Sunday, August 26, 2007

Not a Bad Weekend In Golf & Poker

Well, the weekend is over. The prospect of going back to work is not attractive but what can I do?

Golf went relatively OK, was 78 and 77. Played fairly well off the tee, meh with the irons. Had a lot of 3-putts which was odd... I tend to start pulling the ball left when i'm putting badly so have to strengthen my left wrist firmness to keep it rolling straight sometimes. I think it's just a quirk that's popping up. Nothing special on the course and my index is still hovering at 1.9/2.

I've been putting my new poker setup to some use this week. Between all the other work I do, i've found time to eek out exactly 3500 hands of $25nl and $50nl as I progressed over the bankroll hurdle to move up. I sort of regret not leaving my original cash in the game when I first first cashed out of online poker in January 2006. Admittedly I had a mental hurdle jumping to 200NL and wanted to pay off my car loan, but still, I could be playing 5/10 or 10/20 on a 50k bankroll right now if I did push myself over that spot at the time.

Made a bit over $400 this week playing the super low limits, and I have a few things to note about the games. Yes, they're still good, but they're a sweet hell of a lot tougher than the old partypoker days. I played a hand at 50NL today with a guy which illustrates how much tougher the lower limits have gotten:

I have $58 on the button, opponent in MP has me covered.

He limps, I raise to $2.50 with AK, he calls.

Flop is K T 7 with two diamonds

He leads for $2.50, I think for a second and raise to $7, he calls

Turn is 3 offsuit.

He leads for $6, i raise to $15, he calls

River is an ugly 2 of diamonds, he takes 5 seconds and pushes.

I replay my past hands with this opponent in my head, see that i'm getting 2:1 and call with my top pair top kicker. He shows Jack Nine offsuit. Now that's aggressive folks. He put my to a tough position and made a nice bluff, but fortunately my raises along the way made the final pot too attractive to fold to his bluff.


And for one more piece of poker content... here's me making a play.

I'm playing tight in big blind with $55. MP covers me, Button covers both and is tight and decent.

MP raises to $1.50, Button calls, I call with King Ten of Clubs

Flop is 7 5 2 - two clubs

MP bets $3.50 into the $4.75 pot, Button calls, I raise to $13. MP folds, Button calls.

Turn is a 4 of spades

I consider my options for 10 seconds and check, button bets $21 into a $30ish pot and I fold.

What's going through my head?

Raised the flop as there was a great chance MP had zero and Button was calling him with any two because of it. I had good folding equity against any non-monster hand they held due to my image, which was likely the case. I think I win this right here most of the time.

On the turn, button's call and call again when he's tight and decent makes me think he has a monster hand (QQ+, or a set). Against this range, and given the size of the pot, I doubt my $35 into a $30 pot makes him fold often enough that my push would be good. My King and Ten outs are probably not good leaving me with 9 outs for the flush plus there's always the chance he has AQ of my suit which makes my flush no good. In the past I might have fired this barrel as a semi-bluff, today I think there's too much against me here.

Open to opinions on both hands if we have any poker players reading this :P


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