Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm on a Time Out.

Well, as my last post indicates I'm having a bit of a time of getting "regular" this month. Yes, my fibre intake is OK.

Along those lines, I'm spending a bit more time working on my "business" projects. I don't think I've ever discussed what I do for a living here (no, not poker obviously) actually now that I think of it. These days I'm a computer programmer working mostly in the web, databases, bit of desktop applications, middleware, internet protocols. Basically, I do it all - and working for a small software company I have to.

I also run a little business outside of my 9-5 M-F job which allows me to use some of my spare time towards making myself extra money which pays for things like my golf club membership - and that's what im trying to focus on to take my head out of poker for a couple of days to re-charge.

Hope y'all who read this little blog are running well and hitting flops. I'll be back in the saddle shortly.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Still Suck At Poker [ VENTING POST ]

If you don't like reading about people complaining about short term results in poker like morons, stop here. This is a release for me and I need to vent this stress and it's my blog so i'll do what I like.

< begin rant >

Yep, that's right, your pal Toast is still caught in the land of unprofitable poker players. I hate posting negative stuff to this blog but there's zero good stuff to say right now.

Here's the graph of this month so far (all limits).

I'd post something interesting or witty about the game, but i'm not sure I know how to play it anymore. You'll notice that i'm absolutely break even this month which is nothing to complain about for most people but I know now that it's not variance making me "not win". Tonight I called off my whole stack calling down a tight player with TPTK knowing full well I was toast and not wanting to believe it. What sort of idiot refuses to go with his gut for this long? Then I tilted off $65 trying to bluff one of those players that I know can't fold. There's no explanation other than I wanted to win a hand badly enough to try it and of course failed.

I'm sick of it, aces losing, kings being second best, no sets to be found and no profit when they are. I'm winning money by grinding it out with smart poker and losing it by playing dumb poker -- there's no other explanation.

I'm officially a poker idiot. I study my books every day, I read 2+2 every single day, I think about yesterday's plays every day and I still can't bring myself around to fold when I know I should. For anyone uninitiated with my last month and a half, i've been basically breaking even the whole time. Yeah there's some variance in there, but look at that graph.. that's not just variance, there's some good in there along with bad.

I am an amateur player on the cusp of being "good" at the game which makes me dangerous to myself. I'm smart enough to be tricky and doing 2nd level thinking because I know enough now to play better players but can't figure out how to play ABC only against the normal party idiots. If only I was happy playing normal ABC poker I'd be winning right now but I keep thinking that the other player is thinking about what I've got -- AND THEY DONT BECAUSE THEY SUCK AND I KNOW THIS.

So yeah, I've got 60 table hours in between jan 1 and jan 15 and i'm lucky to be even and it's my fault i'm spinning my wheels. I need to refocus and fix my attitude because it sucks right now. I'm expecting to lose with my big hands and make nothing with my monsters and that's not good poker.

Welcome to tiltsville, population me.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Funky, Funky, Funky Poker Game

It's my blog, so you can listen to be bitch again about whats happening with online poker right now if you like, or you can leave now.

Well, now that NoSkillz has been re-addicted to online poker for a week, I've got someone to complain to even though he may feel no sympathy at all -- which is fine -- i'm in a brutal period right now. I do believe i'm getting a bit of bad luck with the cards, but I also think i'm going through a transition as a player and unfortunately I'm not adapting to the donks of 100NL well with it yet.

I'm starting to put myself in tighter spots with bluffs and semi-bluffs. We're not talking 2+2 poker here folks, we're talking re-raising a weak player with junk to push him off it. Unfortuntely, I think this play is better for upper limits though so it might be costing me a bit of profit. Couple that with a natural feeling of "im about to get screwed by the cards" and it makes for less than profitable play.

Example, yesterday I got it all-in on a AJx flop with AQ and of course the opponent had AJ. Problem is, he was a shortstack which basically means I can't fold once we've built a bit of a pot. It also means I didn't lose a lot, but it's enough to bring me down.

I've played over 3k hands as of last evening this month, I've played at 100NL and 50NL on Party, Stars and FTP in this time and honestly my game is running the same everywhere -- says something doesn't it?

Right now PT says i'm up a whopping $61 for my play which basically means i'm breaking even still. PT also says i'm winning 45% of showdowns this month -- that hurts. I feel like i'm learning a lot about poker right now and just misapplying some of it and it really blows to play breakeven poker when I know I should be KILLING these players. Tight ones, loose ones, maniac ones, I GET IT I just can't make it happen.

I want to get it together, make a rush and step the hell up a level because it feels like i've been doing 100NL forever (in actuality, i've played right up near 20k hands of 100NL and 100PL -- just a few PL really). 20k hands isn't that many really... not even enough to know if i'm a winning player I suppose... hmm. Anyways, hopefully i'll get some luckbox back and get the hell out of this place.

For anyone who likes watching poker, go download the WSOP Tournament of Champions via torrent. Matusow v Hellmuth is great tv baby.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

NoSkillz thinks I don't play enough online poker...

I wake up this morning and find THIS from our pal NoSkillz.

[23:35] NoSkillz: not playing? I'm playing more these days then you

[23:35] NoSkillz: ;):P

You silly, silly bastard. You should know me better than that.

Um yeah, I dont think so. It just happens that at 11:35 last evening I was watching a fantastic documentary called March of the Penguins.

Since Jan 1, 2006 00:00:00 till last evening (haven't played today yet) i've played:

983 hands of 100NL 6-max @ party
170 hands of 50NL 6-max @ stars
1 10+1 tournament with the 2+2 donks (busted out 3rd place... as in... not placed 3rd, busted third... weeeee)

My PT stats say I'm down $20 for all that hard work, so I feel pretty stupid but damnit it i'm running bad and playing bad too. Working on leak-plugging and learning a few new strategies these days though. Make that $31 with the 2+2 donkfest tournament.

I bluff too much with a 2nd CB right now which is my most major leak. Yesterday I fired a f'in 3rd round into a maniac on a Q high board. A $50 bet into a $50 pot is pretty stiff for him to call with TPGK but I'm an idiot for trying it in the first place. I thought he was weak what can I say.

To all my readers (all 2 of you)... DONT BLUFF PEOPLE WHO CANT FOLD.