Monday, March 05, 2012

I Make Myself Laugh

You know, it has to be a quiet afternoon when reading my very-old blog posts is deemed my entertainment.  Yes, technically I'm working right now but I just had to check on this old site to see what I'd done. The evidence is like 7 years old now, 7!

I'm actually quite a funny writer, you know that?  I mean, perhaps my gramatical sense is lacking sometimes, but overall I give myself a pat myself on the back since I still laugh at myself.

If i had to do this blog over again, and one day I might, I would drop the technical talk about poker nerdery and stick to entertaining myself by making fun of others as seen in the following posts:

A 2009 trip to casino niagara (almost).
And it's a pray-off - Jerry Yang dominates Jesus in a muwti mirrion dorrar donkathon.
Glove Cleaning Is Tough - Harry's lost guest-post on this here fine blog.
$2 Stellas rub it in my face will you, bitches?

Anyway, no poker lately though I have a home game this week supposedly, and certainly no golf in my new homeland, sorry to make you sad. Hope you enjoyed the links :)