Sunday, August 05, 2007

Club Championship Letdown

The yearly Golf Club Championship was this weekend. Going in, I had been playing fairly well with a 79/74 last weekend and was uninjured which is a positive over the last couple years. There's no reason I shouldn't play well...

... But I didnt. That's pretty disappointing. Fortunately, I treat golf as an enjoyable pasttime rather than the reason to live. I think i'd go insane if golf were to decide my happiness every day. Golf is a very tough game and tends to work against you at all times. It's a cruel, heartless bitch when you need it to be kind.

So, I came into the weekend without much pressure. I don't expect to win the Club Championship. Hell yes i'd like to but I'm realistic in knowing that there are multiple golfers who shoot scratch scores and have tournament experience. My best hope is to make the top 8 cut for day, and I stated as such before the championship. It's not pessimism, it's realism. Sure I can go on a sick heater and shoot under par daily, but it's not realistic to expect. So yeah, honestly, no pressure. My swing felt good, game was not bad, and I should have made the cut but I didn't. I just couldn't score and got myself into trouble even though my game was decent. It happens. I shot 85 Saturday with 4 doubles. Ouch. No cut for me.

Sunday was a mediocre 78 with some scrambling par and bogey saves. Fortunately I matched cards with Terry M. for the Langley cup and advanced. He was going to have some scheduling issues for the next little while and wanted it over with. Looks like I might get to play Matty in the semi's. Now that would be a good match if my game is decent (and vice versa for him). I'd hate for it to be a cheesy 'off day' sort of loss on either side.

Harry got cut with me from the Club Championship and Matt advanced with a reasonable 77+77=154 in T6th place. He's playing O.K. by the sound of it and probably deserves to be there. Again, there's the difference. I CAN be there given my game this year, he probably should. That's a big difference though our handicaps are about the same. I'm not sure if anyone not-a-golfer reading this would understand that statement but I think it makes sense in my head.

Anyhoo, that's it for this weekend folks.

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