'm not mentally with it. In any case, last year I got worse at golf. And that's pretty depressing when golf is about the only "sport" you play.

This year has been different. I think I'm mentally stronger and my swing has become more fluid and therefore more reliable. My handicap dropped from a 6 to a two, which is pretty much the best I've ever been at the game. Most improved has been my ability to bounce back from a bad event (see: double bogey) and follow it with a good one. I still suck at stroke play (club championships) but that might be saying something about me mentally. Keep in mind I can't play poker tournaments well either... don't like not having instant gratification or something.

And so this year I'm better. I have a couple sub par rounds including a career best 69 (-3) from the tips at the home course, and as of this morning, I am the low-handicap division match play champion at my course -- the langley cup.

In truth, I realize our little internal club events don't register to outsiders, but to our golf members, and particularly my golf group (all good players) it's a sought after title. I'm pretty psyched about winning it. Matt says i should expect a nice piece of crystal for the house in recognition. I'll post a pic when that happens. Yes, Harry is playing st. georges today, so it's really debatable who's having a better weekend. That Prick.

Stats from this weekend. I had 5 birdies yesterday including 4 on our 5 par 3's to shoot 75 from the blue tees. Today I was just fairly solid all the way around (except the first hole, naturally) and made 3 birdies on the way to a 73 from the black tees. 8 birdies in a weekend is pretty sweet for a hacker like me.

Thanks to Andy for making the round enjoyable even though he didn't have his best game on. No, he didn't complain about his back or elbow, Harry. Sorry to disappoint.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back From Out West - Miss Me?

No, didn't play much in the way of golf out west. I played 18 holes in Calgary at a place I don't remember the name of at the moment -- was like 2 weeks ago, and yeah i have a crap memory, so what. It was a nice track, lots of rolling hills and fescue with a mountain view on most holes. Very cool. I shot a craptastic 84. Had zero touch this day, but did hit the flagstick from 145 on one hole so wasn't too far gone.

In Vancouver, I played a fun little course with my buddy G. He and his friends aren't avid golfers like my 'crew' but they enjoy the game and hack it around OK. We just played 9 holes but I birdied the last two to shoot even par. Honestly, I play enough golf and was just happy to be out west having a good time with good friends during my week off. I know that's almost blasphemy among my golfing readers who demand top quality golf courses but that's just the way it is.

Played one little home game of poker which G organized when I was there. You know the typical $20 tournament sort of thing. Naturally I lost both games :) One as a 3:1 fave pre-flop and the other bluffing off my chips against my friend C who is in my opinion a player with potential.

And that's it. The rest of my week was spent with friends, doing a tiny bit of actual work, walking their dog, shopping with C, sipping matchas & chais and generally getting a feel for the place.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mystic Saturday On The Beach

Saturday, Matt and I took off to visit Mystic, a course on the mountain in Hamilton which he had played but I had not. Mystic is, to say the least, challenging.

We had heard previously that its conditioning was questionable, but decided to brave it for a relative bargain of $95 to play a round. Well, it's challenging all right. I started off with a double, got into some trouble off the tee and lost a ball on the 2nd shot (my playing partner couldnt watch, he was off in some other trees himself). Made a few pars, a few bogeys, was playing OK overall but then made a turn for the worse. I think It was 43/45. No I wasn't playing that well, but its a bloody hard course. For my first time out I might have squeezed out an 81-82 or so playing relatively well.

So, I spent a lot of time in bunkers, fescue, that sort of thing. I'd play Mystic again for sure, but hopefully when i'm really playing well.

Sunday's Langley Cup match never happened due to rain. I got a few hands of poker in at 50NL -- lost two buyins... meh.

I'm off to Calgary and Vancouver this week, will hopefully get a round or two in.

That's all for now.

Monday, September 03, 2007

3 Rounds Including Langley Cup Semi-Finals

I played 3 rounds this Labour Day Weekend. I shot a 82 saturday (blah), 80 sunday (blah), and then there was today.

It was today, Monday, where I played Joe B in the Langley Cup Semi-Finals (the low handicap match play tourney at our club). Joe is the guy who dispatched Matty in the quarters in what I consider an upset. At the time, Matt and Joe played even though Matt was a 3 handicap -- as I understand it, Joe doesn't keep a handicap so just went with straight up. So, I came into today expecting Joe to play even, maybe as a 3 to my 2. I honestly believe Joe when he said he's a 5, so when he said it today, I went with it and said sure let's go.

He's one of those guys who can scramble the hell out of you in match play. Great hands with the wedge and putter, just deadly around the greens. He beat Matt straight up, and that's an accomplishment because Matt is Goooooooooood.

Off we go.

I start off bogey, par, par and was 3 UP after 3. That's what i'm talkin' bout!

Then I lost 4 in a row. I 3-putted #4 green (they're slippery as hell and I can't get a feel on them), he got his shot on #5 and we tied with bogeys, and he got his shot on #6 and we tied with Par when he made an insane 2-putt from the back to the front of the green. #7 I missed the green right, he par'd and i'm one down.

Let's recap, 3 up to 1 down in 4 holes. HA!

I putted my birdie 5 feet past on #8 and made a nice comeback to halve the hole. #9 I played well, drive up the right, nice 4 iron in to 5 feet, and drained the birdie (skin money is sweet). We're all even after 9 and it's a good match.

#10 I hit my rescue into the left pin-high bunker in 2, Joe hits a great wedge in for his 3rd and has a 5 footer for birdie. I make a good sand shot and miss a 2 footer. He made his, and I'm 1 down again.

#11 I make a nice birdie with a 12 footer to win, we're all even again.

#12 I hit my shot long and right, ending up near the cart patch pitching over a bunker onto a sloped green. Not a great spot. Unfortunately for Joe, he hits his ball in the junk and I win with a bogey (i'll take what I can get). I'm 1 UP

#13 Joe has a tough hole and I halve the hole against his shot with my 4 against his 5. I'm 1 UP

#14 I make a nothing special par, Joe just misses his par save and I'm 2 UP

#15 The wind is howling into our faces on this 575 yard hole. I hit my drive into the bunker right, hit a nice shot to 185, and put my ball on the back corner of the green with a 5i. Joe comes up short and I make my two putt to his 6. I'm 3 UP and dormie.

#16 Joe gets into real trouble off the tee (his driver was a trouble spot today) and I play it for par with rescue, 5i, wedge. Narrowly miss the birdie putt and I win.

Unfortunately, my bud Harry had a tough day today losing to Andy and claims to be hanging up the spikes for the year as football comes on TV. We'll see bout that.

Next weekend I plan to play Andy in the finals of the Langley Cup. Andy has played well and did so again today. It should be a fun match. There really is nothing on the line here other than getting your name on the wall and a trophy, but it's a point of pride among the better players at the club to be Match Play Champion. I'll give it my best, just happy to be here.

Played some online poker on Saturday night, 500 hands and breakeven in the end. Meh.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Not a Bad Weekend In Golf & Poker

Well, the weekend is over. The prospect of going back to work is not attractive but what can I do?

Golf went relatively OK, was 78 and 77. Played fairly well off the tee, meh with the irons. Had a lot of 3-putts which was odd... I tend to start pulling the ball left when i'm putting badly so have to strengthen my left wrist firmness to keep it rolling straight sometimes. I think it's just a quirk that's popping up. Nothing special on the course and my index is still hovering at 1.9/2.

I've been putting my new poker setup to some use this week. Between all the other work I do, i've found time to eek out exactly 3500 hands of $25nl and $50nl as I progressed over the bankroll hurdle to move up. I sort of regret not leaving my original cash in the game when I first first cashed out of online poker in January 2006. Admittedly I had a mental hurdle jumping to 200NL and wanted to pay off my car loan, but still, I could be playing 5/10 or 10/20 on a 50k bankroll right now if I did push myself over that spot at the time.

Made a bit over $400 this week playing the super low limits, and I have a few things to note about the games. Yes, they're still good, but they're a sweet hell of a lot tougher than the old partypoker days. I played a hand at 50NL today with a guy which illustrates how much tougher the lower limits have gotten:

I have $58 on the button, opponent in MP has me covered.

He limps, I raise to $2.50 with AK, he calls.

Flop is K T 7 with two diamonds

He leads for $2.50, I think for a second and raise to $7, he calls

Turn is 3 offsuit.

He leads for $6, i raise to $15, he calls

River is an ugly 2 of diamonds, he takes 5 seconds and pushes.

I replay my past hands with this opponent in my head, see that i'm getting 2:1 and call with my top pair top kicker. He shows Jack Nine offsuit. Now that's aggressive folks. He put my to a tough position and made a nice bluff, but fortunately my raises along the way made the final pot too attractive to fold to his bluff.


And for one more piece of poker content... here's me making a play.

I'm playing tight in big blind with $55. MP covers me, Button covers both and is tight and decent.

MP raises to $1.50, Button calls, I call with King Ten of Clubs

Flop is 7 5 2 - two clubs

MP bets $3.50 into the $4.75 pot, Button calls, I raise to $13. MP folds, Button calls.

Turn is a 4 of spades

I consider my options for 10 seconds and check, button bets $21 into a $30ish pot and I fold.

What's going through my head?

Raised the flop as there was a great chance MP had zero and Button was calling him with any two because of it. I had good folding equity against any non-monster hand they held due to my image, which was likely the case. I think I win this right here most of the time.

On the turn, button's call and call again when he's tight and decent makes me think he has a monster hand (QQ+, or a set). Against this range, and given the size of the pot, I doubt my $35 into a $30 pot makes him fold often enough that my push would be good. My King and Ten outs are probably not good leaving me with 9 outs for the flush plus there's always the chance he has AQ of my suit which makes my flush no good. In the past I might have fired this barrel as a semi-bluff, today I think there's too much against me here.

Open to opinions on both hands if we have any poker players reading this :P


Monday, August 20, 2007

This Weekend In Golf & Poker - August 18 and 19, 2007

Well, this weekend was fairly uneventful. I fired rounds of 78 and 75 on the golf course, which is fairly decent. Nothing amazing here, couple birdies, couple 3-putt bogeys. Lost $7 in bets total. Meh.

On the poker side, yes there is one, I've definitely felt the chill in the air lately as my golf season nears a close in terms of every-weekend play. Only a few weeks left of that goodness. So, naturally I turn my eye towards cardplaying, and notably by the name of this blog, poker. I did play 10 or so games of gin rummy this weekend though as well...

In preparation for poker season, I went out and purchased a spanking new 24" LCD for my desk. It's Niiiiice. My bankroll is still a sad little amount, and admittedly I spent more on the monitor than I have in poker -- for the moment.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Record Setting & Tiring Weekend

This weekend was flat-out tiring. In fact, I'm actually slightly sick. Was just non-stop running around after golf in the mornings and I'm feeling run-over.

Saturday I played with Harry and Gary. None of us played particularly well. My driver was OK, irons were not very good and my putting was solid. I couldn't score, so shot 83. Lost a match to Harry (again) and tied Gary. I'm ok with that.

Sunday my alarm went off at 6:45. I felt like a bag of shit. Unfortunately, drinking the night before and early morning golf do not mix well, at least for me. I could feel my drinks are I rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes that weren't dirty or wrinkled. I boot over to the club for a 7:15 tee time with Harry and Mike K. Mike is our former club champion, great player and is playing a match with Harry. Both like to chirp so I asked to be in the group to watch the fireworks.

With about 5 minutes to spare I hit the putting green. We have this one green with the half-sized holes so you have to make putts dead centre. I was making a lot of them. 10 footers, 15 footers, quite a few. Didn't think much of it but the stroke felt good.

I'm going to detail the round a bit for posterity. It was memorable.

We started on the back nine, #10.

I started off Birdie, Par, Bogey. Pretty typical for that stretch. Made a nice putt on #10 for birdie otherwise nothing serious.

#13 was a par, #14 I left a 6 foot sidehill right to lefter and made it to go to -1. Then bogey'd #15 after almost hitting it in the water on the approach and having to hit into the green from a steep sidehill lie. Even Par still.

#16 was played in the normal fashion, lay up to the bottom and a wedge into the green. Made a nice putt there for birdie and I'm back to one under. #17 I hit it in the bunker left as usual, and made a nice sand shot leaving a 4 footer which I made to stay there. Sweet. #18 was a nice drive followed by a decent choke down 7i into the wind leaving a 14 footer which just missed.

It was a good start. -1 on the back nine I'll take any day. At this point I'm thinking my swing is pretty smooth and i'm feeling no pressures, just having fun.

I start off #1 with a rescue into the rough left. I chased an easy PW into the green from 120 yards leaving an uphill right to left 10 foot putt. It went down and I'm -2. #2 was a 2 putt par, and so was #3.

I'm now 2-under, 6 holes to go. #4 the pin was tucked middle and tight to the right protected by trees. I opted to try and hit a high fade at the middle which naturally for me became a slight draw so I'm 40+ feet away. However, my putting is good today so I make a nice lag and have an easy 1-foot par putt. #5 is a nice drive down the middle leaving 176. I hit a good 6i slight draw and leave it 12 feet away. Drained that with my trusty putting device and I'm -3 with 4 to go. #6 was a solid drive followed by a great layup. My wedge into the green was a bit disappointing and left a 20 foot putt at least. I was not able to make it but made the Par.

#7's pin was back right. My iron ended around 20 feet away, pin high. Two putts and moving on. #8 was my last real birdie chance. My drive ballooned in the wind slightly and ended up short of the right bunker. I knocked a shot to the bottom and had 115 into the pin. My wedge ended up 15 feet away (tough wind) and I could not make the slider.

Ok, #9. Tough 450 yard par 4 playing slightly downwind. My drive ballooned again right and ended up on the netting of the driving range (ground under repair). I took my drop and my 4i fell just short of the green and left. As I lined up my chip, Harry said "Don't be a f*cking pussy" and Mike also said "Be Aggressive". I was feeling no pressure as my chip jumped up, checked and finished 3 feet past -- a nice chip.

So there I am. Putter in hand, 3 feet to go for a record round. In the past, my thought at this point would be "don't miss, don't miss" but this day it was "I want this, you can make this" and there was never a doubt as my putter struck it true and it fell into the heart of the hole.

MY NEW PERSONAL RECORD: My Home Course - Black Tees - 69
GIR: 15/18 (that might have helped)

Congrats to Harry for beating Mike. Great match from an entertainment point of view and from a golf perspective as well. Very back and forth on both accounts I hope to see you in the Langley finals.

Harry's got a pool going on what Matt will shoot at Riviera. I'm going to say 80 and he will claim to have played well to shoot it. Lucky bastard.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Club Championship Letdown

The yearly Golf Club Championship was this weekend. Going in, I had been playing fairly well with a 79/74 last weekend and was uninjured which is a positive over the last couple years. There's no reason I shouldn't play well...

... But I didnt. That's pretty disappointing. Fortunately, I treat golf as an enjoyable pasttime rather than the reason to live. I think i'd go insane if golf were to decide my happiness every day. Golf is a very tough game and tends to work against you at all times. It's a cruel, heartless bitch when you need it to be kind.

So, I came into the weekend without much pressure. I don't expect to win the Club Championship. Hell yes i'd like to but I'm realistic in knowing that there are multiple golfers who shoot scratch scores and have tournament experience. My best hope is to make the top 8 cut for day, and I stated as such before the championship. It's not pessimism, it's realism. Sure I can go on a sick heater and shoot under par daily, but it's not realistic to expect. So yeah, honestly, no pressure. My swing felt good, game was not bad, and I should have made the cut but I didn't. I just couldn't score and got myself into trouble even though my game was decent. It happens. I shot 85 Saturday with 4 doubles. Ouch. No cut for me.

Sunday was a mediocre 78 with some scrambling par and bogey saves. Fortunately I matched cards with Terry M. for the Langley cup and advanced. He was going to have some scheduling issues for the next little while and wanted it over with. Looks like I might get to play Matty in the semi's. Now that would be a good match if my game is decent (and vice versa for him). I'd hate for it to be a cheesy 'off day' sort of loss on either side.

Harry got cut with me from the Club Championship and Matt advanced with a reasonable 77+77=154 in T6th place. He's playing O.K. by the sound of it and probably deserves to be there. Again, there's the difference. I CAN be there given my game this year, he probably should. That's a big difference though our handicaps are about the same. I'm not sure if anyone not-a-golfer reading this would understand that statement but I think it makes sense in my head.

Anyhoo, that's it for this weekend folks.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Go Balls Deep

Had a reasonable weekend at golf, a scrambly 79 chased with a decently played 74. Next weekend is club championships, hoping I play well but my game is up and down -- making the 36 hole cut would be great for me but I won't slit the ole wrists if it doesn't work out. In short, I'll try.

On the other side of golf, it seems that my Basic Golf Shirt Review has drummed up some interest in ole' T here doing some product reviews.

And that's where it goes a little funny. See, the first company to contact me is called Schwetty Balls and they produce, you guessed it, golf balls called Schwetty Balls. They were kind enough to send me a dozen. In short, will Schwetties replace my Pro V1's in the golf bag? No. I'm a 3 handicap and I'm picky (why else play a $5 golf ball), but they're pretty darn playable as normal golf balls by normal golfers. But yeah, it's a pretty good gimmick. I've been giving away the 2-packs of Schwetties to people who might get a laugh out of them. Each pack contains balls marked L and R, guess why?

Would Harry and Matt find them funny or amusing? No. But that's ok because I know a lot of people that would. And yes, this is a very real company that does a lot of tongue in cheek advertising on their product.

Oh, I better think up a witty comment so they give me a link back from their testimonials page because I'm a whore that way.

"Bust out your own personal Schwetty Balls and you'll soon be hitting it deeper and harder."

Yeah, i'm dirty. So what? Only one person reads this website. Hi Jordana.

I'll get back with the other product reviews when i get a chance to run them through testing more thoroughly. Only the best at golf and poker ya know.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Suddenly Remember Why I Quit Poker

Yikes, well, at least we can write this poker foray down as a quick relapse. Fortunately the addiction is only to play when I'm winning, and the past few days I can't do that so away goes poker for another little nappy.

I got out of 25 and into 50, went up 3 buyins, then down 8. Tonight was a bloodbath, losing 3.5 buyins single tabling in 141 hands. Funny, most people who gamble only like to talk about wins, I only write about losses :P

Dont want to read about bad beats and bitching? Stop reading now.

Notables tonight include ($50nl remember)

3-betting pre-flop to $7 (pot) with KK and having my opponent flop a set of 8's. (-$59.40)
Flopping a straight, betting it all the way and having my opponent turn his two pair into a boat on the river (-$32.95)
Making top two on the river against a shortstack calling down with an OESD (-$20.85)
Having the opponent push a 9 high flop with KT, calling with TT and having the K hit the river (-$19.15)
Having a short opponent push a ATT flop with a gutshot straight flush draw against my AK, flush on the turn. (-$10.75)

It goes on... but the last few days were like that. Unfortunately i'm underrolled for the huge swing (only had 13 buyins) so I'm stopping before I get to unprofitable or busto. Perhaps i'll get the bug back soon, heck, I'll probably get the bug back soon but for now I'm going to lick my wounds and go back to work on things that dont involved the ass end of luck :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Golf Game Improving

This weekend I went 79 at St. Catharines, 75 at East Aurora. That's better than the low 80's i've been mucking with for the last few weeks. I hope this proves wrong my pals Harry and Matt who dont think I can play cards and golf at the same time.

Also, Matt's doing the smart thing and getting rid of all his really crappy golf shots now as opposed to saving them for club championships. Smart guy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh God, I'm Playing Cards Again

I don't know what it is. There's something about poker that keeps drawing me back in. It's not gambling per se, I don't go drop a few black chips on roulette or play the devil's game, BlackJack.

Two years ago I took out all of my money from online poker, save $500 which I decided would be "just for fun". Yeah, I ran that up to a couple grand again playing 50nl and 100nl last year and could have moved up, but again chose to cash out. This time I chose to cash out based on my business' growth and I wanted to be less distracted. I cashed out all the way. Not one cent was left online and I chucked my pokering money into the more widely accepted form of gambling, the stock market.

And you know what? It worked. I did a hell of a lot of work outside of my 9-5 job and it's paid off a bit. But something awful happened at some point, one of these poker rooms deposited money into my account to bring me back. YOU BASTARDS! So there I was a week ago with a hundred and fifty bucks in an online poker account, and a lighter load of work for my clients.

You know what happens here don't you piggies? You read the title of this post... you know how much I love pokering. I don't even have to explain myself do I? No I don't. Anyways, so naturally I started to play around my work, while watching tv, nothing serious just one table of $25NL Hold'em or $25 pot limit omaha hi. I really didn't mind if I lost the room's deposit, but that didn't happen and here I am with enough to move up again (over $500). It never ends.

What's kind of sad is that my old pokering friends Harry and Matt have basically given up the game so I can't claim its a social thing anymore. Harry never really cared about poker and played strictly for the fun of it (and still would, probably) and Matt did take it seriously but may have overestimated his edge on opponents. In all probability Matty is a slightly winning player whose edge was beaten by the rake. "In the poker game of life, women are the rake" said Worm. I still have no idea what that means.

So, I'm not sure where this is leading. Do I want to quit poker entirely? No. It's a great game to play but can take up TOO much time if I let it, so I've got to keep it in check. At these petty little limits, it won't make me the kind of money and residual income that growing my business will... so it's gotta be #2 by a long shot. At the same time, I realize I don't want to stop playing. Using my brain and guts to play a skill game for money is not a bad use of whatever intelligence i was given.

So, yeah. I'm a cardplayer again.

Friday, July 13, 2007

High Stakes Players Meet The Boss Then Play On Video

wow, just watched this video linked from 2p2. Hilarious.

Here's how the hand plays out (said slowly for harris to follow along):

200/400 NL, effective stacks are 48k (yes, 48 thousand dollars each)

Guys in our video call with 8 clubs, 6 spades. Opponent raises to $1200, our guys raise to $4000, the opponent calls $4000.
Flop is 3 8 Q two hearts. Both check.
Turn is an 8. Our guys bet $7k, opponent raises to $14k, our guys push and the other guys calls.
River is a blank, and our guys win a pot of almost $96 thousand.

Oh, and they've just had a visit with the Boss.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Motorola Ad - Wirebreakers @ The Driving Range

Lee @ Cake (a marketing company by the look of it) sends over a link to this viral video. Hey, yeah I know i'm advertising for Motorola by posting it, but I got a kick out of it and its my site so BACK OFF. Good work from Cake on the advertising front.

Good, Bad, Ugly.

Describing my golf game in the title here folks.

Saturday was a battle royale with Matt where we both were playing very well. He finished at 72, me at 74. He drained a nice putt on the 18th for bird, which as we counted up the match play scores put him 1Up... wild day. I putted the lights out on Saturday and did not miss a putt within 5-6 feet. It just seemed easy.

Sunday I played with Harry and the wheels came off. I said on the putting green before the round "I don't have it today" and I didnt. I blame this round on trying to force my swing and not letting it come freely and smoothly. Driver was ugly and the rest followed with it.

Monday was the historic Happy Jack's Open version 2.0 at the venerable Cherry Hill Club, host to a former Canadian Open and one hell of a private course. It's so private that without Harry's mad hookups, we would not have been playing there. A bargain at $70 though. Cherry Hill is not particularly long, nor is it particularly difficult. Rough is cut to a reasonable length, the bunkers are numerous but playable, even the fescue is sparse enough to have an opportunity to find the ball, though it does exact it's penalty on the player as it should be. What's truly amazing about Cherry Hill due I'm sure in great part to the very few rounds played on the course by its members, are the greens. They are rock hard, smooth as butter, fast as hell and a flat putt is nowhere to be found. It's awesome. I understand though a story told yesterday (sourced from who knows where) that during the Open, Arnold Palmer 5-putted the 18th green and vowed never to step foot on the course again. After putting on the 18th, I believe it.

To sum up the Happy Jack's Open is easy. Harry and Presto v. Matt and I in best ball match play. Loser pays for dinner at Happy Jack's for the 4 of us pigging out. Not exactly gambling high but we're playing like its serious for sure. We made the concession on the 1st tee to give a tie to the other team, since we won the 1st HJO.

I'll let Matt detail the event since he's long winded, but let's just say a certain rediculous putt by him on the 15th green (literally 10+ feet of break up and then down a hill) crushed the last sparkle of hope from our shit talking opponents. Their hopes and dreams were crushed on the 16th green 3&2 -- due mostly to Matt as I played spotty golf. Made 4 birdies though, that helped.

The food was great at Happy Jack's as usual, a great end to an awesome weekend.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Now That I'm Back On Poker A Bit...

I've been debating where to play. Obviously i've played at a few poker rooms online before, and the important issues to consider as a user include signup bonus, deposit bonuses, rakeback deals, etc. All players can benefit from doing their research on where to play for sure.

Anyways, back to the point, i've been looking for places to play and came up with a couple good links which you might find interesting -- I did. The first is a full tilt poker review and the other is for a titan poker review.

I'll let you guys know where I end up. Hopefully I wont let it interrupt my golf at all like last year though!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Poker! Finally

Yeah, i've been craving the addiction a bit, given the WSOP is on and i'm too busy to play these days. So I signed into Full Tilt for ultra-low limit since i have almost no money there due to that cashout. I got stuck two buyins, built up my stack to about 2 buyins, and this happens.

FYI Button was tilty from bluffing off a 3 buy-in stack to me and another guy previously

Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (6 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from (Format: Plain Text)

SB ($32.35)
BB ($21.05)
UTG ($5.60)
MP ($70.70)
Toast ($45.80)
Button ($25)

Preflop: Toast is CO with Tc, Td.
2 folds, Toast raises to $0.85, Button calls $0.85, SB calls $0.75, 1 fold.

Flop: ($2.80) 9s, 8d, Ts (3 players)
SB bets $2.8, Toast raises to $7, Button raises to $24.15 (All-In), SB raises to $34.3 (All-In), Toast calls $24.50.

Turn: ($92.75) Ah (3 players, 2 all-in)

River: ($92.75) 8h (3 players, 2 all-in)

Final Pot: $92.75

Results below:
SB has As Qs (two pair, aces and eights).
Toast has Tc Td (full house, tens full of eights).
Button has Jh 9h (two pair, nines and eights).
Outcome: Toast wins $92.75.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bloody Tiring Weekend

This weekend was just a typical golf weekend, nothing special. The driver is O.K. right now and my putting is quite good. Mostly the irons are flying well as well, so I don't have a lot to complain about other than my scores aren't dropping. A couple of stupid mistakes per round are costing me.

Saturday: 78 - 39 out, 39 in from the Black (proper) tees.
Sunday: 75 (37 out, 38 in) from the Blacks as well

I would also like to note that our tee time system is flawed to all hell at the club. I'll be bitching about that when the opportunity arises.

Harry, you owe me $10 for the skins and $4 for the side game, this is your reminder. You can just pay for my round at Cherry Hill instead if you like. :)


Monday, June 18, 2007

Wooden Sticks & Langley Cup Action

This weekend was filled to the brim with golf. Golf, golf, golf. Last week Harry, Matt and I somehow came to the consensus of paying $125/player to go play Wooden Sticks in Uxbridge, ON. I've never been happier with a golf course decision.

Worth every penny, Wooden Sticks was a fun track combining famed holes from Augusta, Troon, Pine Valley, Oakmont, St. Andrews, Carnoustie and Sawgrass with a few unique holes from Ron Garl -- the architect who designed well-received Taboo. Each hole was a unique test of golf as the styles went from wide open with huge greens (St. Andrews) to downright scary tee shots (Oakmont, Pine Valley) and greens requiring excellent ball control (Sawgrass, Troon, Augusta). Conditioning was great, greens were smooth and quick, and thankfully we had a beautiful day.

My driver on Saturday was a bit suspect but I got it around except for #12 where I hit one OB right and one into the junk left for a quadruple-bogey 8 on a par 4. Fortunately my iron play was solid and I sunk a few putts to get around in 76 from the tips. I can't help but be happy with this score on an unknown 7000+ yard course and I did indeed squeeze out some money from Matt and Harry winning the matches and the stroke play. There's something about the 17th at Sawgrass that gets the pulse up, even if we didn't have the wind up to make it difficult.

Check out Matt's full wooden sticks review.

Sunday at the club I played Gary P., a renowned stable-player who seemingly never shoots over 75 but maintained last week a 4 handicap. Fortunately, Gary shot a 65 on Wednesday and actually entered it for once to get his handicap down to a 2 which is a bit more realistic. He gave me two strokes for the round and off we went in match play from the tips. Gary started out 1-up after 2 when he drained a bomb of a birdie -- i've always said i'm happy to get beat by birdies -- but it didn't last for him as I quickly go back to even, then up two after 6. Gary brought it back to even after 9 and we were having a nice match.

A bad tee shot at 10, then a nice hook 6 iron to lay up set up a beautiful wedge and birdie from me to take the lead. Up 1
I made a mistake on 11 and hit the bunker from 110 yards, blasting out of the ugliest lie ever and almost draining my par. Even!
#12 I hit a nice long iron on the tough par 3 and made an easy par to Gary's missed par-save. Up 1.
#13 I hit my drive high and left -- obviously afraid of the trees right and hit a beautiful punch 5i runner into the front pin position. Gary conceded this one after my chip as I got a stroke on this hole. 2 UP
#14 Smoothed a sweet 6 iron into a mid-left pin leaving a 5 footer for birdie, sunk that. 3UP
#15 Gary refers to me as the Buzz Saw (a new nickname if i must say so) and I play a very conservative line to make par given my lead. Unfortunately for G, he wasn't playing that well and missed his Par.

I win 4&3 and am past a tough opponent (yay). I told Gary he must have used up all his birdies shooting 65 this week (yow, thats a damn good score), he's normally very tough and had a bad day in my opinion.

I birdied 16 from a tough 3rd shot position over the willow, doubled 17 and bogeyd 18 to shoot 75.

Not too bad... a good weekend for me at golf definitely.

Harry and Matt now both ask for shots. HAH. Yeah right.

Tomorrow we play St. Thomas.

Monday, June 11, 2007

This Weekend In Golf & Poker - June 9th and 10th

Well, at the end of last week I had a bit of a stomach bug which is pretty gross (both in feel and in actuality) so I wasn't sure how I would play at the course this weekend -- was not 100%. Turns out this definitely had an effect on my scores as I went a dismal 79/83 for Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday I had a little $5 game with Harry. Harry beat the crap out of me 6&4 ... he's GOOOOOOD.

Sopranos was... unexpected. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Love and kisses to you all.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hacking It Around This Weekend

Well, the weather warmed up but my golf game has cooled down quite a bit. It seems like i'm lashing out at the ball more which is bad, and my tempo is intermittant and untrustworthy. That's sad, really since this was the first weekend of qualifying for the Niagara Cup team.

My scores this weekend were 78 and 77, a dismal showing given how well I had been playing previously. In fact, i'm lucky to have shot those scores and you can count on the fact they were a collection of 'saves' to keep it under 80. Just ugly, nothing good to say about it other than I guess it could be worse.

Harry won his Langley cup match as he describes in Matt-like detail over at his blog. I was delivered the bad news that I must play Gary P in my 2nd round (had a pass first round this year) which is bound to be a bastard since he rarely makes mistakes. The toughest guys in match play are the ones you have to beat because they dont often beat themselves... grr. Anyways, that should be interesting.

On the business front, i'm busy as hell between all my projects. No idea how i'm supposed to find time to vacation though.

Oh, and finally, i'm still not giving shots. :)

Sorry for the boring post, not much is up and Harry basically guilted me into writing something.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Golf Still Up And Down (Pun Intended)

Yep, can't string together two good rounds it seems. Last weekend was a horribly played 83 from the tips chased down with a 78 from the blues where I didn't play great either but kept the ball in play.

Qualifying for the fantabulous Niagara Cup matches is coming up this weekend so I'm hoping to pull something pretty out of my butt somehow.

In other news, somehow we got the reciprocal appointment with St. Thomas Golf Club, a Stanley Thompson design and quite well ranked in Canada. I'll be heading up there with Matt and Harry in mid-June... should be sick.

On another note, thanks for the comments and emails regarding my note about my father a few posts ago.

Reader Matt from Australia (no relation to the local Buffalo Sabres nerd and all around luckbox Matt who is often written about here) writes:

Why am I writing an email to you? Just to pass on my honest sympathy for you in losing your Dad. At least he has left you with two of life's best pastimes. Golf and Poker.

Keep up the good work on the blog, and remember the detail. The joy in reading the blog is living through the shank 8 iron the approach to 17 and the filthy 8c on the river.

How right you are, sir. Thanks for the email Matt from Australia.

Over and out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And Now... On To Golf

I contemplated spending this May two-four weekend inside assuredly away from condolences and sad faces, but decided instead to play golf.

Saturday morning I played the black tees (tips) with Adam R. and Brad B. Had a few ups, few downs, and fired 76. Not too bad.

Sunday morning I played with Bernie, Matty and Jon P.... I was awful shooting an 83 from the blues.

Monday morning I played with Matt and Adam R. from the blues again, went 39-35 for a not too shabby 74.

Monday afternoon I was bored so fired up some 25NL winning $35ish profit. Then, for some reason, I entered a 6.50+0.40 4-man NL heads up tourney winning that and gaining a $26 FTP tournament chip. No idea what i'm going to do with this since I dont play tournaments but who knows.

So, them's the facts.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Dad

Sorry about the delay in posts, folks. I had a tough week.

Monday morning my father had a heart attack and passed on, he was 64. He's the person who gets full credit (or blame I suppose) for my love of golf. When I was 8 or so he cut down my Mom's old set for me -- man was she pissed haha. He was also the person who suggested I try poker a few years ago. He always loved golf, hockey, was sharp with cards and generally was a fun guy for all of the time I knew him.

My Dad was also an avid reader of this blog, and thus, sadly, my circulation went down by one important reader this week.

I'm lucky to have known him, privileged to have been his son.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Golf Apparel Review: Basic Golf's Golf Shirt

I was recently contacted by Ed at Basic Golf who asked if they could send me a promotional golf shirt. I, never one to turn down such an offer accepted. Please note, this review is not paid, nor asked for by Basic Golf. It's just my opinion.

So, last week I received this navy golf shirt. The first thing I noticed about the shirt was that it was light. Really, really light. It's made out of a material called CoolDry which is sort of like the material that the really good basketball shorts are made out of. Very light, very smooth with little holes in it for "breatheability". It's definitely air permeable. It's designed this way to let sweat out and air in to keep you cooler on the course. I've sweated through a few Ashworth's in my day folks. This is welcome technology we're talking about.

Unfortunately this weekend at golf where I wanted to give it a run was sort of a downer. Well, its just damn cold here right now even with the sun out. So, truth be told I did not get to see this shirt work when I sweat like mad. I'll report back if anyone wants to know how it works out.

What I can tell you about the basic golf shirt is that it's one of the most comfortable shirts i've ever had on. The material being so thin and light really shows up your basic golf polo shirt, and is in terms of fabric quality on par with high end Nike apparel costing $100+/shirt.

The shirts from basic golf are $40. Now that's a hell of a bargain my golfing friends.

Now, the downsides. Basic Golf is only offering 3 colours of shirt right now. One yellow/navy trim, one navy/grey trim, and one grey/navy trim. If you're looking to fill a golf wardrobe with these, unfortunately you can't get the variety yet that would be required. I would also like to see Basic cut some more traditionally designed shirts in some trendier colors as their business grows (it SHOULD these shirts are great).

Anyways, check out Basic Golf's website and make one of their shirts part of your gear purchase this season.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Butterfly Effect

My golf game seems to show a trend like the butterfly effect.

What's the butterfly effect you ask?

The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that ultimately cause a tornado to appear (or prevent a tornado from appearing). The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different.

Source: Wikipedia

To illustrate, today I had another very solid round going until number 12. I struck a fine shot from the par-3 dead into the wind, left myself a 15 footer for birdie, and promptly left it 6 feet short then missed the return. That's an awfully bad 3-putt but was caused by a mental lapse. Unfortunately I knew walking to the next tee that little breeze from the butterfly can have tornado-like effects on my game's stability. Much like those poor bastards in Kansas right now, the storm started.

I made two doubles after that in the next three holes. The details were boring, the results infuriating. I walked off 15 in a state of "Monkey-tilt" as my poker friends would refer to it. While we had a few minutes to wait on the 16th tee, I stormed around making hard driver swings through the air attempting to vent my rage to re-focus. I admit I slammed the club once, dragged it across the concrete a bit, but generally slashed the air.

It worked. I finished -1 for the next three holes.

I think that's something I'll have to work on this year... realizing when minor bad events can cause major turbulance in an otherwise smooth round and evading its effects would prove very effective in saving me strokes, which ultimately saves or makes me money.

Speaking of Poker. I haven't played much lately unfortunately. Once in a while you'll see me sitting at low limit Pot-Limit Omaha on Full Tilt Poker, but generally the Toast-man is too busy to play right now. That doesn't mean i'm not reading up on some fantastic poker blogs lately though.

Here's Pokerletter. It's a poker blog. They're good at covering the politics and current events in the poker world. You know, the sort of stuff that I have no time to look up lately haha. I mean cmon, you've got to be dedicated to your art in order to generate posts like this poker news.

I mean, no doubt i'm still a poker fan. Hell, i'm dying to go play at the casino with Ryan the gambling golf pro, but time is money these days, and I never did crawl out of 200NL at a highest level so I guess I've got serious poker on hold.

Watch out for butterflies when you're cruising through life.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

12 strokes

This weekend I played golf both Saturday and Sunday morning with Matt, Harry and Bernie.

It's always an interesting group. You see, dear reader, there are a lot of different personalities at work here. First there's Matt. Matt's a grinder. He plays best when he's challenged through trash talk or being beat in a match and plays badly once he stops believing in his game. Harry is just awful at actually trying to win at golf and not just trying to hit random clubs a long way. I mean awful. He seems not to care about winning as much as proving that he can de-loft a 7 iron and whack a little white ball 180 yards. Bernie has an amazingly competitive attitude filled with trash talking, supremely talented play, and knows more about golf than the rest of us ever will. But, Bernie's not playing to his potential which means the rest of us can sort of keep up, except for Harry of course because he sucks for whatever reason.

So, I, Toast, went out Saturday in the light rain wearing shorts because i'm stupid. My thought process went as follows.

"Hey, where the hell are my Cargo pants? I can get those wet and nasty and not care. Oh shit they're not here. HMm, there my good pants are... but... dont want to have to do laundry. Oh screw it i'll wear shorts regardless of the temperature."

Fortunately for me, I have bad leg circulation so I didn't get too cold out there!

With 8/9 greens on the front I shot 42. Hmm, my Zebra putter is not doing too well i guess huh? Finished at 82 for the day, again.

And then came Sunday. It was a beautiful day today. Little cold to start but then nice the rest of the time. I started off playing decently, making the putts I was missing the day before using Ryan's putter - a TaylorMade blade with some throw-dents. I didn't do much interesting, one bogey one bird, came around in 36 (played the back nine first) - even par. Hmm.

On the back nine (actually the front nine) I opened par, then bogey. At this point I figured my ride was over and I'd shoot a decent score. But it was not so. I parred #3, then birdied #4 with a 6 foot downhill putt. Back to even!

Then I hit an 8i on #5 to 1 foot................... and suddenly Toast was 1 under par with 4 to go.

#6 is a par 5. My drive flew over the bunker on the right of the fairway and my lie left my layup shot at 185. Approaching the 3rd I was staring down 185 yards with a back pin into the wind. I took out my 3i and pured it onto the green within 15 feet.

And then I sunk it... fist pump and all................ and suddenly Toast was 2 under with 3 to go.

#7 is a par 3, I knocked it on with a nice tee shot and 2-putted -- almost made the first one to cut up Harry's chip-in.

#8 is a par 5, nice tee shot, nice layup for the second, and my PW from 125 was chunky leaving me short. Chipped on and made a 6-footer uphill left to right.

And suddenly Toast was 2 under with 1 to go.

#9 is a long par 4. My drive ended in the rough right about 155 out. I hit a beautiful shot which surprisingly came up short of the green. Chipped it to 6 feet right of the pin leaving a sidehill slider....

And I made it.

Suddenly Toast shot 70 to chase his 82 the day before. A personal best! My previous best was 71 from the back tees, this was 70 from the mens. I guess they're pretty close in accomplishment. Yay me, solid!

So, yeah... that's my story. Good luck to Harry and Matt at the Ontario Men's Better Ball tomorrow. I hope Harry figures out his game in time and Matt gets back some confidence.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Life In The Land Of Frustration


Golf is frustrating.

This weekend, your truly got to play a few rounds of golf with the usual crew (mostly). All weekend I drove the ball like a champ but putted like I was afraid of the hole. Drive the ball to 125 yards on a Par 4 and I make a 5 most of the time. Get me near a green and I couldn't chip with the TaylorMade RAC wedge -- 12degrees bounce is too much i think. I couldnt pitch, I couldnt keep anything online at all. Get me on a green and I putt the ball 6 feet past, 5 feet short, and can't make the one after. GRRRR. So good long, so bad short.

Well, it is half the game.

Down $35 on bets this weekend, an ugly start.

On a lighter note, I got this email from Harry who is currently in Arizona on a golf vacation.

Just played dinosaur mountain. 143 slope, 7100 yards. Toughest course I ever played. Every hole is amazing. Hitting on one par 3 247 yards down hill from the too of a mountain. 200 yards downhill. Just one hole after another that are amazing. Best golf course I ever played. Way tougher then thundering waters but way more playable. Shot 88, par 70. 46 on the front 42 on the back. Made 1 birdie, lots of doubles because I would guy my drive to far and loose it in the dessert. Greens played at a 12 today, very difficult greens. Lots of slope, huge, and very firm. No backspin no matter what you put on it. Great course all around.


Wow do you guys ever suck because you aren't here.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Golfed On The Weekend!

Though it's now pouring rain as this crazy east coast system is here, I did indeed get a round in with Harry and Matt this weekend. Honestly, I made a lot of mistakes with approach shots into greens. Overclubbing seemed to be the theme of the day as I overshot like 5 greens with approaches under 150 yards. Odd.

Gave the new Titleist Vokey Spin wedge a try in 56degrees... it certainly does spin. When i dropped a ball at 95 yards to test it out, my ball hit and spun back around 12 feet. Hmm. Got to compare it to the Taylor Made RAC's still.

Overall I shot a pretty up and down 77 with a couple birds and a double bogey... not bad to start the year.

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Masters Weekend... How I Love Thee

I watched my share of the Masters this weekend, as usual. I found Augusta to be a fairly impressive course this year to watch, even though I think they took away some options for the players still with the new design changes.

Can you imagine being an architect setting your hand to Augusta? Yikes. Not exactly any other golfcourse reno.

Anyways, back to the point. Some guy I know nothing about (Zach Johnson) won the Masters.

As the Glorious Matt said:

he will look very out of place at that dinner next year

I can't say much about the dude, other than he has the sort of religious belief and outwardness that gives me the `willies. Everyone entitled to their own beliefs but keep it in your pants folks.

The americans eat that shit up tho... so i guess it's good TV.

Yeah, Matt's definitely right. I hope the guy wins a tournament more or two so it isnt too bad.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The lengths I'll go to...

I am normally a passive person. I do not look for confrontation, in fact, I mostly avoid it. This is good and bad.

However, one area where there is constant confrontation is between Matt and I. For some reason we're pretty competitive... I'm not complaining. It's fun to want to beat the living crap out of someone at whatever you do where it's not about money just pride and bragging or shit-talking rights.

For example, last weekend we played 9 holes skins with carryovers, I led after 2, was up one after 3, was up 3 after 5, 2 after 6 when my ball plugged, carried 7 and 8, and lost on 9 when the bastard got up and down from the sand. Oh how painful it was to hand him a freaking dollar coin which he promised to use as his ballmark next round to remind me of his victory. BASTARD

Fortunately, I'm actually better than him at the poker table (at least I think so). It's hard to talk Matt into playing poker at the same table as me these days, or at all for that matter. I'd play him heads up for a buck a game if I thought there'd be blood on the floor just for the competition, but alas it rarely happens. Fortunately tonight was one of those nights where he let his guard down and got talked into playing... muwaha.

So tonight i've made a few good hands, set of jacks and four of a kind and got paid on both against other players. I've run my $40 into about $120, then lost a bit, then won a bit. You know how it goes. Anyhoo, Matt is playing tight, winning a bit, and I decide I want to felt him.

Note to the poker laymen in my audience, to "felt" someone means to take all their money. So, I do a visual inspection of his chips and count him as ahead $14. While we're both out of a hand I say "Matt, what are you up? about $14?" He replies with "I dont know" obviously not pleased i'm counting him down. I say "I just need to know how much I need to steal from you so you end up a losing player for the night again". Ryan the Golf Pro beside me chips in "Haha what an asshole thing to say".

Anyways, I'm hoping beyond hope that this puts him on tilt so I can "felt" him. Unfortunately I can't mark my golfball with his $20 bills else you know I would. Unfortunately, I think my "Mike The Mouth" impression worked too well as he bluffed off 90% of his stack to another player with second pair shortly after. He pushed soon after that with junk and "got felted" by another player.

He said "you happy now?" as he got up from the table. Hmm, no actually.

I wanted that money to mark my ball.

Tilt it off to ME! Matty didn't say goodbye tonight, I think he's pissed.

And those are the length's I'll go to.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

5 to 1 the Club Flies Out Of His Hands...

Not more than 30 minutes ago I said these words on the 10th tee at the golf course as Harry tried to ignore the torrent of rain trying to drown us out of playing. I was leaning towards heading home as I hve no interest in playing 2 hours in the rain when I have lots of work to do at home but Harry was dead-set on playing golf.

So i'm backing away from the tee and it's pouring rain and Harry's up there with his R7 in hand. I say to Matt "5 to 1 the club flies out of his hands..." and wouldnt you know it Harry takes a mighty rip at the ball and his club goes flying 15 feet in the air. HAHAHAHA i'm lucky Matt didn't make that bet. Harry's R7 landed on the cart path, of course. I didn't stick around long enough to see if he injured it though. Off they went into the pouring rain. I hope it clears up, boys... I've got work to do.

Speaking of Matt, happy April Fools birthday to him as he is crossing over the hill this year. The big FOUR-OH. Congrats again dude!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mini Putt Action

So today i'm sitting in my office seeing the awesome weather and wishing i wasnt there but on the golf course, and I decide to walk over to our Mini Putt (yes we have one at my office, 18 holes, no kidding). So i mention i'm going Mini Putting hoping someone joins me and our resident golf-equipment crazy but no money for lessons amateur golfer chimes in that he's game.

So of course I try and negotiate some sort of action. Knowing he's not much a golfer I suggest $1/hole. He counters with "howbout $10/hole?" semi-joking but of course I took him up on it because im bored and just cashed in my poker money. So i get my putter which i keep leaning against my desk, he grabs a stock one off the shelf and we head out to the course.

We get there, I drop my ball and ask for carryovers to play and he says "... ahh wait wait wait.... my wife would kill me".

So yeah, he aces the first hole and curses himself, but I end up beating him out of a Tim Hortons coffee.



Monday, March 26, 2007

Huge Neteller News For Canadian Online Poker Players

Neteller, the #1 online poker payment processing system has just withdrawn from Canada.

Here Check It Out

The Toast-man has money in Neteller, or had until this morning. It's all moving down to my bank account via EFT now. My cash in PartyPoker (deposited just days ago) is now speeding its way to me via fedex since Neteller transfer is closed to me this morning. At the recommendation of my best buddy Josh who is in the online gambling industry, I've withdrawn for now the whole way. Obviously Neteller has been keeping the pulse of Canadian legislation and I'd hate to get my money stuck in the middle somewhere like those Americans did.

I feel like this is the conservative line to take, though perhaps not 100% necessary. Let me reiterate this. I'm down to the felt in terms of online gambling funds. Wow, I don't like this at all.

I guess this is going to be a golf blog for a while.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Golf Season Anticipated & Fantastic Porsche Commercial

Stepping away from the usual poker content here at G+P, I would like to note that both Harry and Matt both posted today in anticipation of golf. Thank god golf season is around the corner because honestly I'm getting to be a big fat bastard again and need to walk a few pounds off.

This season i'll be in the market for new wedges (TaylorMade and Titleist Vokey Spin seem leaders in this department, Cleveland dropped off the planet for whatever reason). I'm also eyeing up the Odyssey 2-ball SRT as it looks sick (yes, sick as in good) -- had major supply problems last season. I also absolutely need to reshaft my hybrid into x-stiff because its just way too snappy for me in its current form. My fantastically beautiful Toski irons will stay, and I expect my driver will stay but who knows.

Fortunately, the Toast-man is doing ok in his biz right now because golf stuff is 'spensive!

I've been posting fun videos here whenever I find them lately and today is no exception... here's some solid euro-advertising.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Gassy St. Patrick

I had never made the correlation before.

See, I'm not Irish in the least. But, like the rest of the world this Saturday we celebrated St. Patrick's day. And, I figured something out.

Me (Toast) + Beer + Corned Beef + Cabbage = Gas

Immediately after eating the feast I recognized the components of an awful Sunday for anyone near me. The irish must be gassy people.

In honour of a Gassy St. Patrick's day, here's the famed Farting Preacher.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bankroll Destruction (March '07)

Well, in theory playing 100NL at Party on a $1500 bankroll was a good idea. I wouldn't call it a shot since I used to 4-table 100NL, but thats a little short in terms of financing.

As a nice contrast to my last post, here are a few hands where I dropped money tonight -- it happens.

My first rotation at the table.

I raise in MP with JJ to $4, BB had shown a bluff last hand re-raises to $14, I call.
Flop is undercards, he bets, I push (questionable definitely on my part) and he calls with KK.

Down 1 buy-in!

Later, aggro bluffing guy in SB raises my BB and I have AQ.
Flop is AKx. He bets pot, I call. Turn is 5, he bets 3/4 pot, I call.
River is blank, he bets pot, I call. He has 55. Shucks.

Down 1.5 buy-ins.

I raise A3s in MP, button calls.
Flop is AJ3, I bet 3/4, he calls.
Turn is J, I check, he checks.
River is 3, I check, he bets $5, I call.

He flips AJ... and I'm happy as hell with my play.

I'm down close to $200 here. $120 on the table.

I am in BB with KK. MP raises, Button flat-calls, I re-raise to $15, MP folds, Button waits a few seconds and pushes.
I say to Matt in chat "I'm about to get stacked with KK", and of course I call though I could see the tips of his rockets almost sticking out.

I do not improve.

Down 3 buyins!

Into the chatbox i type "hah, nh" and I leave having just given back all my party luckboxing money almost to the cent (leaving only the bonus).

Oh well! So yeah, back to around $1100-$1200 bankroll. Sad piddly little stakes i'll continue to play i spose ($50nl).

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ohhh... Naggers!

As seen at Natarem's blog, here's a great southpark clip.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bankroll Building ... Again (March '07)

Well, that's two years in a row where I cashed out in the new year everything but $500 only to start building the bankroll again from the bottom. Seriously, I must have issues with the money or something that I can't get myself to leave money online to build.

Even though these days I have very little time due to my other business being so busy, I still find an hour here or there to two-table. Here's the thing, last month I made 450ish profit playing hardly at all, and this month I received a no-deposit bonus at Party (yes, I can play at Party still -- Canadian eh?) for $75, and through 5ish hours of play in 5 days have run that $75 up to $425ish. Hmm. That means my bankroll is almost $1500 again.

Let me repeat, through running HOT and playing well my bankroll in 15 hours of play at 50NL and a brief stint at 100NL is now $1500.

I'm REALLY hoping I dont get stuck at 0.5/1 again through not wanting to risk more money. But, if I'm going to build the BR to play middle stakes at least I HAVE to get past it and get used to it.

Poker money means less, poker money means less...

Oh, and guys, lets get a f'in poker game going again.

Monday, February 26, 2007

LOL Donkaments!

LOL Donkaments

A little history on "lol donkaments": Long ago on a message board over at 2+2, a poster created this phrase to mock the stupid tournament players. It was an instant sensation.

In the midst of the fun, BBV forum at 2+2 offered the famous Barry Greenstein 10k to say "LOL Donkaments" on a live broadcast. It seems that as of High Stakes Poker this evening (and the Toastman has not seen it yet so cannot confirm), BarryG has earned his money. Hah!

I assume he will probably ask the money to be dedicated to a charity should BBV follow up with the 10k as they should, but that's pretty cool.



True to a gambler's word, 2+2's BBV Forum comes through with nearly 20k in donations to Children's Inc. as of this posting and it's bound to grow quite a bit.

ANOTHER UPDATE (March 1, 2007):

BBV has crossed 30k in donations for LOL Donkaments / Greenstein. It's amazing how these poker players have followed through not only with paying off their deal with Barry G but go above and beyond to donate to a good cause. Kudos to Barry G for setting a good example and touching off this campaign.

Children Inc is where all the money is going, FYI.
Barry Greenstein is the trigger-man on this whole deal.