Monday, August 20, 2007

This Weekend In Golf & Poker - August 18 and 19, 2007

Well, this weekend was fairly uneventful. I fired rounds of 78 and 75 on the golf course, which is fairly decent. Nothing amazing here, couple birdies, couple 3-putt bogeys. Lost $7 in bets total. Meh.

On the poker side, yes there is one, I've definitely felt the chill in the air lately as my golf season nears a close in terms of every-weekend play. Only a few weeks left of that goodness. So, naturally I turn my eye towards cardplaying, and notably by the name of this blog, poker. I did play 10 or so games of gin rummy this weekend though as well...

In preparation for poker season, I went out and purchased a spanking new 24" LCD for my desk. It's Niiiiice. My bankroll is still a sad little amount, and admittedly I spent more on the monitor than I have in poker -- for the moment.

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